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Bullet Journal Future Log

If you don’t have time or are not sure how to set up the bullet journal future log then you have come to the perfect site! You can create a custom future log for free in 2 minutes with our online bullet journal app. Many designs available!

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The Bullet Journal future log is used to store future tasks and events that fall outside of the current month.

How to Use the Bullet Journal Future Log

Each day, you write everything in your daily log as it occurs. There is no need to stop and think about where it should do. It just goes straight into the daily spread. At the end of the day, during your daily reflection, review your daily log and move any tasks or events that fall outside of the current month to the future log. Tasks and events that occur that month will be scheduled in the monthly log.

Each month, you start a new monthly spread. When you do this, you scan the future log and migrate any tasks or events related to the new month. When you move a task from the future log to the monthly log mark it as migrated. To do this, you change the task symbol from • to <.

The Benefits of the Yearly Overview

The bullet journal is built in such a way that you only focus on what is relevant. Anything else is put away in the future log until you need to relate to it. This keeps you focused on what matters at the time.

When you move items to the future log you are freeing your mind. You can stop thinking about them until they become relevant. That is the beauty of the future log bullet journal.

Another benefit is to see what your priorities are. When you scan your future log you see what you plan to focus your time and effort on in the next few months. If you are not happy with the way you will be spending your time then this is your opportunity to change your focus. Your time is limited and anything you spend time on prevents you from spending time on something else. This is a great opportunity to review your priorities and re-prioritize if necessary.

The bullet journal yearly spread includes 12 months. Even if you start in the middle of the year, Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal Method, suggests you start your next journal at the beginning of the next year even if you still have space left. You will then migrate your future log to the new journal.

Customize and Print

How do you Create the Bullet Journal Future Log?

The future log is created at the beginning of your journal right after the index.

Add three months per page. 12 months will take up four pages (two spreads). You can also make a year at a glance bullet journal spread by adding six months per page. You will have less space per month but you will see the entire year on one spread (2 pages).

Either create your future log from scratch or use our bullet journal app to customize templates online. Click the button below to open the app. The templates can be printed and used if you are using a binder or adhered to your notebook. You can also just trace or copy the templates if you want to draw them in your notebook. This will save you planning and sketching.

Once you have created your future log, add it to your index.

See the video below with step-by-step instructions on how to make a Bullet Journal future spread.

Customize and Print

How do you add a bullet journal year calendar to a notebook without rewriting the entire year?

  1. Use our free app to create the yearly calendar.
  2. Insert each month and move all calendars around until you are happy with the placement. You can change the color of any month. Delete the dot grid paper background if you want to create a calendar sticker.
  3. Download the file.
  4. Print on a transparent sticker sheet.
  5. Adhere to your bullet journal notebook.

Sample Bullet Future Log Ideas

Here are some bullet journal examples made with our free BuJo app. If you don’t want to use loose-leaf pages, you can print our doodles and elements (such as banners, calendars, etc) on sticker paper and add them to your notebook. You can customize each word and item. You can add text, calendars, and additional elements. There are hundreds of BuJo doodles and elements available. You can change the colors and size. The possibilities are endless.

Add boxes, calendars, titles, embellishments, etc.

Customize and Print

You can add a calendar to any widget with a click of your mouse!

You decide how many boxes you want to add per page. The boxes can be plain (like the first examples) or with the months of the year (like the examples above and below).

Bullet Journal Year at a Glance

I love the spreads where you track something over a year such as exercise. You add a yearly calendar and then mark it each time you exercise. It gives you a perfect picture of how often you workout over a year.  To create such a spread, go to the “add elements” and select “calendars”. You do not have to create a one year calendar for a specific year. You can start from any month you want. You can add as many calendars as you want to a page. If you want to add the entire year on a page then make each smaller and add 12 months on one page.

You can add any background to your bullet journal printables.

Customize and Print

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