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I graduated years ago and yet I still have nightmares that I didn’t prepare for an exam or I have an assignment to submit that isn’t ready. College is stressful with so many commitments, deadlines, things to remember and on top of all of that you most probably want a social life. If you are not organized, things will fall through the cracks. Assignments won’t be ready on time and you will find yourself cramming for exams with not enough time to finish the material. The only way to stay on top of homework, assignments, tests, and other commitments is by planning meticulously and staying organized. It will save you time and headaches and keep you calm so you can enjoy what should be a fun and exciting period of your life that you will look back on for years to come.

One of the reasons that I did well in law school was because I always used planners to get and stay organized. I used those same planners when I did my MBA years later and they proved helpful yet again.

I am happy to share my college student planner with you and I hope that it can help you as much as it helped me. There are different versions for each page so you can mix and match planner pages to create the perfect college planner for your needs.

Student Planner

These are some of the pages in the free digital and printable student planner. With the printable college planner, you can print as many copies of each page as you need. You don’t have to print pages that you don’t need. With the digital version, you have binder dividers with links to every page in the planner.

College student planner

This is the cover page, class info, class schedule and course and credit tracker.

text book tracker
This is a text book tracker to track text books ordered, bought, arrived, etc.
Room cleaning schedule
This is a room cleaning schedule to make cleaning easier and more effective.
College packing list

There is a two-paged college list in the planner to help you pack. See college packing list for more formats you can download.

There is a section for each month with a daily planner, weekly planner, monthly planner, study tracker, assignment tracker, homework tracker, project planner, essay planner and a to-do list.

Monthly planners

notes, sketches and checklist
There is also a section for notes, sketches and a to-do list.

The advantage of a DIY planner is that you can totally customize each section to meet your specific needs. There are sections on the site that you might want to add to your planner.

A daily planner, weekly planner, monthly planner, homework tracker (there is one in the planner but this section has more options), goal planner and goal tracker, gratitude list or gratitude journal, password log, and a to-do list.

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