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Christmas Countdown

Free Christmas countdown printable and Advent calendar. Print as is or add a title before you print. 

Christmas countdown printable

How Many Days until Christmas?

Advent Calendar

These cute Christmas calendar printables are available in three different designs.

Advent calendar
Christmas countdown calendar printable Free printable advent calendar

How to create an Advent calendar?

You can use these printable Christmas countdowns to create an Advent calendar to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. If you want to make flaps, print the countdown on cardstock paper. Cut out flaps with a craft knife. Adhere the page to a blank page of cardstock. Open the flaps and write notes for each day. If you want to add a gift, you can turn it into a treasure hunt, and each day, write the clue to find that day’s gift.

How to make a personalized printable Christmas calendar for kids?

You can personalize this printable kids’ Christmas calendar with your own text. This can enable you to make your own customized countdown. Sit together with your child and ask them what they want to write each day. To add text, click on the “A” icon. Drag the text to the day on which you would like it to appear. Keep adding text until your child is happy with her creation. Download to your PC and then print.

Santa Beard Countdown

Free printable Santa beard countdown in 8 different designs. You can either mark each day with a pen or use cotton balls. Glue a cotton ball on each day to create a fun Christmas craft that is so easy to make. Simply print the Santa beard advent calendar and stick a cotton ball in each circle each day. The Santa cotton ball beard will make a great Christmas decoration when complete.

Santa Beard Countdown
Santa Beard Christmas Countdown
Santa Christmas Countdown
Santa Beard Advent calendar
Santa Beard Advent Calendar printable
Santa Countdown
Santa Countdown calendar

This Santa countdown is black and white and kids can color it.

Santa Beard Countdown craft

Advent Calendar Stickers

You can use these advent calendar stickers in your journal or planner to countdown the days until Christmas. The templates above are not suitable to use as stickers. If you want to print stickers then please select the last template which will make perfect advent stickers. Either print on sticker paper or print on regular paper. Cut out each square. Adhere with paper glue if you didn’t use sticker or label paper.

Advent Calendar Stickers

What is a Christmas Countdown Calendar?

This type of holiday calendar counts down every day during the Advent season. The Advent season is the 4-week period before the birth of Christ. It’s the first day of the new Church calendar and is often celebrated with special activities every year. There are lots of different types of Christmas countdown or Advent calendars. Some have religious connections. Others are more about celebrating the fun times of the winter holidays.

How does a Christmas calendar work?

Many calendars come in the shape of a flat rectangular box or a wooden box with drawers. Each day, you will lift a flap up or open up a drawer to see what the day’s activity is. When you use one of these calendars, you will take one action every day leading up to Christmas for a total of 24 days. What you do each day really depends on your family preferences and the type of countdown calendar you get.
On day one, you will do the activity printed on the first square. Depending on the type you use, you may need to lift a flap or open a box to see what you’ll be doing.
Sometimes these activities will be things you can do as a family like baking cookies. Other times, there will be a special ornament to hang on your tree or a piece of chocolate for the person that opens the square.
If you choose a Christmas countdown calendar that is religious, it is often called an Advent calendar. Each day, you will read a scripture from the Bible and discuss it as a family.

18 Advent Ideas

Are you considering a Christmas Countdown calendar this year? Check out your options and learn why and how to start this fun family tradition. There are many different kinds of Christmas countdown calendars to use depending on how you want to enjoy the holidays. But, here are 18 different ideas.

Printable Countdown

We offer four different versions you can print for free. Each countdown has numbers only to count each day in December until Christmas day.
Advent calendar

Advent Calendar for Makeup

This 12 day makeup advent calendar includes 12 lipsticks and lip glosses. This makes a perfect gift for friends, family or yourself (because you are also worth it!). You can make an Advent makeup calendar yourself too. Select one of the methods below to store each item of makeup.

It can be with drawers, gift boxes or gift bags. Buy makeup (as many items as you want or can afford) and put one piece in each box or bag. The advantage to doing it yourself it that you get to choose each item whereas purchased makeup Advent calendars will include a predetermined selection where you might not like some items.

