Family Chore Chart

Select any free printable family chore chart template and add your family members and your chore list. Divide the chores between all family members. Put the customizable family chore chart printable on the fridge or somewhere that you can see all the time. See chore chart for one person.

Weekly Family Chore Chart

This is a weekly chore chart for multiple kids. 

Weekly Family Chore Chart

This weekly chore chart has 5 versions depending on the number of family members. Each version is available in Microsoft Word, as an image, a typeable PDF file and an Excel spreadsheet.

This customizable chore chart for multiple kids is available as a Word document with no border or with any border you like (in which case you can customize the background but not the chart). With the Word version, you can customize the chart as well.

Editable PDF / Word / PNG

4 Family Members: Week Starts on a Sunday (Editable PDF / Word / Image) or a Monday (Editable PDF / Word / Image)

5 Family Members: Week Starts on a Sunday (Editable PDF / Word / Image) or a Monday (Editable PDF / Word / Image)

Chore Chart Maker

First, select the chore list layout then select the border.

Customize & Print101 Backgrounds Available

There is also a chore chart maker for kids chore charts with multiple kids.

Customize & Print101 Backgrounds Available

chore chart for multiple kids

Excel Chore Chart

This Excel chart has a tab for each family member (see instructions below on how to add members and change the names). There is a chore list (that you can edit) that appears for each block of time. Each chore is colored with the same color.

This spreadsheet has a tab for each family member. For each family member, you see the weekly chore calendar for that person.

Excel family chore chart

To add an additional chart for another person, right-click on the weekly schedule tab and select copy. Copy as many times as you want. Create one tab per family member. To add each person’s name, right-click on each tab and select “rename”. Type each family member’s name on each tab. To delete a person, right-click on a tab and select delete.

Chore Chart Excel

This spreadsheet has a chore list in the left column and you select which family member is responsible for each chore and on what day it should be done. You can edit the family member list that is shown as a dropdown.

How to make a chore chart for the whole family

  1. Add all family members to the chart.
  2. Add the list of chores that need to be done.
  3. Decide on the family chore schedule and mark it on the chart.
  4. Use the chore tracker to ensure that all family members do their chores each day or week.

How to decide on the family chore list

The family chore list must take into account both the chores that need to be done and the family members. How much time do they have and if the chores are age-appropriate?

You might decide on chores that everyone has to do and additional optional chores for kids to earn money. Chores for money could be those beyond what you would expect your child to do and chores that you might otherwise have paid someone to do. Here are some chores to do around the house for money: mow the lawn, clean the car, babysit younger siblings, etc.

If you are into chore rotation you can fill out a blank chore chart with a chore list and change the names each week.

Allowance chore chart for kids

A kids allowance chart can be used when you give an allowance for chores. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Give your kids their allowance if they do their chores.
  2. Enable kids to do extra chores for money to get an allowance.
  3. In order to get their allowance, kids need to do their chores. In addition to their chores, you can offer paid chores that are above and beyond their usual tasks to increase their allowance. 

With the first method, you are not paying for chores but your kids have to complete their chores in order to get their allowance. With the second method, you have a list of chores for money and your kids decide which chores to do. At the end of the week or month, you work out how much they earned and pay them accordingly.

Take into account both the chores that your child can do and the time they have. For example, for a teenager allowance chart, your teenagers might be capable of doing pretty much any chore but depending on their school schedule and the time of the year they might not have too much time. For a young kid’s allowance chart, the situation is very different. The children are not capable of doing as many chores but they probably have more time on their hands. Select any allowance chore chart template below.

Money Chore Chart for kids

This is a chore chart with prices for kids who want to do chores to do for money. A chore chart with money value for each optional chore gives your kids the opportunity to see how they can earn extra money when they want to save up to buy something. Each time a child completes a chore he will mark the chore payment chart. At the end of the week or month, you will pay each child however much they have earned according to the chore price list.

This is a printable chore chart with money earned for some chores. Add the chore list with allowance in the left column. Add the amount that you will pay for each chore for each child.

Money Chore Chart

Image | PDF | Word | Excel


2 Kids: Image | PDF | Word | Excel

3 Kids: Image | PDF | Word | Excel

4 Kids: Image | PDF | Word | Excel

5 Kids: Image | PDF | Word | Excel

Allowance chore chart

Image  | PDF | Word | Excel

Black and White:

2 Kids: Image | PDF | Word | Excel

3 Kids: Image | PDF | Word | Excel

4 Kids: Image | PDF | Word | Excel

5 Kids: Image | PDF | Word | Excel

Add 101 Borders to the Allowance Chore Chart

Money Chore Chart for kids

Customize & Print101 Backgrounds Available

Chores and allowance by age

As your child gets older, they will probably want to have a bit of their own spending money. And, while an allowance is one way to give them money of their own, there are both pros and cons to giving your child an allowance for age-appropriate chores. Here are a few things to consider before you decide.

Why you shouldn’t give your child an allowance?

Household chores like making your bed, doing laundry, and helping to prepare meals should be done because you’re part of the family. If you’re wearing clothes and eating food, there is no reason that your child shouldn’t be expected to help for free.

As part of the family, it’s important that your child learns that helping out is expected. And, paying them to do what’s expected can help raise an entitled child who feels they need to be given things they should simply be doing for free.

Paying your child an allowance for every chore makes them think that all work should be paid. Instead, teach them that responsibilities aren’t always paid for.

Benefits of giving your child an allowance

Giving your child money to spend can teach them financial responsibility. Since it’s unlikely they will be able to earn money from a job at 12, giving them chores to do is a simple way to teach them to manage money.

By having spending money, they can learn to budget and save. And, it’s a wonderful opportunity to include lessons on giving and helping those that are less fortunate than you are.

Tips for giving an allowance

If you do decide to give your child an allowance, it’s important that there are rules set in place for what they do with it. They shouldn’t simply be allowed to spend it all on whatever they want to.

Consider requiring that they save a certain percentage of what they get. They can open their first savings account this way which can help in the future.

And, you should also ask that they donate some of the money. This can be to your local church. Or, they can donate it to a homeless shelter or the local Humane Society. It’s just important for them to learn to give back.

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