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Goal Tracker

Free goal trackers that will help you reach your goals. Research shows that people who track their goals are more likely to achieve them. 

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People who set goals are more likely to reach them than those who don’t. People who track their goals are even more likely to achieve them. We offer free printable goal tracker templates, goal chart printables, and a 40-page goal planner to help you set goals, track them, and achieve them!

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Goal Planner

This free printable 40-page goal planner will help you set and reach goals and spend your time and energy on what you define as meaningful.

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This free printable goals chart template can be used for various purposes such as weight loss, fitness, savings, etc. You can track one or more goals. All SMART goal templates are available as a Word, Excel or PDF document. They are all editable.

SMART Goals Template

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Setting goals and creating a clear action plan for how you’ll reach each goal increases your chances of reaching your goals. When you set a goal make sure it is SMART (an acronym for Specific or Significant, Measurable or Meaningful, Attainable, Achievable or Action-oriented, Relevant or Rewarding, and Timely or Trackable). SMART goals have a higher chance of success. See our free editable SMART goals template printables.

Free Printable Goal Tracker Template

Tracking your goals will increase the chance that you reach them. There is plenty of space on the chart to add text such as the actual goal and how to plan to achieve it. You can break down the final into smaller goals which will make it easier. Sometimes, reaching the final goal just sounds so overwhelming that we want to give up before we even start. Reaching smaller goals on the way to the final goal is easier to achieve.

Goals Template

We offer a goal-setting template for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. The PDF version is typeable. The Word version is editable. The goals spreadsheet is useful for those who prefer to use Excel.

Goal Chart

Goals List

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Image | Word | Editable PDF | Excel Spreadsheet

Use this goal sheet template to set goals, create action steps, set target dates, and mark your goals when you complete them. This is sure to keep you accountable and help you reach your goals!

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This goal worksheet has space for four goals. Each goal has a section for action steps, a deadline, and a checkbox to mark when achieved.

Daily Goals Template

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Image | Word | Editable PDF | Excel Spreadsheet

This is a daily goal chart to track your goals on a daily basis. It is similar to a to-do list but it ties your daily tasks to your goals to ensure you don’t waste time on tasks that will not bring you closer to your goals.

You can use this goal list template for daily goals or for any other period. The daily goal sheet does not have set categories as do the longer periods.

Weekly Goals Template

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Image | Word | Editable PDF | Excel Spreadsheet

This goal tracker ensures your goals relate to all aspects of your life so you don’t neglect things such as family, relationships, and health when pursuing other goals. It also includes a section for financial and career goals but focuses on other goals too. It also has a section for weekly reflection, and gratitude and will help you improve each week by focusing on what you did well and what you can improve on each week.

This weekly goals template will help you reflect on the previous week and set weekly goals. The weekly goals sheet below helps you set weekly goals.

Monthly Goals Template

This monthly goal sheet includes a section to reflect on last month and improve on things you can do better. The next section helps you set your monthly goals and track them. You can also print a goal calendar or print one of our blank calendars and fill in your goals and your action steps on the days you plan to do them.

Yearly Goals Template

It is important to set long-term goals as well as short-term daily goals. A long-term goal will keep you on track and remind you where you are striving to reach in the long run. This will keep you motivated and prevent you from getting sidetracked.

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Break your yearly goal into four quarters with action steps for each quarterly goal.

This yearly goals template can be used any time of the year to set goals for one year. It is also a good New Year goals template.

Once you have set your yearly goals, you can use the monthly goal tracker to create monthly milestones. This will ensure you work on your goals throughout the year and don’t forget about them or start working only when your deadlines approach.

Track a single goal over a one-year period. You can start any month and complete a year.

Yearly Goal Planner

This yearly goal planner helps you set yearly goals and monthly goals each month. You set goals in four different areas to ensure you focus on all the important areas in your life and live a balanced life. Once you have set the goals you create action items to achieve them and schedule them in your year planner.  At the end of each month and the end of the year, you reflect on your progress. The planner includes one full year and you can start it any month. You can also print one month only if you only want to use it for a month.

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Typeable PDF98 Pages

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Typeable PDF99 Pages

12 Week Year Goals

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Image | Word | Editable PDF

According to the 12 Week Year book, there are 3 time horizons you’ll want to focus your vision and goals on. Use this goal worksheet to set each of the three goals.

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Image | Word | Editable PDF

The 12-week year plan includes one to three goals with all the tactics or actions you need to execute in order to achieve your 12-week goals. The idea is to list the top priorities that will add the most value and have the greatest impact. You then make sure you complete these actions.

