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Bullet Journal App

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Digital Bullet Journal

Turn your iPad into a digital bullet journal.

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To create a digital BuJo you will need:

  • an iPad or tablet
  • a stylus or Apple Pencil
  • a PDF annotation app such as GoodNotes or Notability (See GoodNotes bullet journal or Notability bullet journal for an explanation on each app)
  • and a Bullet Journal PDF (you can either print a pre-made bullet journal from this page or you can create a bullet journal with our bullet journal app.

You then write on your bullet journal iPad as you would on paper but you don’t need to print it. 

See digital planner for an explanation on how to use a digital bullet journal.

Bullet Journal App

Use our free online bullet journal app to create bullet journal templates that you can either print or use on your bullet journal iPad.

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Open DIY Bullet Journal App

Open DIY Bullet Journal App

Thanks for using our free online Bullet Journal app. This app will help you create your own custom Bullet Journal printables from scratch within minutes and without lifting a pen! You can also customize our ready-made bullet journal templates and ideas. You can also print blank dot grid paper in various binder or planner sizes. You can change the color of the dot grid. All printables are available in various sizes to fit your bullet journal notebook or binder. 

The app does not create a digital version of a bullet journal. That would defeat the point since a bullet journal is supposed to be analog. Instead, it creates a printable bullet journal that looks just like the one that you can take hours to create but it only takes a few minutes. Another advantage of the app is the flexibility. If you start adding elements and change your mind you can just delete them with the click of a button or move them around. This is certainly easier than making changes to something that you have drawn. Once you have created the printable templates you will still add the text by hand to gain the benefits of physically writing in your journal. If you just don’t have the time or couldn’t be bothered then you can add the text via the app.

Some people find a notebook too minimal. You need to establish a structure, count dots, draw lines, and create each page. On the other hand, store-bought planners are often too structured with no room for flexibility. Our free app is the perfect solution to create any layout you need and none that you don’t. You only make and print the templates you want to use. 

Open DIY Bullet Journal App

Not sure what size you need? See the explanation below.

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Select the size that you need and decide if you want your background to be blank or if you prefer to use a dot grid background. All printables print on US letter size.

Not sure what size you need? See the explanation below.

1Select a size for your printables

Full Size8.5"x11"

Letter size binder
Franklin Covey – Monarch (letter)
Erin Condren – Large Size (deluxe monthly planner, notebook, journal)
Happy Planner (MAMBI Create 365) – Big size
Plum Paper – Large
Arc Planner (Staples) – Large
Day Timer – Folio size
Day Runner – Size 5
Passion Planner – Classic

Page Size: 8.5” x 11”

Half Size8.5"x11"

Often fits an A5 planner
Franklin Covey – Classic size
Day Runner – Size 4
Day Timer – Desk
Mini binder
Kikki k – large
Arc Planner (Staples) Small

Half Letter: 5.5″ X 8.5″
Two Pages per Sheet

Classic Size8.5"x11"

Erin Condren Medium Size (life planner, deluxe monthly planner, monthly planner, academic planner, notebook, journal)
Plum Paper Classic/Medium (all weekly planner layouts, notebooks)
LimeLife Planner
Happy Planner Classic (7″ x 9.25″ or 17.78 X 23.495cm)
Inkwell Press
Simplified Planner

7″ X 9″ or 17.78 X 22.86cm

Personal Size8.5"x11"

Kikki k Medium fits Kikki-k medium personal or time planner
Filofax Personal or Compact
Day Runner Personal
DayTimer Portable
Franklin Covey Compact (personal size=3.7x 6.7″)
Limelife Planner
Webster’s Pages
Carpe Diem – Simple Stories
Kate Spade Personal

3.75″ X 6.75″ or 9.53 X 17.15cm
Two Pages per Sheet

Mini Size8.5"x11"

Mini Happy Planner

4.625″ x 7″
Two Pages per Sheet

2Select a frame and embellishments

There are hundreds of elements available such as frames, dividers, titles, arrows, date layouts, embellishments, etc. If you are not sure where to start then either add a frame or use a sample template. It will help you decide how to break up the page. You can always delete elements if you decide that you don’t need them.

3 Move each element around, make it bigger or smaller or color it

How to color an element?

  1. Select the element that you want to color.
  2. Click on the black square under it.
  3. Select a color.
  4. Click on select.

4 Add more elements such as titles, frames, dividers, arrows, banners, embellishments, etc.

5Move the elements around until you are happy with your page. Then print and/or download.

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Please note that the app does not create a digital bullet journal. The software helps you create printable templates that can be filled out by hand in your planner. It saves you the time required to draw the template. It is created online but then used after it is printed.

How to Bullet Journal with the App

There are different ways to use the bullet journal app:

  1. Create many printables in advance and insert them into a binder.
  2. Print on demand and slowly add printables to your binder. Each new printable can be easily added to your binder.
  3. Create printables and copy them into your Bullet Journal notebook. The advantage is that you can play around with the layout until you are happy with the result and then copy the final product in your notebook. When you are not sure how you want your layout to look like it is a lot easier to make changes in the app than with a pencil and eraser.

How to Print Inserts for Binders

  1. Make sure that you select the correct size in the first step. You cannot change the size after this stage.
  2. Don’t forget to leave a margin so that you will have space for the holes that you will require to insert into a binder.
  3. Print on standard paper and cut out your insert.
  4. Use a punch to make holes according to your binder’s holes.
  5. Insert into your planner or binder.
  6. Print a binder cover.

This app is based on the bullet journal method developed by Ryder Carroll.

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    • We are assuming that you are printing on legal size but the printable should show the cutting lines to cut the page to personal size with blank space in between legal size and personal size. You print on legal size but cut to personal size.

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