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Year Planner

Free printable, digital or typeable year planner to plan an entire year. You can start from any month of the year. This yearly planner will help you focus on the activities that matter most to ensure your year is meaningful and productive.

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Yearly Planner 2023 and 2024

This 2023 and 2024 yearly planner can be printed or used digitally (see digital planner for an explanation of how to use a digital planner). We also offer yearly calendars such as an at-a-glance yearly blank calendar if you prefer. The days of the week on this planning calendar can start either on a Sunday or a Monday.

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2023 – Sunday Start

Digital Planner

Printable Planner

2023 – Monday Start

Digital Planner

Printable Planner

2024 – Sunday Start

Digital Planner  Printable Planner

2024 – Monday Start

Printable Planner  Digital Planner


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The digital version has tabs that link to any month from any page to enable you to move from page to page. These monthly tabs do not appear on the printable version.

2023 – Sunday Start

Digital Planner

Printable Planner

2023 – Monday Start

Digital Planner

Printable Planner

2024 – Sunday Start

Printable Planner  Digital Planner

2024 – Monday Start

Printable Planner  Digital Planner

There is space for extra notes on each page.

Undated Yearly Planner

Make your year productive and meaningful

This yearly planner template is undated so you can rearrange the pages in any order to start any month of the year and continue for one full year.

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Typeable PDF95 Pages

The yearly planner template has four separate sections per day: a list of things you must get done (i.e. your daily priorities), gratitude (what are you grateful for?), self-care (what did you do for yourself today?), and achievement/s (what did you achieve today?).

I made this for myself and I am happy to share it with you. I intentionally included four areas that I think should be a part of our daily routine: productivity, gratitude, self-care and focus (setting your top 3 priorities each day). I think this helps you get things done and be productive without neglecting yourself and focusing on the things that matter each day. There is a section for your daily achievement/s. This ensures you focus on things that are meaningful. You can spend the entire day being busy without actually achieving anything. On the other hand, you can spend 2 minutes doing something that matters, and then your day has suddenly become meaningful. When you need to write in your planner what you achieved that day you will make more of an effort to achieve something that day no matter how small. Another advantage is that you can look through your yearly planner and see everything you achieved which is a great boost for those times when you feel like you are stuck.

At the end of each month, there is a monthly reflection section to reflect on what worked and what didn’t and consider the changes you will make and your priorities for the next month.

If you use the printable version, then you can use the back of the pages for note-taking or doodling.

The following planner is more comprehensive than the one above. In addition to all the sections above it also helps you set yearly and monthly goals. Each month starts with a section in which you set your monthly goals and then action steps to achieve those goals (see below).

Yearly Goal Planner

This yearly goal planner also helps you set yearly goals and monthly goals each month. You set goals in four different areas to ensure you focus on all the important areas in your life and live a balanced life. Once you have set the goals you create action items to achieve them and schedule them in your year planner. At the end of each month and the end of the year, you reflect on your progress. The planner includes one full year and you can start it any month.

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Typeable PDF98 Pages

One Year of Gratitude

This gratitude journal has 128 pages with space to write 5 things you are grateful for every single day for one full year. The year is undated so you can start any day and complete a full year. Print a new copy for each year. The advantage of this journal is that each day is dated so you won’t skip days as you might do in a blank journal. Keep the journal next to your bed and write in it before you go to sleep at night or first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day. The PDF is typeable so you can either type on it or print it and write on it.

1 Year of Gratitude

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12 Week Year Planner

The problem with a yearly planner is that you tend to start out motivated and get complacent. One way to overcome this is to use the 12 week year method to set short-term goals every 12 weeks. You can print four copies of the following planner for a full year but you will set your goals every 12 weeks. This creates a sense of urgency to get things done. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting more done in 12 weeks than in an entire year!

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Bullet Journal Calendar

If you use the Bullet Journal method then you might prefer our free bullet journal calendars. We also offer dated bullet journal year at a glance calendars.

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Yearly Tracker

Track a habit over a one-year period. There are many more yearly blank calendar designs and layouts. For example, if you want to exercise, meditate, eat clean, etc for one year then this is a great way to track your progress and be accountable.

You can use this year-at-a-glance tracker to track any habit over a year. You can also change the habit you track every month.

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Birthday Calendar

A birthday calendar template will help you keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, or special events.

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Do you have other planners that include other elements?

Yes! We have many different planners on this website.

  • If you want to include other elements in your planner such as a daily schedule then see our free monthly planners.
  • If you want to set short-term or long-term goals in your planner then see our goal planners.

Do you have academic year planners?

Yes! We offer free academic planner printables and school planners for teachers, parents, and students.

How can I track my weight over a one-year period?

See our weight loss trackers.

What if I want more or less than a year in my planner?

You can print multiple copies of the planner and get it bound if you want a long-term planner such as a 5-year planner. If you want to set goals for 5 years then a 5-year version will enable you to set out action items to complete over 5 years. On the other hand, if you want a 90-day planner then you will print 3 out of 12 months. Most people will prefer a yearly planner and will print one complete copy of the planner.

You can also print one month at a time and come back to this site to print the next month.

What is the advantage of a yearly planner?

Yearly planning enables you to see the bigger picture. You can set yearly goals and achieve them throughout the year. When you plan on a daily or weekly basis, you might not be aligning your daily activities with your yearly goals.

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