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Halloween Countdown Calendar

How Many Days Till Halloween

Halloween Countdown: 195 days, 21 hours, 9 minutes

Countdown To Halloween

Print a free Halloween countdown calendar to keep track of the days until Halloween. You can choose how many days you want on your countdown till Halloween. There are 3 options: 9, 10, or 31.

If your kids are constantly asking you how many days until Halloween or if you want to add some color and Halloween spirit to your home before the holiday then these printables will be perfect for you!

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Halloween is definitely one of my kids’ best holidays. They anxiously wait for it every year. Part of the fun is actually the wait when the excitement builds up and they start planning and organizing.

My kids start thinking about their costumes at least two months before. During this time, they change their minds numerous times. Experience has taught me to start planning and looking for costume ideas only when they have come up with at least four ideas for a costume. When they are talking about the same idea for a few days I join their conversations and add my input. Until then it is pretty much a waste of time and energy since they change their minds too often.

Once a decision has been made and each child has decided which costume he wants I start helping them look online for ideas.

Then we start buying and organizing candy for trick or treaters and somehow a lot goes missing during the process. I am not sure who is responsible, but I may or may not play a part in it 😊.

Then, of course, we start decorating our house which is a lot of fun too.

The excitement is building up and during this time my kids used to ask hundreds of times, “How many days until Halloween?”. In the beginning, I used to patiently work out the days until I decided to make a printable Halloween countdown that I hang on the fridge for everyone to see. Nobody can miss it and nobody asks me each day how many days are left.

In the beginning, there were a few arguments about who would mark the Halloween countdown calendar so I solved that by printing a few copies. There are some five countdown calendars with different designs on this site, and it just added more color and decorations anyway. So, printing multiple copies was something that we stuck with even when they grew up and stopped arguing (at least about who marks the calendar. I am not sure that the other arguments will ever stop).

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