3 Month Calendar and Planner

3 month calendar

Looking for an efficient way to organize your time? Discover our free and instantly downloadable 3-Month Calendar and 12-Week Planner, perfect for seamless long-term planning and detailed weekly scheduling – all at your fingertips

The Essentialism Book

essentialism planner and cheatsheet

Embark on a journey towards a simplified, meaningful life with our FREE Essentialism-inspired planner, comprehensive cheat sheet, and a summary of Greg McKeown’s transformative book, ‘Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less'”

Free Printable Planner

planner printables

Finding the perfect planner for your specific needs can be difficult and expensive. Our free printable planners can be customized to cater to your unique needs. We offer printable or digital planners and they are all totally free!

Year Planner

yearly planner

Free printable, digital or typeable year planner to plan an entire year. You can start from any month of the year.

Productivity Planner

productivity planner

This free productivity planner will help you be more productive, stop procrastination and do the important things you’ve been postponing, reduce stress substantially and promote self-care. You will be more productive than you have ever been!

Planning Quotes

Planning Quotes

A selection of planning quotes that you can either copy and paste or download and use as stickers.

Schedule Template

schedule template

Create a free schedule template to plan your day, week, month, or year effectively to be more organized and productive. Instant download.

Monthly Planner

monthly planners

Free monthly planner printable in various formats. Either print a ready-made planner or design your own with our free online planner maker. Select any border and any monthly planner template. You can add text, stickers, doodles, and embellishments before you print.

DIY Happy Planner Cover

Happy Planner Cover

Is your Happy Planner cover old or boring? You can create beautiful personalized printable covers with our free bullet journal app in under 2 minutes. Instant download!

Hourly Planner

hourly planner

Finding the perfect hourly planner for your specific needs can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. We offer free personalized planners that you can create online for free and download instantly. 

Habit Tracker

habit trackers

Do you find it hard to change your habits? Our free habit tracker will provide an overview of your habit streaks. This will help you see how you are progressing and motivate you to continue the streak.

Storage Pocket for Planners

storage pockets planner

Do you ever find yourself searching for ways to store things in your planner? Our free storage pockets will provide storage solutions and look good in the process!

The Happy Planner

Happy planner printables

Free Happy Planner printables, covers, dashboards, stickers, tabs, and more! Available for all HP sizes. Many of the printables can be customized online to meet your unique needs!

Make your Own Planner

planner sizes

Create free customized printables for any planner size. Select your planner size then customize your printable. When you are satisfied you can download it instantly and insert it into your planner.

Daily planner template

daily planners

Either download a ready-made blank daily planner template or create beautiful custom daily planners with our free online planner maker.

Weekly Planner

weekly planners

Download one of our free ready-made weekly calendars or create your own weekly planner template with our free online calendar maker.