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Bullet Journal Hacks

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Create Bullet Journal Printables in Minutes

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Free Bullet Journal App

Open DIY Bullet Journal App

With our free bullet journal app, you can make beautiful printables in minutes without having to draw each element. We offer hundreds of free bullet journal elements that you can add to your printable with the click of a button. This hack will save you hours of drawing. Instead of wasting time drawing each element, give our app a try! It is 100% free with no strings attached!

Our free online bullet journal maker enables you to create your own printable bullet journal precisely as you would have drawn it but in a fraction of the time. You can then print each page and insert it into your journal. You can also use it to plan a page and then copy it in your handwriting if you prefer. Our bullet journal hacks help you create a perfect bullet journal without spending any time drawing. We have hundreds of journal doodles, frames, and titles to select from and add with the click of your mouse. See the video below, which shows how to use the free bullet journal maker.

How to Use our Bullet Journal Maker

Open DIY Bullet Journal App


Select the size of your journal to ensure a perfect fit. You can also create the printable on the full size and use your printer to resize.

Black and White Bullet Journal Printables

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Bullet Journal Maker with Watercolor Elements

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Open DIY Bullet Journal App


Select a version with or without a dotted background.


Add a frame and elements. We offer hundreds of hand-drawn and watercolor elements.

After you have chosen an element from a specific category such as banners, date layouts, arrows, go back to check out the other categories. You can scroll down to see additional elements.  Repeat this process to add additional elements such as banners, embellishments, etc.

For example, to add a rectangular frame, select rectangle and you will see a list of the frames that can be used. Click on a frame to select it, and it will appear on your bullet journal page. Click on the trash can to remove it, click on the arrow to rotate the element, or click on the two arrows on the bottom right corner to make it larger or smaller. You can also drag the element around. If you want more than one element, then select another element and it will also appear. You can also color the item by clicking on the element that you want to color and then on the little black box or via the “Change Colors” tab.


Download to your PC and print.

Pre-Made Bullet Journal Printables

Another bullet Journal hack is to use a pre-made bullet journal. This will save you lots of time and will enable you to focus on the content of your planner instead of creating the pages.

We offer many different pre-made booklets that you can print to create your own custom BuJo. Print only the sections that you want to include in your journal.

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Turn your Happy Planner or Binder into a Bullet Journal

Many people are uncomfortable using a notebook since pages cannot be removed or added. This hack will help you overcome these problems. See turn your Happy Planner into a Bullet Journal.

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Join two pages if your pens bleed, shadow badly or if you make a mistake

A glue stick or glue roller can be used to join two pages if your pens bleed, shadow badly or if you make a mistake. 

Decorate or Divide Pages with Washi Tape

Washi tape is a fun easy way to add color and decorate your BuJo. It comes in thousands of colors and designs. You probably already have some at home. 

  • Adhere our free bullet journal printables to your notebook with washi tape.
  • Divide pages or create sections.
  • Cover up mistakes. 
  • Mark pages that you need to access often you can cut a small piece of washi in the corner and it will stick out even when your notebook is closed.
  • Adhere notes or even an envelope with a piece of washi.

If you don’t have washi tape you can print some with our free printable washi tape png.

Fix mistakes with correction tape

Since you cannot remove pages, correction tape is quite helpful. It is not one of those items that HAVE to be on your bullet journal supplies list but it is useful if you have the budget for it.

Use sticky notes to add content, hide areas, or just add color

Sticky notes (Post-it notes) come in all colors and shapes. You can use them to add content, hide areas or just add color. You can also use them to plan a layout before you start drawing.

Use tabs to mark pages

Tabs help you find pages quickly and add a pop of color. It saves you searching for pages that you access often.

Use stencils to draw objects

Bullet Journal stencilPinBullet Journal stencils help you draw elements in seconds. They are not only a time saver but the drawings will often look better when done with a stencil than when drawn freehand.


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