Bullet Journal Year at a Glance

Bullet Journal Year at a Glance

This bullet journal year at a glance calendar can be customized before you print. Use the calendar template to track habits, workouts, etc. Please note that some of the calendar templates start the week on a Sunday and others start on a Monday. Please note which template you select.

We also offer a bullet journal future log which is a yearly spread and other bullet journal calendar templates.

2022 Year at a Glance Calendar

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Yearly calendar 2022
Yearly spread 2022
January to June
Year at a glance 2022
Bullet journal year at a glance

Undated (Blank)

Yearly for any year
Undated yearly
Yearly habit tracker to track one thing
Year at a Glance Tracker

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What is the difference between a year at a glance bullet journal and the future log?

The bullet journal future log is a yearly spread used to store entries that have specific dates that fall outside of the current month. Since you will be storing entries you need space to write. Therefore, the future log has a section to write notes for each month. Here you can store events, deadlines, appointments, meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

A BuJo year at a glance calendar does not necessarily have space to record entries. You can simply have a date for each day. It is helpful to track things like workouts or habits. If you mark each day you do a workout then at the end of the year you can see the entire year at a glance and easily see how many times you worked out that year.

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