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wallpaper maker

Free DIY wallpaper maker to create custom wallpaper with your text, photos, a calendar, monogram, or any other graphic elements. There are millions of different backgrounds and wallpaper designs available. You can also add colorful graphics, overlays and quotes. Make your own wallpaper in less than 1 minute!

Make your own wallpaper or background

Use our free wallpaper maker to create your own wallpaper for your PC, tablet, or mobile phone (iPhone or Android). Select the horizontal option to create wallpaper for a PC or tablet (iPad or other). Select the vertical option to make wallpaper for a tablet or mobile phone.

There are 101 different backgrounds available and millions of stock photos in the image library. You can also upload your own photo and add your favorite quote. Once you have selected landscape or portrait, choose the design that you want to use.

You can then add your own text. Feel free to make the text smaller or delete it if you want a blank background. You can also move the text to one side of the screen. That will enable you to see the icons on your screen with no distraction.

Please note that all backgrounds will download in screen resolution, which will not print well. We also have a background creator with the same designs available in other products with a higher resolution that you can print. They are also free of charge.


Portrait or Landscape


There are thousands of wallpapers available. If you don’t like any of the samples then search the gallery.


Add text such as inspirational quotes.


Add an image or clip art (optional).


You can save the wallpaper as a png or jpg file.

wallpaper maker


There are many different wallpaper templates available. Create your own wallpaper for a desktop (horizontal) or for your mobile phone (vertical). To create desktop wallpaper, click on the button to the right. For phone wallpapers, click on the button to the left.

Create Wallpaper for Phone101 Designs    Create Wallpaper for Desktop101 Designs

There are more graphic designs below.

wallpaper maker
wallpaper for phone


Wallpaper with quotes or text

You can also add your own photos or any photo from our gallery with thousands of images. You can either use the ready-made quotes or write your own text.

love quotes
motivational sayings

How to make your own wallpaper

There are two different formats available – portrait or landscape. Select wallpaper for desktop (horizontal) or for your phone or tablet (vertical). Click on the button to open the wallpaper maker. You can use our wallpaper generator to add text or images to any of the 101 backgrounds available. We also have specific designs below.

Select the design that you want to use. There are 101 designs available. In addition, you can also select any image from the gallery with millions of images.

Decide if you want to include a quote. If you do, select a quote or type one. If not, delete the text. You can also use ready-made wallpaper with motivational quotes.

Create Wallpaper for Phone101 Designs    Create Wallpaper for Desktop101 Designs

How to Add any Image from the Gallery

  1. Add image from galleryClick on add image.
  2. Select the gallery.
  3. Use the search box to search for any image.
  4. Drag it to wherever you want it to appear.



How to Use the Wallpaper Creator to Add Images

  1. Click on the button above to open the free online wallpaper maker.
  2. Once you have selected the background image you can add your own image.
  3. Click on add image.
  4. Select your image.
  5. Drag it to wherever you want it to appear.

How to Use the Wallpaper Maker with Text

  1. Select either a vertical or horizontal orientation.
  2. Once you have selected the background image you can edit the text.
  3. Type your text. Click on the text box on the wallpaper editor and type your own text.
  4. To change the color of the text, click on the little black box below and select a color.
  5. To change the font, select a font from the drop-down font list.
  6. You can make many other changes to the text such as font size, italics, bold, etc.
  7. You can also add additional text by clicking on “add text”.
  8. If you want text wallpaper with no background then simply delete the background.
  9. Download.


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