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Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

If you don’t have time or are not sure how to set up the bullet journal monthly spread then you have come to the perfect site! You can create a custom monthly spread for free in 2 minutes with our online bullet journal app. Many designs are available!

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread is where you store your tasks and appointments for the month. Ryder Carrol calls it the monthly log. It helps you see the list of the things to do that month, your events, and your available time.

This is also where you record your monthly mental inventory.

The Bullet Journal Monthly Log

The bullet journal monthly log is one of the core collections.  It is usually set up on a spread of two facing pages. On the left side, you have a calendar and on the right side, you have a list of tasks to do. The topic of the page is the name of that month.

However, the beauty of the bullet journal system is that you can adapt your spreads and your journal to your needs. If a calendar and task list are all you need then that’s great. If you want to include events, tasks, and notes then that works too. You can also include goals.


On the monthly bullet journal calendar page, you have a list with the dates of the month. Next to the numbers, you will write the first letter of the corresponding day of the week (one letter per day). Remember to leave room on the left side so that you can add signifiers if needed. If you don’t remember the signifiers then please print our bullet journal key. When you add signifiers then you can easily scan the page to find important items without actually reading everything.

Write in each event that month next to the corresponding date. An event can be an appointment, a birthday, anniversary, or a trip out of town.

If you use our bullet journal templates then the dates will already be included. You can select a ready-made BuJo calendar with 28, 29 (for a leap year), 30 or 31 days. You then add the calendar to your page with one click instead of writing each number each month. Next to each day, you can write what you did that day. Ryder suggests that you keep your list as short as possible since it is supposed to be a monthly reference only. It will show you what you focused on that month.

Task List

The task list will either be on the same page or on the opposite page.

The task page will serve as your ongoing mental inventory page. Add all of the action items that you want to complete that month. You should also migrate tasks that are still open from the previous month to this month. Tasks get migrated from month to month until they are either complete or become irrelevant in which case they are discarded. Only include meaningful tasks. If a task becomes irrelevant, then erase it and don’t complete it.

How to Create a Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

This short video will explain, step by step, how to create a bullet journal monthly spread, and how to migrate unfinished tasks to the following month.


When you start your bullet journal, you will only add the current month. Let’s say you start in January, then you will add a monthly spread for January right after the future log. In February, you will create a new monthly log for February, and you will migrate unfinished tasks to February. You do not create a monthly log for each month in advance.

Bullet Journal App

There are many ready-made BuJo monthly spread ideas available on our app. You can customize each and every element. If you are using a binder, then you can print our bullet journal printables and insert them into your binder. If you are using a notebook, you can plan and create the templates with the app. Once you are happy with your layout, you can draw or trace the contents into your notebook. It is much easier to delete an object with the app than erase it in your notebook. It saves a lot of time. It is also sometimes easier to start with a template and customize it than to start from scratch.

Open Bullet Journal Maker

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas

Here are some of the templates available with our free online Bullet Journal app. As mentioned, every element can be customized.

Bullet journal monthly logPin

This is the basic bullet journal calendar that Ryder suggests in his book “The Bullet Journal Method”. You simply list the dates along the left side of the page. Next to each date, you write the corresponding first letter of the day of the week. If using our app, you can add the dates with the app, and then you can add the days in your hand-writing after you print it. You can also type out the dates on the app but it might be more time-consuming than writing them.

On this bullet journal month page, the monthly calendar spread is on the left page and the list of tasks is on a separate page.

Monthly bullet journalPin

This bullet journal monthly layout has a monthly calendar (you can select any month), a list of tasks, events, and notes. You can edit all titles so if there is something else you want to include (such as goals) then feel free to make the change.

Monthly log bullet journalPin

This bullet journal month page enables you to see the entire month at a glance. There is still space for additional elements.

Bullet journal month pagePin

On this monthly log bullet journal, the task list is on the same page. The task list has a cute doodle notebook background.


Open Bullet Journal Maker

Tip: When you open the bullet journal maker, you can use a ready-made template. However, there are many more monthly calendars available. Go to “4. Add Elements”, then go to “calendars” or “blank calendars”.

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