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Create a custom calendar with our free online calendar maker. We offer a huge selection of calendar designs. Add text and photos. Download or print your calendar at home. No registration or design skills are required.

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Delete border if you prefer.


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Hourly | Daily | Weekly | Monthly | Yearly | Blank | Start the Week on Sunday or Monday

Daily or Monthly Photo Calendars

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Bullet Journal Calendar

School Calendar Template

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Video: How to Make a Calendar

This video will show you how to make a calendar online with the free custom calendar maker step-by-step.

Step-by-Step: How to Create a Calendar Online with our Free Calendar Maker

You can make your own calendar free of charge and without downloading any software. Once you have created it and customized it, you can download or print.

Step 1 – Select a calendar frame

There are 101 different editable calendar templates available. Scroll down to select an editable calendar template and click on it to replace the sample border. You can change the calendar design with one click of your mouse. Select the calendar frame according to the look you want. For example, if you want to make a cute calendar, then select a cute border. If you want a floral calendar, then select a flower border.

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Step 2 – Select a calendar

Once you have selected your background, you can choose the calendar. You can select an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or blank calendar. There are monthly calendars for every month from January to December for 2024, and 2025. Select any month. To see all months, either click on the back arrow or on “select design” in the top right corner. To make your own daily calendar select the “daily calendar” option.

On some borders, you might need to drag the calendar to a different position or make it slightly smaller. To move the calendar, drag it with your mouse. You can place it anywhere you like. Change the size by clicking on the two arrows in the bottom right corner. To make a small calendar, drag it to the left. To make a large calendar, drag it to the right. If you want a large calendar on the entire page without a calendar frame, then delete the border.

To change the color of the calendar, click on the little black square under the month, and select a color.

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Step 3 – Mark any important dates

Our custom calendar maker enables you to create an editable monthly calendar without downloading any software. You can edit a calendar by marking dates with icons, images, or text. For example, you can add a birthday icon to mark a birthday or a heart to mark an anniversary. You can also click on “add text” and write whatever you want. Once you have added text, you can change the font, size, color, or location of the text dragging it to wherever you want it to appear. There are many icons available such as arrows, markers, hearts, balloons, and other symbols. You can also upload your own images. For example, if you want to add someone’s photo on their birthday, click on “Add Image.” You can also use our photo calendar templates for this purpose.

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Step 4 – Add your own images

Use the personalized calendar maker to add your own photos to any calendar. The image can be in the background, on the calendar (to mark a date), or next to it. Move, scale, or rotate the image until you are happy with the placement.

Import any image from your PC, Facebook, or Instagram account. Add an image from a gallery of over 1 million free high-quality stock images. Add your logo to make custom calendars for business.

You can also add filters to your images for creative effects such as black and white, sepia, or vintage effects.

Step 5 – Click on the “instant download” icon to download your calendar

You can download your personalized calendar as an image (jpeg or png) or as a PDF document.

If you want to create a full yearly calendar, then repeat these steps for each month of the year. You can create each month with the same design, or you can use a different calendar template for each month. We also have calendar covers if you want to create a calendar booklet with a cover page.

Make your calendar


What sizes are available?

In addition to the standard letter page size, you can create a calendar for any planner. Go to “make your own planner“. Select your planner size. Go to “planner inserts” and select the calendar category.

How to add text?

Fill in the calendar online before you print. Click on the “A” icon (“add text”) and type whatever you want. Click to add the text and drag it to wherever you want it to appear. Once you have added text, you can change the font, size, color, or alignment. You can change the color of the text and the color of the outline. You can even make it curved.

Can I save my calendar and make changes later?

Yes, you can save a calendar and open it at a later stage. Click on “Save” to save it and “Load” to open it. Don’t forget to bookmark the calendar builder so you remember where to find it again.

What format can I download a calendar in?

You can download it in PDF, jpg, or PNG. We also offer Word calendars.

How to make a desktop calendar?

You can make a wallpaper calendar for your PC or your mobile phone. Download your calendar as an image file (Jpg or PNG) and use it as your wallpaper. See our free wallpaper maker for other options.

Can I add text in any language?

Yes, you can make a Spanish calendar or a calendar in any other language. You can add text in any language you want. Many of the calendar templates allow you to translate the month or the days of the week.

Custom calendar printing

You can print your calendar at home or your local office supplies store. Many calendar websites enable you to create a free calendar but force you to print it via their website. On 101Planners, you can make your own free printable calendar and print it wherever you want! Personalized photo calendars make great DIY gifts. If you are printing a calendar to give as a gift, then set your printer to the highest quality setting available.

Are you having problems printing?

See the printing tips.

How to create a blank calendar

We also offer an option to create a blank calendar that can be very useful if you have events that repeat themselves each month, no matter which month. For example, you can create a monthly bill calendar if you have bills to pay on a specific day each month, no matter which month. It is also useful to create a mom calendar with weekly after-school activities that occur each week, no matter which month.

I need a calendar right now

The calendar app only takes one minute to make a calendar since there is no registration required. However, if you still prefer a ready-made print off calendar, then see these printable calendars. You can print a ready-made calendar in Word, PDF, or JPG format.

How to create a month-by-month calendar?

Print each month on a separate page unless you select a yearly or two-month calendar. Once you have printed a month, go back to the selection of calendars, and select a new month. You can change the calendar frame each month or use the same frame. It is up to you.

You can start a yearly calendar from any month and only include the months you want. This will save you printing months that you don’t need if you create a calendar in the middle of the year.

Do I need to download any calendar creator software?

No, we understand that people do not want to download calendar maker software for fear of exposing their PC to malware or viruses. Calendaring software that comes with most PCs is often very basic and doesn’t allow you to create a pretty calendar. Our free calendar app is used online, so you don’t download any software to your PC. You create a calendar online and then download the PDF or image file or print directly from the app.

Do I need graphic experience to create my own calendar?

No! You can design your own calendar with only a few clicks! Each pretty calendar design can be selected simply by clicking on it. If you want to change the design, then select another ready-made design. We have over 100 professionally designed calendar templates available.

Do you have a photo calendar app?

Yes, we have a free photo calendar maker, which you can use if you want to make a picture calendar.

Do I need to register?

No! You do not need to register or give us your email to access our calendar app.

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