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Schedule Template

Create a free schedule template to plan your day, week, month, or year effectively and be more organized and productive. Instant download. Customize online or download ready-made.

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Create a free printable schedule planner to plan your day, week, month, or year. With our free schedule maker, you can make a personalized schedule that will make you more organized and productive.

When we don’t set a schedule we let our day flow without putting much thought into what we want to achieve by the end of the day. If we don’t plan and set daily goals then the chances are that we will not be as productive as we can be. Every morning, spend a few minutes planning your day. Better yet, do it before you go to sleep the night before. List the things you would like to get done and the things that you hope to get done. In the beginning, you might not get as much as you planned done, but the chances are that you will still be more effective than if you hadn’t planned. It takes a while to manage your time and get into the habit of setting and reaching daily goals.

For example, if you want to work out, then block out that time in your calendar. Decide what time will be the best time to block out and then don’t schedule anything else during that time.

Make sure that your schedule is realistic so that you don’t start feeling overwhelmed.

Hourly Schedule Template

We offer a free hourly calendar with a daily or weekly schedule.

See daily hourly planner and weekly hourly planner

Daily Schedule Template

The daily schedule template has a daily hourly schedule sheet and some widgets to make your day more productive. You might also find our daily calendar template useful.

See the daily schedule template in Excel format below. The advantage of an Excel schedule template is that you can use conditional formatting to mark if an appointment has been confirmed or not with a simple dropdown list. The Excel template below has 7 days from Sunday to Saturday but you can change the days if you want to start from Monday.

You can make a free printable daily schedule was made with our free daily schedule maker app. You can add any background or border and add any calendar or widgets with a click of your mouse. Add any widget that you works for you. For example, if you want to create a daily routine template then adapt the template to your routine. You can include a tracker for exercise, water intake, and healthy food. Drag each widget anywhere and add as many as you want. You can print the daily schedule printable in full size (8.5″ x 11″) or you can resize it to fit any planner. See planner sizes.

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Available in Word, editable PDF or Excel.

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Use our daily planner maker to add any border and any combination of planner inserts.

Kids Daily Schedule Template

This kid’s weekly planner will show their weekly schedule in style! We have many more kids schedule template printables. You can personalize them with our online schedule maker or with PDF, Word, or Excel.

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Image | PDF

Weekly Schedule Template

The weekly schedule template has a weekly schedule chart

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Editable PDF | Word | Image | Excel

Half Size for a Planner: Editable PDF | Word | Image

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Editable PDF | Word | Image | Excel

Half Size for a Planner: Editable PDF | Word | Image

This is a weekly schedule template in Excel format. The advantage of an Excel schedule template is that you can automatically mark appointments or classes with different colors with a simple dropdown list. That way, each subject, class, or appointment can be a different color. You can change the list of subjects or categories and the color of each one. Go to the “things to do” tab and type the categories that you want to appear. If you are using this as a school schedule, then type the subjects. If you are using this as a meeting schedule then use it as-is or change the categories that read, confirmed, tentative, meeting, zoom, etc. You can use it as a to-do list with things to do such as shopping, errands, exercise, cardio, work, etc.

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We offer many weekly chore chart schedule templates. Schedule the chores each day of the week. You can download a chore chart in Word or Excel (each chore will automatically be colored in a different color). You can also use our chore chart maker to create a personalized chore chart with any border and your own text and images.

With our free weekly schedule maker, you can add a time schedule template to any other widget. This enables you to create a customized planning sheet that only includes things you want to track or relate to. The following weekly planners are made with our custom planner app. You can add any background and any planner insert. Mix and match to create the perfect layout for your needs.

Customize & Print

Each weekly planner template below is totally customizable. Select any border or background and change the planner inserts (i.e. the schedule and the planner widgets).

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Customize & Print

If you are looking for a free weekly employee work schedule template then please see our timesheet template printables.

Weekly Class Schedule Excel

This weekly class schedule has a list of subjects that you can edit (in the tab “list of subjects”). Each subject is automatically color-coded. Change the hourly schedule if you need to.

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Monthly Schedule Template

This is a monthly schedule template in Excel format.

We have a large selection of blank calendar templates with a planner section for notes, a checklist, etc. If you prefer a dated calendar, then see the monthly calendar templates.

This is a monthly calendar with notes.

How to Make a Schedule

  1. Decide whether you want a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
  2. Select any template and click on the button above to open the schedule maker template.
  3. If you want to add text, then replace the dummy text with your own or click on “add text”. Type your text and drag it to the relevant location.
  4. If you want a blank schedule then delete all text and download

How to Make a Schedule in Excel

You can, of course, make an Excel schedule from scratch but there is no need.

Download any Excel time schedule template (see above) and adapt it to your needs. Choose a schedule example that is closest to your ideal layout and then adapt if necessary.

To customize the template, these are the things you can change:

  • The days of the week. To change the days of the week, simply type different days in the heading line.
  • The hourly schedule. If you want to have a different start or end time or longer or shorter intervals then type a different schedule in the left column.
  • To change the list of items in the dropdown, go to the second tab and type different values.
  • To change the colors that will show when you choose a value in the dropdown, go to conditional formatting -> manage rules -> define the selection and then change the colors.
  • You can also merge cells to create longer appointments. On a Word document select the cells you want to merge and right-click on your mouse. Select merge.
  • The hourly schedule above is in one-hour increments and the one above that is in half-hour increments.

Other schedules that might interest you.

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