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Organization: How to organize your home and your life

Clear the clutter.

                                 Organize your home & life.

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Free tools and templates to get your life organized and keep it organized

  • Are you drowning in chaos?
  • Is your home or office a mess?
  • Have you tried to get organized to no avail?

There are many ways to get organized. However, if you don’t find a method that works for your unique needs, then you won’t be able to sustain it and you’ll land up back where you started.

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How to organize your life step-by-step

Set your Goals

As with any project, it is important to set your goals and list the action items to achieve these goals. List the areas of your home or life you want to organize, the tasks you will need to complete to do this, and set a deadline for each task. Use this goal chart to set your goals.

Assuming you don’t have time to organize your entire home, choose the area you want to start with. Set a priority and deadline for each area so that you know which order to work on.

Organize Your Home

Before you start organizing your home, it is important to identify what caused it to get the way it is. Do you not have enough storage space? Do you have too much stuff? Who in your family is actually making the mess? Try to address the root cause in order to find a lasting solution.

Bottom line is, if you do not use it or need it, it’s clutter, and it needs to go. Charisse Ward

We offer many different organization templates, tips, and suggestions on how to organize your home.

Actionable Advice
  1. Schedule time to organize and unclutter each area in your home.
  2. Schedule a weekend where you get rid of as much stuff as possible.
  3. If you don’t want to schedule a weekend then try getting rid of something you don’t need or use every day for a month.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

If you have a cleaning schedule you will be able to tidy and clean a bit every day or week before things get out of control. I like to schedule a 20-minute power clean every day and then I don’t need to spend longer periods cleaning. You can get a lot more done in six twenty-minute sessions than in two hours. Use the editable cleaning schedule template to create a cleaning schedule that works for you.


Giving family members chores is important. It will not only help you but chores have many benefits for kids.

Organize your Office

Do you have to-do lists and papers all over? The GTD method shows you how to take all your paperwork, notes, etc, and organize them into one organized system. We offer a free course that will show you how to use the system and organize your home.

The Bullet Journal Method uses a similar system to integrate everything into one journal. It offers a simple method for tracking experiences, collating tasks, and organizing information.

Actionable Advice
  1. Organize your office and your workspace.
  2. Unclutter the desktop on your computer and your e-mail inbox.
  3. Take the GTD method course to see how it can help you get organized and become more productive or read about the Bullet Journal.

Organize your Time and Tasks

See how to be more productive and efficient.

Organize your Budget

A quick and easy way to organize your budget is with the 50 30 20 rule. This rule divides your spending into 3 categories: needs (50%), wants (30%), and savings (20%). It helps to show you how much you should be spending and how much you should be saving. Our free savings tracker will help you understand how much you are saving and to save more.

If you are not saving enough, then you need to check how you are spending your money. We offer a free expense tracker printable to track your expenses and get a better idea of where your money is going.

You might want to try a 30 day no spend challenge or use the cash envelope system.

Actionable Advice
  1. Create a budget sheet template to check your income, expenses, and how much you should be saving.
  2. Use the 50 30 20 calculator to see how much you should be saving and try to reach that savings goal each month.
  3. If you are not reaching the savings goal then try a 30 day no spend challenge or using the cash envelope system.

Organize your Passwords

It is important to store your passwords somewhere and it shouldn’t be on your computer. This will prevent hackers from gaining access to sensitive information or you from losing all passwords if your computer crashes (these things happen).

Actionable Advice
Use this Password Log to store passwords securely somewhere a hacker won’t have access to (i.e. not on your computer or phone).

Organize your Meals and Shopping Lists

When you create a meal plan, you can plan your meals well. That will ensure that your meals are balanced and you have the ingredients you need for every meal. When you create a grocery list together with your meal plan, you will be able to ensure you have enough groceries for the entire week instead of rushing to the store during the week. It saves time and money.

Organize your Time

We offer free digital and printable planners, calendars, to-do lists, and the following templates:

Don’t Forget Birthdays

You can download a free birthday list to ensure you never forget a birthday or special event.

Organize your Subscriptions

Sometimes we subscribe to things and then forget about them. We might even forget that we pay for these subscriptions every month or year.

Actionable Advice
  1. Unsubscribe from journals and newsletters that you don’t read.
  2. Check your bank account and PayPal account for monthly subscriptions and unsubscribe from those that you are not using anymore.

Make a List of your Phone Numbers

Have you ever lost your phone only to discover that you don’t have a single phone number and your backup didn’t work? Don’t let this happen to you. Make a copy of your phone numbers in case you ever need them. You should also make a contact list for emergencies.

Actionable Advice
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