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Magazine Cover Maker

Use our free magazine cover maker to create your own personalized magazine cover. You can add your own photo, edit the text, change font, color and size and change the background. When you are satisfied with the result, you can download your cover. No registration is required!

There are many different templates available.

Add titles and text.

Add an image from your PC, from Facebook, Instagram or from our gallery of images.

You can save the magazine cover as a png, jpg or PDF file.

magazine cover maker

Magazine cover generator

Select a Magazine Cover Template:

(These are only samples and all elements can be changed)

magazine template to make cover
Create your own magazine cover with our free template
magazine cover for chefs or restaurants
Healthy eating magazine

Edit, Download & Print

magazine cover creator
Create your own magazine cover

Edit, Download & Print

Time Magazine Cover Template

Create a fake Time magazine cover with the following templates. These can be used as greeting cards or just for fun. You can change the “Person of the Year” to “Father of the Year” or any other title.

Fake Time Cover Maker
Time Magazine Cover Template

You can also make your uploaded image black and white or grey-scale (see explanation below). You can change the size or color of the “Time” title.

Time cover maker
How to make your own Time cover

Edit, Download & Print

Use our free online magazine cover creator to make your own magazine cover. Select any free magazine template from the selection below and customize every detail. Replace the photo with your own, edit the text and change the colors. No registration is required and the cover can be downloaded instantly.

magazine cover maker
Cloud design on cover

Edit, Download & Print

Wedding Program Magazine Cover

Magazine wedding program
This is an original way to present your wedding program. You can replace the photo and edit all text.

Edit, Download & Print

How to Make a Magazine Cover

  1. Select a free magazine cover design from the selection above. There is no need to select a template from a particular industry since the photo and text can be changed.
  2. Click on the template to open the magazine cover generator.
  3. Click on the image to add your own photo.
  4. Click on the text to edit and to change the color. To change the size of the text, drag it to the left or right.
  5. Move any element around if you wish.
  6. To change the color of the background, click on the background and select a color.
  7. To download, click on the little cloud icon and select the format that you want to download. You can download a magazine cover photo as a png or jpg file. You can also download a PDF file.

How to make your cover picture black and white

  1. Click on the sample image.
  2. Upload your image.
  3. Click on your image.
  4. Click on “advanced editing” below the cover maker. 
  5. Select “filters”.
  6. Select either the “black and white” or “greyscale” filter.
  7. Click on “save” under the image.

Please note that if the image is very “heavy” then the filter might not work. In this case, use a smaller image.

What Can the Magazine Covers be Used for

  • Magazine covers for pictures
  • School magazines or others
  • Funny magazine covers for “Person of the Year”, the cutest baby of the year, etc
  • Greeting cards
  • Fake magazine covers for pictures
  • Sports magazine covers
  • Food magazine covers


Can the magazine cover page be used for commercial use? Yes.

Can you change the magazine cover layout? Yes. You can move all elements around and change the layout if you want to.

Can you use your own photo? The photos that were used here are just to give you an idea of how the template will look. You can create free fake magazine covers with your picture on them or any other picture that you have the rights to use. It is your cover so feel free to design it as you wish.

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