Savings Tracker

Savings Tracker

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Savings Tracker Printable

Money-Saving Chart

money saving chart
This money saving chart can be opened and printed in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. You enter the amount that you want to save and all the numbers change according to your savings goal. Print the chart and mark it each time you reach one of the milestones to your goal.


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Savings Jar Printable

This money-saving chart has a cute jar that shows exactly how much you have saved as a percentage of your savings goal.

Bullet Journal Savings Tracker

Free printable savings tracker bullet journal style. You can delete the dot grid background if you prefer.

Savings Jar Printable

This bullet journal money tracker keeps track of how much money you are saving. You can write how much money you saved on the left side and update the total sum on the right side or you can add the savings on both sides and either add the total sum in a new column or not work out the total sum.

Bullet journal Savings Tracker

Savings jar printable. In one jar draw the amount you want to save and move the amount you saved to the “Dollars saved”. Keep updating both jars.

Savings Thermometer

Thermometer Goal Chart

Bullet Journal Savings Tracker

Bullet Journal Goal Tracker
You can add elements such as text and embellishments to this goal thermometer template.

Savings Goal Tracker

Savings goal chart

Image | Editable PDF | Excel Savings Spreadsheet

This is a blank savings goal chart. You can edit all fields but you cannot change the titles or add a border. To do that, select any of the printables below.

In the savings Excel template, there is a formula that will calculate how much you still need to save to reach your savings goal. Add your target savings goal and each week or month add how much you saved. The spreadsheet will automatically let you know how much you have saved in total and how much you still need to save to reach your goal.

You can customize the following free printable savings tracker before you print. Select any border or background or leave it blank.

Savings Tracker
Savings Tracker Printable
Savings goal tracker

Customize & Print

If you are just starting to save, why not try a 30 day no spend challenge to jump-start your savings plan? Since our charts are editable, use can use any of the templates to make a money-saving challenge chart.

More Bullet Journal Savings Tracker Printables

In addition to the savings tracker bullet journal style above there are more printable templates below.

Chart with deposit, withdrawal and balance

This money-saving chart printable has four columns for the date, withdrawal amount, deposit, and balance. The titles can be edited if you want to change them.

Free printable Savings Tracker

Since the text is editable, instead of the notes section you can add your savings goal. The table has a column for the amount saved and one for the total saved.

Savings bullet journal
Saving Tracker Bullet Journal
Bullet journal money saving

Customize & Print

Savings Excel Template

Savings Excel Template
This savings spreadsheet checks how much you spend to see how much you can save. You decide on a savings goal and then enter your actual savings. Savings is also presented as a percentage of your income to see what percentage of your income you are saving each month.

How Much Should You Save a Month?

Some financial experts recommend saving at least 10% of your income each month, whereas others say you should save at least 20% if not more. Senator Elizabeth Warren called this the 50/20/30 budget rule in her book, “All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan”. The 50/20/30 budget rule divides up net income (after-tax) and allocated it as follows:

  • 50% on needs and obligations (such as rent, food, health care, car, etc)
  • 30% on wants (things that are not essential such as vacations, entertainment, etc), and
  • 20% on savings and investments.

This is, in addition, to your retirement plans.

To check how much you are spending on needs and wants please see our expense trackers. To check how much income you have each month, please see our budget template printables.

Why not try our 30 Day No Spend Challenge?

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