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DIY Notebook Cover

Create a free DIY notebook cover that you can customize before you print. Turn a plain old notebook into beautiful personalized stationery.

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Free Notebook Cover Templates

Choose one of the notebook cover templates below and click on “customize” to personalize the notebook cover with your own text. You can edit all the text to customize the notebook cover to your needs. See printable notebook paper.


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Long Personalized Notebooks

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How to Make a Notebook Cover?

  • Choose a notebook cover design from the selection above.
  • Customize the text and download as a PDF document or an image file.
  • There are 4 different ways to make the DIY notebook cover.
  • The easiest method is to print the new cover and cut it to the correct size. Paste it so that only the top section of the original cover is showing.
  • Cut a rectangle slightly smaller than the notebook and paste it in the middle so that you can see the border of the original cover.
  • Print the cover on cardstock and remove the original cover. Cut out the new cover and mark where the holes should be. Make small holes and replace the old cover with your new cover.
  • Remove the original cover and paste it to a sheet of computer paper with masking tape. Make sure that it isn’t laminated as the ink might smudge. Print on the old cover to cover it with the new image. For this method, you will need to use a notepad with a white or light plain cover.

What can the free printable notebook covers be used for?

Since the text can be customized they can really be used by anyone for any purpose. For example:

  • Composition notebook covers
  • Science notebook cover
  • Planners
  • To keep your grocery list in your bag (some people like to keep a small notebook in their handbag with updated lists)
  • To keep track of expenses

How to Add a Monogram to the Notebook Cover

You can use our free monogram generator to create a cover with a monogram.

Notebook Cover Ideas

If you like to have a small notebook for each month then you can print a calendar on the cover. See our selection of calendar templates that can be used for this purpose.

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