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Ready Made Birthday Calendars

Never miss a birthday again with these beautifully designed birthday calendars, your ultimate reminder to celebrate every important person in your life!

Printable Calendar

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6 Different Designs. Add photos or text.

Printable List

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4 Different Designs

Word, Excel, PDF

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Bullet Journal

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Ready-Made Birthday Calendars

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Perpetual calendarPin

This pretty perpetual calendar has 12 pages. Each page is only 5″x10″. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for a small calendar. You cannot see a year at a glance but you can see all birthdays or events per month.

DIY birthday calendarPin

This DIY wooden birthday calendar comes with 100 wooden tags to add up to 100 birthdays or events. It is not only useful but a pretty addition to any room.

birthday trackerPin

This birthday tracker is really pretty. It has 7 different designs so you can choose the design you like best. It also has little bells to add to the bottom of each strand.

birthday calendarsPin

This DIY birthday calendar comes with colored tassels and colored pens to add a touch of color.


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