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Washi Tape PNG

Use our free Washi Tape PNG images to create digital washi tape or printable stickers to embellish your planner. With our free online app, you can change the colors and add text.

Washi tape PNGPin

Washi tape PNG is a digital washi tape that you can use to embellish digital printables or to create printable stickers. There are many different washi tape designs available, and you can create custom washi in any color you want.

To add washi tape to your printables, simply go to the “stickers and embellishments” folder and click on it. Select “Washi” and click on the design that you want to use. You can then drag the tape anywhere on your printable and make it bigger or smaller.

To print a Washi sticker page, then click here.

How to Add Text

Adding text to colored tape is a great way to embellish titles. Click on the “A” icon and drag your text. You can change the font, size, and color of the text.

How to make colored tape png (transparent background)

You can change the color of the digital tape to any color you want.

  1. Select the template.  The backgrounds of all versions are transparent.
  2. Select the color that you want.
  3. Download the digital washi in PNG format so that the background is transparent.

How to Design Washi Tape

There are three different kinds of washi designs: colored, plain, or transparent. You can change the color of any Washi template. To make the tape transparent, reduce the transparency under the color selection. The lower the transparency, the more transparent the tape will be. You can place the transparent tape on any object, and you will see it through the tape.

How to Use for Digital Scrapbooking

You can also use the colored tape for digital scrapbooking and photo overlays. To do this, download each piece of tape separately so that you have it as an individual PNG file.

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