Goal Thermometer

We offer three different custom thermometer goal chart templates. Each one is available in different formats. These charts show your goal progress on a thermometer. For example, when you reach your goal it will be red all the way to the top. When you reach halfway, it will be half-red.

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Excel Spreadsheet

Open this goal thermometer in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Set your goal in the green box. Record your progress in the goal tracker section. The thermometer will automatically update itself according to your progress.

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Image | Editable PDF | Word

This thermometer goal tracker printable can be edited before you print it.

Add the goal to the block under the total. To work out how much to add to each line, take the total amount, and divide it by 20. Add that amount to the bottom line and keep adding that amount to each line above until you reach the total sum.

Thermometer Goal ChartPin

You can choose any border or background with this printable goal thermometer.

How to use the goal tracker thermometer template?

  1. Click on the chart to open the goal thermometer printable.
  2. Replace “name’s” with your name, title, or delete.
  3. Add the starting number and your goal.
  4. Add numbers in between.
  5. Print or download.

Mason Jar Tracker

This goal tracking chart is inside a mason jar. The milestones appear on the left so that you can color the jar each time you reach a milestone.

Bullet Journal Goal Tracker

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Savings Goals

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We offer a variety of savings tracker printables to track your savings and ensure you reach your savings goals.

If you need to track your expenses to ensure you reach your goals then try our expense tracker printable.

Weight Loss Goal Chart

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Set your weight loss goals and track them with these free weight loss tracker printables.

Reading Goals

Use our free reading log printables to track your reading goals.

Sleeping Goals

Decide how many hours you want to sleep each night and set your sleeping goals. Use one of our sleep tracker printables to log your sleep.

Bucket List Goals

Make a list of the things you want to do, the places you want to go to, activities you want to experience, etc. See bucket list ideas.

Water Intake Goals

Use our free water tracker printables to ensure you stay hydrated and drink enough.

30 Day Challenges

Workout Goals

Use our free workout journal printables and trackers to set your workout goals and to achieve them.

Create New Habits

Use our free printable habit tracker printables to set goals to build new habits.

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Progress Trackers

Use a progress tracker to track your progress towards your goal.

New Year’s Resolution Template

New year resolutions templatePin

Click on the button below to customize this New Year’s resolution template. You can change the name of each category if you want to set different goals.

You can use any of the printables on this page to create a new year goals template.

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What can the goal charts be used for?

Goal chart for adults:

  • Weight loss tracker
  • Fundraising goal chart
  • Reading goal chart (if you want to read a certain number of books within a particular time frame)
  • Savings tracker (if you are saving a certain amount for a trip or to buy something)
  • Fitness (for example if you want to do a certain number of squats or push-ups and you mark the number that you do each time)
  • Sales goal tracker (for a salesman or for a company trying to reach a sales goal together with staff).
  • Money goal chart (see savings tracker)

For kids:

  • Savings goal tracker
  • Reading log (read books or stories)
  • Learning new words (you can delete the goals and they can write a new word next to each line)
  • Weight loss goal tracker (for overweight children) although you should consult with a specialist first. Many specialists suggest you focus on healthy eating habits and not on weight loss.

If there is a goal chart template you would like us to add to the collection, then please leave a comment below.

How to Set Goals

For a more detailed step-by-step explanation on how to set goals, see our goal planner.

Step 1: What do I want?

According to Tony Robbins, the clearer you are about what it is you want to achieve, the easier it is to achieve it because your brain can work out how to get there. The “fuel” behind getting there is having a compelling purpose and a reason that will motivate and move you. This purpose is what will get you from where you are to where you want to be. First, you ask yourself, “What do I want?” and only then do you ask, “What am I going to do?”.

Step 2: What am I going to do?

Once you have defined what you want, you can start creating an action plan to take you from where you are to where you want to go. If you use the goal planner above, it will take you through each step page-by-page.

Why is Goal Tracking Important?

It takes time and commitment to achieve challenging goals. Persistence is more important than talent when it comes to achieving goals, according to former US president Calvin Coolidge. You need to put in the effort in order to get results. This requires discipline which is why it’s so important to hold yourself accountable. A goal tracker will hold you accountable and remind you to keep working on your goals. Most people who set goals, give up before they reach them. The only way to achieve your goals is with persistence, hard work, and determination.
Once you have set your goals, use any of our free goal trackers to track your progress. Once you do this, you will be able to overcome any obstacle and reach any goal.

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