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Bullet Journal Calendar

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Creating a bullet journal calendar is time-consuming. However, with our free bullet journal app, you can create custom calendars in under 2 minutes. Add elements, calendars, doodles and text with the click of a mouse.

101 Planners » Productivity » Bullet Journal » Bullet Journal Calendar

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The Bullet Journal Calendar

The official bullet journal calendar includes a yearly calendar (Future Log), a monthly calendar (Monthly Log), and a daily calendar (Daily Log). These three calendars are considered “Core Collections”. In addition, Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal Method, encourages you to create custom collections to cater to your specific needs. Many people add a weekly calendar to their BuJo. I love using a weekly spread to organize my week. As with most spreads, you can try it once and if it doesn’t work for you, then don’t create a new spread the next week.

The Yearly Calendar

The bullet journal future log is a year at a glance calendar with space to write tasks or events.  It appears at the beginning of your bullet journal. This is where you store events or tasks that are not relevant that month until they become relevant in the future.  Each month, you scan the yearly calendar and migrate anything relevant to the new month. This enables you to only focus on what is relevant but never forget things that will become relevant at a later stage. See 2024 year at a glance calendar.

The bullet journal yearly calendar can be on one spread (two pages) or two spreads (four pages). If it is on one spread, you will have six months per page, and if it is on two pages, you will have three months per page.

See migration

The Monthly Calendar

The bullet journal monthly spread (the Monthly Log) offers an overview of the things you have to do that month as well as the time you have to do them. The official bullet journal monthly layout has a calendar on one page and a task list on the opposite page. You can set up your monthly bullet journal any way that works for you. Here are ready-made calendar printables that you can customize and use. Every element can be changed, so the layout is very flexible.

You can also add doodles related to that particular month such as Christmas doodles in December, Thanksgiving in November and Halloween in October.

The bullet journal monthly layout can be customized to suit your needs. You can change the blocks and sections. You can add any monthly calendar, and you can add additional widgets. You can also add doodles that you can color once you print for a hand-made look. These are only a few ideas, but you can create any bullet journal monthly calendar with any design you want. Add blocks or frames to section the page, any calendar, and then any widget or text. The sky is the limit.

If you want a calendar template that will work with any month, then select the blank calendar.  You can change it so that the week starts from Monday instead of Sunday. You can also change the quote and the doodles.

The Daily Calendar

The bullet journal daily log is a the BuJo version of a daily calendar. Whereas a traditional planner usually has a pre-made layout with specific sections, the BuJo daily log is a blank page on which you rapid log your tasks, events, and notes as they occur throughout the day. At the end of the day, you spend a few minutes reflecting and migrate the relevant content. See reflection and migration.

The Weekly Calendar

The bullet journal weekly spread can be helpful when you have a lot going on, and a monthly spread will not suffice. You can also use it when you don’t have a lot going on, and a daily spread for each day is unnecessary.

This bullet calendar is fully customizable. You can change the titles, calendar, embellishments, and calendar template. Add your own text and edit the existing text. You can also add any of the doodles. Decorating your planner has never been easier! You can add any doodle or embellishment with the click of a button with the help of our digital bullet journal app.

Click on the image above to customize the ready-made bullet journal calendar or open the app to create your calendar from scratch.

Customize & Print


Bullet Journal Year at a Glance

Customize & Print

The Bullet Journal Calendar Layout

In the Bullet Journal Method, Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal, describes the suggested layout for the future log, monthly log, and daily log. See the bullet journal setup for more details. You are encouraged to create a layout that suits your needs. I find that the first time you start creating a bullet journal it makes sense to make a calendar according to the suggested layout. After a month or two, you can see if the method works for you and if you want to make any changes.

The major advantage of our bullet journal app is how easy it is to change your layout. With one click, you can add a widget or delete it. If you don’t like its placement, you simply drag it somewhere else. Too big or too small? No problem, simply resize. It is really easy to play around and find the perfect layout for you.

Customize & Print

How to Make a Bullet Journal Calendar

How to Draw a Calendar

Open the bullet journal calendar maker (see button above) and print a calendar drawing. If you don’t find a ready-made calendar layout that you like, then customize any template. Print the calendar drawing. Put it somewhere where the light shines through and go over the lines with a pencil. Turn it around and place it on your notebook. Rub the back of the page with a pencil. The calendar will be transferred to your notebook. You can now go over the lines with a pen.

You can also print a monthly calendar and paste it into your notebook.

How to Use a Calendar Printable in Your BuJo Notebook

Open the bullet journal calendar maker by clicking on the button below. You can use one of the ready-made templates or start from scratch. There are hundreds of ready-made calendars, doodles, watercolor elements, embellishments, etc.

You can either copy the calendar into your bullet journal notebook or print the calendar and stick it in your notebook. Use paper glue or Washi tape. If your BuJo is in a planner and not a notebook, then you can easily add printable calendars to it. See how to turn a planner into a bullet journal.

Customize & Print

How to Add Watercolor Elements

You can add watercolor elements to your bullet journal calendar with a click of your mouse.

Customize & Print

You can create as many journal printables as you want. Keep adding elements and moving them around. Once you are happy with the outcome, just download the printable. You can then keep changing elements and download them again. We have many different kinds of bullet planner templates on this site.

How to Change the Titles

Click on any title and type the text that you would like to appear.

For example, if you want to change the chore list to a monthly journal. Click on the “chore list” and then type “monthly journal. It is as easy as that.

How to Change the Bullet Calendar

Click on “click here to select a design”. Select “monthly calendars”. Select the monthly calendar that you want. Click on it and drag it to the desired location and resize it if necessary.

How to Add Embellishments

Click on “click here to select a design”. Select the category you want. Select the image you want. Drag it around or change the size.

Bullet Journal PDF

To download as a PDF document, just click on the folded page icon.

How to Create a Calendar Journal

A bullet journal is a great place to create a calendar journal. Decide how you would like your layout to look like. You can use a yearly, monthly, or weekly calendar for your journal, depending on how much you plan to write.

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