Religious Calendar

This is best for those that want to focus on the religious aspects of the holiday. You will have one Bible lesson each day along with a verse or a part of the story of the Nativity each day. You can choose a few minutes each day to spend with the family to get a deeper understanding of the reason behind the holiday.
Wood Advent Calendars
An advent wooden calendar often has wooden boxes or drawers that are usually designed with 24 numbers with doors or drawers. Behind each drawer or door, you can hide small surprises for each day. Depending on the size of the drawers, you can put coins, candies, treats, bible verses, or a special message each day.

If you buy one that can last and have the space to store it then you will be able to use it for years to come and to create a family tradition and special memories for your children and family.


Gift boxes for Advent giftsBuy plain gift boxes and decorate them with festive stickers and embellishments.

Toy Advent Calendar

If you have younger children, they will enjoy getting a Christmas countdown calendar that has a small toy as a gift each day. You can build this into your family routine so that it’s part of your holiday celebration. You might want to have them open it before bedtime when you read a story together.

There are many different options available such as Marvel, Lego, Star Wars and Playmobil.

Advent Calendar Kids

There are so many different options for kids available. This one is one of the more popular options.

Funko Advent Calendar

Older kids don’t have to feel left out either. There are all sorts of pop culture options including one that has Funko Pops or their favorite superheroes.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Harry Potter fans will love this Lego Harry Potter advent calendar.

DIY Advent Calendar

If you have kids, tweens, teens, or someone crafty in your family, you might want to consider choosing a DIY kit with a crafting theme. There are all sorts available depending on who it’s for. Tweens may enjoy making fluffy slime. Or, you can choose one that allows the whole family to make ornaments.

Then, take turns hanging them on your tree. You can also get this wooden advent calendar and paint it together to create a unique Christmas calendar countdown.

Countdowns for foodies

If you have a foodie in your home, you have lots of different options to count down the days. Why not try a hot sauce box and try each new flavor in a recipe for dinner that night. Other options include a cookie baking kit and even a gourmet cheese box. Some include alcohol such as beer or wine.

There is literally something for everyone. There are hundreds of different chocolate advent calendars available. Each window opens revealing a piece of chocolate. On this one, you will also find a verse from “Twas the Night Before Christmas” each day. If you are prepared to spend a bit more then Lindt has a really good one too. A piece of chocolate before bedtime might be just what you need. You can’t go wrong with a Christmas countdown chocolate calendar, but then again I must admit that I am a chocoholic.


GingerbreadFor those who have the patience to make and decorate gingerbread, these cookies are perfect. They also make great gifts! You can wrap each cookie in a cellophane bag with a number from 1 to 24.

Beauty Advent Calendar

You can also find many Christmas countdowns for beauty buffs. There are also plenty of options that include things like bath bombs, lip balms, and even makeup samples from your favorite beauty store. The holidays can be very stressful for many people. So having an option that helps you feel pampered is a great idea.

Drawstring Gift Bags

Drawstring bags look great hanging on the wall or fireplace. Each bag is numbered and adds color and a festive look to your home. They are reusable so you can use them for years to come. You can fill each bag with cookies, candy, small treats or toys, messages, or bible verses.

Wall Hanging

A wall hanging is fun and pretty and can be used for many years.

Jewelry Advent

These sets come with a piece of jewelry each day or a charm a day that you can add to a charm bracelet.

Gloves or Mittens

gloves with Christmas giftsFor those who prefer DIY, a pretty and easy way to create your own Advent calendar is to use mittens or gloves. Hang them on string with clothespins. You can also do something similar with socks.

DIY Felt Countdown

This DIY Advent calendar is much easier to make than it looks. Cut out the shape of the tree from felt. If you have the time and patience make an extra layer and stitch them to join them after you have added the boxes. If not, one layer will do too. To create each box, cut out a small square and stitch it to the tree. Leave the top open. Cut the numbers out of felt or sticker paper. To create the star on the top, make two layers of yellow felt. Sew them together and then tuff it with cotton wool.

diy Advent countdown

Before you adhere the star to the tree, attach a piece of ribbon under the star. At the other end of the ribbon adhere a little plastic star.

Of course, you don’t need to limit your family to only one Christmas countdown calendar. There’s no reason why the kids can’t have their own and the adults have a different one.
The most important thing to do is to let your family have fun with this. And, make a few new Christmas traditions this year as a family.

More Countdowns:

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