Make your own planner

With our free planner maker app, you can design your own planner online and then print it at home. The custom planner printables can be printed in various sizes depending on the size of your planner or binder. Before you start to personalize the printables, you will need to select the right size.


Create your own planner – Free

Print at home and insert into a planner or binder

Create your own planner

Step 1

Select planner size

8 sizes available for the most common planners. Print on US letter or A4.​

Planner sizes

Step 2

Select background

101 designs available. Either mix and match or use the same design for each page.

Planner backgrounds

Step 3

Select planner printables

You decide which planner printables to include and how many of each. There are yearly, monthly, weekly and daily layouts.

Select a template for each page and personalize it. Add planner stickers and embellishments before you print.

Step 4

Customize each printable


Step 5

Print at home

Insert into a planner or binder. Only print the pages that you need.



Planner Printables  

Create your own planner!

There are many more free planner printables on this site. All of our customizable planners are free to feel free to make as many as you want!

Calendar Templates  

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Free Printable Calendars

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Bullet Journal Printables  

We offer several bullet journal hacks to help you create your bullet journal without drawing each element yourself.

Open DIY Bullet Journal App

bullet journal

Binder Printables  

Wallpaper Maker

wallpaper maker

How to Personalize Planner Printables

To create your own unique life planner, design your own printables that will work for you. There are hundreds of options to choose from.

  1. Choose your design. There are 101 different designs to choose from!
  2. Add your name to the cover or change the title. It is 100% customizable. You can also change the font, color, and size! You can create free binder cover templates if you are putting your planner inserts in a binder.
  3. Once you have chosen a background, select a planner template for each page. There are hundreds of templates to choose from. Add text and download or print. Create as many free planner printables as you want to include in your DIY planner. If you don’t want to select each planner template, you can use our ready-made planner printables. There is a vast selection available. Either print on demand or whatever you think you will use in the future. The choice is yours. You can always come back and create more if you want!
  4. Customize each printable planner. Change the title, headers, and add text to mark appointments, birthdays or anniversaries. You can also use our selection of online planner stickers to mark important dates before you print. New! Customize planner inserts for most of the planner sizes available.
  5. Print the cover and all of the inserts that you want to use. You can either insert them into a binder or folder or have them bound at your local office supply store. It will still cost a fraction of a store-bought planner, and it is totally personalized!
  6. You can keep adding planner pages as required. For example, when Christmas approaches you can add Christmas Templates

If you don’t want to create an entire binder with printable planners, then feel free to print individual planners for specific needs such as a weekly calendar checklist template, a to-do list, birthday calendar meal plan template. If you are using a customizable planner that has removable pages (such as the Happy Planner and the Kikki K Planner), then you can easily add additional pages to your planner. If you use a bound planner (such as the Passion Planner) that does not have removable pages then you can either paste the printables on the existing pages or just use our planner stickers or storage solutions. You can also use different styles throughout your planner. For example, use cute planner printables for some sections and more formal designs for others. The choice is entirely yours!

The Benefits of Using a Planner

Combat Stress

Planners, whether monthly, weekly, or daily, keep you organized which helps to combat stress. 

Keep track of your tasks and appointments

A planner is the perfect place to remind you what you have to do and when it needs to be done by.

Our brains were not meant to store information. That is what a planner is for 😊. Our brain is designed to process information and not store it.

Set your priorities

Your priorities should be determined by your goals and not controlled by other people or things. When other people control you then you will not achieve what you really want in life. When your priorities are clear you can focus on the things that matter to you. Decide what you really want in life and ensure that your tasks and time is focused on those matters. I think that you should insert a goal chart at the beginning of your planner. A lot of the planning printables on this site, ask you to think about what you want to achieve instead of focusing on what you need to do. They also set priorities to prevent you from getting lost and feeling overwhelmed.

Clear your mind

When your mind is full of the things you need to do then it isn’t clear. Today, there are so many demands for your attention that it is difficult to focus when your goals are not clear.

Create the perfect life for yourself

The goal of a planner should not be to manage your time and organize your tasks. A planner should help you create the life of your dreams, your ideal life. This might seem overwhelming at first. All you want to do is organize your day and get the urgent things done. However, once you use the planners that help you turn your ideal life into your reality you will find that you are more productive and have more time to spend. You might realize that a lot of the things you do today are unproductive and a waste of your precious time. You will start focusing on what really matters and make your time more productive. You already have the resources inside of you to reach your goals, you just need to change your way of thinking. Try our goal planner that will help you set goals, reach them, and create the perfect life for yourself.