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Birthday List

Free digital or printable birthday list template to ensure you never forget a birthday and anniversary.

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Blank List

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Bullet Journal

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Birthday list Word

This monthly birthday list template will help you keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates. I recently lost my phone, and the backup that I had did not work for some reason. I was so happy that I had a hard copy of a birthday list. Don’t be caught unprepared! This perpetual birthday calendar doesn’t need to be updated so it can last for years. We also have a blank calendar list if you don’t want a border or a birthday calendar template if you don’t want a list format.

If you want to type the text, then click on customize. Then click on the “A” (add text) button. Drag the text to the correct date. You can also make the text bigger or smaller and change the font.

Select a Birthday List Template

birthday list

Description: cute birthday list in pastel colors

Customize & Print

birthday list template with gold glitter frame

Template Description: elegant birthday list with a gold glitter border (portrait format)

Customize & Print

list of birthdays

Description: list of birthdays with a white background and gold titles

Customize & Print

birthday calendar template

Description: pretty birthday list with a gold glitter border (landscape format)

Customize & Print

Bullet Journal Printables

If you prefer your list to be in bullet journal style then the following templates are for you.

Bullet journal template

Bullet journal printable

Birthday Calendar Online

You can also make a birthday calendar online with no background or border. List all dates and then save. You can then download, print, or send by email. Once you have saved, you can access your online birthday list any time to make any changes. The printable list will only include the months with birthdays so if there is a month that does not include any birthdays then it will not print. This version is very ink friendly and cheap to print.

Birthday calendar online
Tip: Use this to create an employee birthday list template so that you can recognize your employee’s birthdays. It can either be used by management only or hung up somewhere public so that colleagues can also be aware of all approaching birthdays.

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