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Date & Title Layouts for your Bullet Journal

People are often looking for creative Bullet Journal ideas to present their dates and/or titles in their journal. Here are some journal layout ideas that you can either copy into your notebook or download when you create your Bullet Journal with our free app.
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When you use our free Bullet Journal app you will find a large selection of date layouts or embellishments for titles and/or dates. With the free app, you can add any of these embellishments with just one click! If you want to use these title / date layouts in your planner then follow the steps below:

1 Open the bullet planner app.

Open DIY Bullet Journal App

You can either use ready-made layouts or you can create your own. If you start from scratch then select your planner size and decide if you want your background to be blank or if you prefer to use a dot grid background.


2Select a date or title layout by clicking on “click here to select a design” and then selecting “Embellish Date or Title”

3 Move the element around, make it bigger or smaller or color it

How to color an element?

  1. Select the element that you want to color.
  2. Click on change color.
  3. Select a color.
  4. Click on select.

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4 Complete your journal page by adding frames, dividers, arrows, banners, signifiers, etc.

5 Move the elements around until you are happy with your layout. Once you are satisfied, print and/or download.


This app is based on the Bullet Journal Method developed by Ryder Carroll.

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