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Contact List Template

Imagine this, you lose your phone and need to contact someone. Who can you call? How many of the numbers in your phone can you remember? If your memory is anything like mine, you NEVER want to be in this situation. Use this free contact list template that you can edit and customize for any purpose. Whether you want to keep track of your contacts, prepare an email contact list, address list, phone list or simply stay organized, we have you covered! Better to be safe than sorry!

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Printable Contact List Template

Free printable and editable contact list template. There are many different versions available. The Word, Excel, and PDF options are editable and typeable.

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You can add any background to any contact sheet template. There are 101 backgrounds and 8 contact lists.

Customize & Print101 Backgrounds Available

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This is a simple free printable phone list template that has three columns only.

Word | PDF | Image | Excel

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This employee contact list template lists all members of a team and their contact details.

Word | PDF | Image | Excel

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This is a business contact list template that is editable. You can list your suppliers, customers, staff, or others.

Word | PDF | Image | Excel

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This contact information template has space for 12 contacts per page with one section per contact. Add the name, phone number, address, email, and notes.

Word | PDF | Image | Excel

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This contact list template lists all your important contacts. It has five columns for the name, address, landline, mobile, and email. You can edit all fields if you prefer to record other information.

Word | PDF | Image | Excel

Excel Contact Sheet

This Excel contact list template colors each contact according to their relationship with you. There is a color code for family, friends, coworkers, community, and service providers. If you want to add more contact information to the template then add more columns or edit the existing columns and change the headings. If you want a name and phone number template without the additional information then delete or hide the other columns.

You can also open this template in Google Sheets.


Address Book Template

This phone list template has 26 sheets from A to Z. There is a tab for each letter of the alphabet in the spreadsheet. Create your own phone directory template.

Contacts are automatically color-coded depending on the category you select.

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Download the Excel Address Book

Emergency contact list templatePin

This emergency contact template will enable you to prepare an emergency contact sheet with a list of contacts and phone numbers that you might require in an emergency. I have one on my fridge and I always give one to the babysitter.

Word | PDF | Image | Excel

Phone directory contactsPin

This contact template lists all your important contacts. It has five columns for the name, telephone, address, notes, and email. All fields are editable.

Word | PDF | Image | Excel

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This doctor contact list lists your doctors, each doctor’s specialty, and phone and address.

Word | PDF | Image | Excel

This student information sheet for teachers has basic information about each student. Record each student’s details, parents, medication issues, allergies, contact details, etc.

Powerpoint | Word | Excel | Image | PDF

This parent contact list contains contact details for the student and for each parent.

Powerpoint | Word | Excel | Image | PDF

How to Create a Contact List in Gmail

The Gmail contacts list is very convenient when you are online or on your PC or mobile. If you have ever been stuck without internet access you will know that it should not be instead of a printable contact list but in addition to one.

Go to Google Apps and select contacts.


Click on “Create Contacts”.

You can either enter one contact at a time or multiple contacts at once. You can import contacts with a CSV file if you have one.

To create an individual contact click on “create a contact”. Enter the contact details for each contact. Google offers more fields than you will ever need and you can fill in as many as you want. Only those that you filled out will appear. You can also add a tag to mark each contact. This is useful to categorize contacts (such as coworkers, family, friends, etc).

You will need the internet to access the Gmail contact list. However, you can access it from any device which is useful.

How to Create a Contact List in Outlook

Open any email in Outlook and click on the sender.

Right-click and select “Add to Outlook Contacts”.

You can also open Outlook and select the contacts icon.

Microsoft contacts

Once you are in the contacts section, you can then create a new contact or a new contact group. You can also see your contact list in Outlook.

You don’t need the internet to access the Outlook contact list. However, you can only access it on your PC or mobile phone.

How to Make an Address Book

There is an Excel address book above that is already alphabetized. There is a tab for each letter of the alphabet in the spreadsheet and it is automatically color-coded according to the category you select (see above).

You can turn any of the contact list templates on this page into an address book. Print multiple copies of the contact list printables.

Add binder dividers to divide the pages. There are 26 letters in the alphabet. If you have 2 to 3 letters per divider then you can use 9 dividers. Either use ready-made binder dividers or use our free printable binder dividers.

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