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Birthday Calendar Template

Select any free birthday calendar template so that you never forget a birthday or an important event!

birthday calendar

Printable Calendar

Calendar format

6 Different Designs. Add photos or text.

Printable List

List format

4 Different Designs

Word, Excel, PDF

Birthday list Word


Digital planner


birthday calendars

Bullet Journal

Bullet journal template

Free Printable Birthday Calendar

Select a free birthday calendar template from the selection below and click on “customize” to open the calendar maker. Then click on the “A” (add text) button to type in the birthdays. Drag the text-box to the correct date. You can also make the text bigger or smaller. If you prefer to fill it out by hand, then print a blank template. You can add each person’s name or their photo instead of typing their name.

Birthday planner printable

The half-size prints on one page and fits in a half-size planner. The full-size prints on one full-sized page horizontally (landscape orientation). In addition to the calendar style templates below, we also offer a birthday list.

To make birthday planner printables for your planner select the half size. If you prefer a loose-leaf page or a full-size page then select the full size.

Pretty birthday calendar template

Edit Online

Digital Planner

Gold birthday calendar

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Digital Planner

Birthday list

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Birthday calendar template

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Digital Planner

Birthday calendar

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Digital Planner

This makes a great family birthday calendar printable since it is on 3 pages with four months per page. There is enough space to add the entire family and each family member’s friends.

We also offer a free three-page digital book for those who use a digital planner. There are links to each month of the year.

January, February, March and April

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Digital Planner

May, June, July and August

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Digital Planner

September, October, November and December

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Digital Planner

You can also make a birthday calendar online with no background or border. List all dates and then save. You can then download, print or send by email. Once you have saved, you can access your online birthday list any time to make any changes.

Birthday calendar online

[mv_create key=”2″ thumbnail=”https://www.101planners.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/birthday-list.jpeg” title=”How to make a birthday calendar” type=”diy”]

These free printable birthday calendars will ensure that you don’t forget another birthday. It is a perpetual calendar that you can use for any year.

If you are using these printables in your place of work to record your colleagues’ birthdays, then you can add your business logo. If you are using these printables in a classroom to add each student’s birthday, then you can add your school logo. To add a logo click on “Add Image”.

If you want to create a monthly birthday tracker with one full page per month then open our calendar maker and select any month. You can add birthday and party icons to the template.

Microsoft Word Birthday List Template

Click to download a birthday list template Word format. For a birthday Excel template click on the Excel link below.

To create an employee list birthday template Excel format, select any of the four options above. You can use this as a birthday and anniversary calendar.

We also offer birthday templates in list format. See birthday list printables.

Digital Birthday Calendar Book

To create a digital planner with these birthday templates download the PDF version of the design that you like best. This is also a free three-page digital book for those who use a digital planner. There are links to each month of the year.

digital planner

Ready-Made Birthday Calendars

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This means that if you purchase anything I earn a commission on your purchase but it doesn’t cost you anything. 

Perpetual calendar


This pretty perpetual calendar has 12 pages. Each page is only 5″x10″. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for a small calendar. You cannot see a year at a glance but you can see all birthdays or events per month.

DIY birthday calendar

This DIY wooden birthday calendar comes with 100 wooden tags to add up to 100 birthdays or events. It is not only useful but a pretty addition to any room.


birthday tracker

This birthday tracker is really pretty. It has 7 different designs so you can choose the design you like best. It also has little bells to add to the bottom of each strand.


birthday calendars

This DIY birthday calendar comes with colored tassels and colored pens to add a touch of color.


Birthday Planner

If you want to create a birthday planner you might want to check out our other birthday templates:

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