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Kids Schedule Template

It’s difficult to keep track of your child’s activities. Use our free customizable kids schedule template to stay organized. You can personalize it with our online schedule maker or with PDF, Word or Excel.

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Schedule for kids

There is always so much going on with kids between school, after-school activities, and their social life. You have play dates to schedule, homework they must get done, and not to mention after-school activities you need to keep track of.

A schedule for kids is a great way to get yourself and your kids organized. The schedule won’t drive them around (unfortunately) but at least you will know where and when you are going.

Weekly Kids Schedule Temple

This printable schedule for kids is available in many different formats and designs. You can change the background and the weekly schedule template for kids.

You can use the blank schedule template for multiple purposes. For example, you can record your family timetable schedule, and preschool schedule, or even create a weekly kids calendar template. We also have a weekly calendar or a daily planner template that is not specifically for kids.

Schedule Maker

The schedule maker gives you the option to choose any background and to choose the weekly schedule layout. You can also choose what day of the week you start from (i.e. Sunday start or Monday start).

Edit Online

Word & PDF Schedule

This is a 7 day per week hourly weekly schedule. You can change the times if you use the Word version. You can also start the week on Monday instead of Sunday.

This is a 5-day week schedule from Monday to Friday.

This is a blank weekly schedule with no time breakdown. It has only 5 days per week.

Weekly Class Schedule Excel

This weekly class schedule has a list of subjects that you can edit (in the tab “list of subjects”). Each subject is automatically color-coded. Change the hourly schedule if you need to.

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Excel Schedule

With this Excel schedule for kids, you can color-code different activities. To change the color code, go to the “Activity” tab and change the list of activities.

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How to change the list of activities?

Go to the “Activities” tab and edit the list of activities that appear there. The list currently contains the following activities (but you can edit them): school, play dates, homework, and chores.

How to create a schedule for kids

  1. Click on the black button above to open the weekly schedule maker for kids.
  2. Select a background or border.
  3. Select the schedule layout (i.e. the weekly calendar).
  4. Add text / edit the title.

School Schedule Template

The school schedule template has only five days a week from Monday to Friday.

Preschool Schedule Template
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Image | PDF

Daily Schedule for Kids

You can customize this free printable kids’ daily schedule template before you print. A printable daily schedule template will keep you on schedule all day and help you stick to a routine.

3 Kids or 5 Family Members – PDF | Image

2 Kids or 4 Family Members – PDF | Image

1 Kid or 3 Family Members – PDF | Image

2 People – PDF | Image

This kids daily calendar has a picture of each activity for younger kids who cannot read yet.

The free printable daily schedule for kids can be customized online and you can add your own images and text. If you want to personalize the visual schedule, then take a photo of each activity and add your own image in each line. You can also change the activity and the time. There is a circle to mark the activity when complete. If you have it laminated, you can mark it over and over. If you don’t want to personalize the photos, you can use photos from the gallery.

The Importance of a Daily Routine for Kids

A daily routine is very helpful, both for kids and for their parents or caregivers. A routine lets everyone know what will happen and when it will happen. It keeps everyone on the same page and ensures that everyone is coordinated.

A routine also ensures that you don’t forget to take care of anything. It keeps you organized and in control.

Maintaining a routine might necessitate occasional adjustments; however, it’s crucial that these modifications remain exceptions rather than becoming the norm. A consistent routine fosters a stable environment, which is essential for everyone in the household.

There may be times when it will be easier to just do things yourself instead of sticking to the routine. For example, this happens a lot with chores. It is often easier to do a chore yourself than to wait for your child to do it. It is important to let them do their chores, even if it takes longer. In the long run, you want chores to be part of their daily routine. It is much harder to get a teenager to start doing chores than to continue with a routine that has become a habit.

Consistency is key in any routine. Once you find a rhythm that suits your family’s needs, sticking to it consistently will maximize its benefits, helping your child develop reliability and structure in their daily life.

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