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Free Printable Birthday Countdown

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If you are tired of your child asking “how many days until my birthday?” then this birthday countdown might be just what you are looking for.

Sometimes the anticipation is part of the excitement and a bday countdown can make the wait even more enjoyable.

Choose a design from the six templates below and add the name of the birthday girl or birthday boy.

Countdown to my Birthday

The title is editable so feel free to change it. You can write “Countdown to my Birthday” or add your name. Whatever works for you!

Edit Online

Edit Online

We also offer an Excel countdown that will automatically calculate the days left for you (see below). 

Birthday Countdown Clock

Open this birthday countdown clock with Excel or Google Sheets. 

We offer a free Excel countdown timer that you can use to see the number of days until your birthday whenever the file is open. Just add the date of your birthday and whenever the file is open, the birthday countdown clock will show you how many dates are left until the big day. You can keep even it open all the time if you wish! 

Excel Spreadsheet



How do you print the chart?

Click on the button below to open the countdown maker. Edit the text. Then click on the download button (the little cloud icon). When the file has downloaded, click on it to open it and print it.

Edit Online

How to add text?

If you want to add text such as “Happy Birthday” on the day of celebration at the end of the countdown then click on “Add text”. You can change the font and the font colors.

You can personalize the chart. For example, if you are using the chart for a 21st birthday then add a big “21”. If you are using it for a 40th birthday then add a big “40”. You can add any text to customize your chart.

How to use the chart without writing on it?

If you want to use the chart for your next birthday as well then have it laminated. That way you can mark off the days and then wipe down the chart when you have finished using it. You can also use it for more than one person if it is laminated. You will save ink and paper.

Can you add photos to the chart?

Yes, you can add custom photos to your chart. Click on “Add image” and select a photo from your computer. Drag the photo to any position and make it bigger or smaller.

Do you have other countdowns for another special occasion?

Yes. We also offer the following countdowns:

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