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Fitness Journal

Finding the motivation to exercise regularly is difficult. This free fitness journal template will help you keep track of your progress, motivate you, and keep you accountable in order to achieve your fitness goals.

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Free printable fitness journal to track your workouts and other activities related to your fitness. See also Workout Motivation.

Bullet Journal Workout Tracker

When trying to improve your fitness, bullet journal spreads can be very motivating.

I have run one marathon, tens of half marathons, and done many triathlons. Each time I trained for an event, I set a goal, divided it into steps, and set a workout schedule accordingly. I then tracked each actual workout compared to the original planned workout. I believe in setting fitness goals and tracking my workouts. It keeps me on track and accountable.

Select a fitness tracker bullet journal style from the selection below. You can edit each template to suit your needs. Either use an individual spread or create an entire workout bullet journal devoted to fitness, exercise, and health. If you don’t find a layout you love, you can create your own. The bullet journal app offers many templates to section your page and different tables you can use. You can add text/titles and doodles or other elements. Click on any image below to open the app.

Fitness Tracker Bullet Journal

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Track whatever you want with this monthly exercise log.

Motivational Spreads

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Make these free fitness motivational spreads your own by editing the text and changing the doodles. Every single element on the page is editable, so create a spread that works for you! Finding motivation is something I struggle with. When I am not sure how to find motivation to workout, I open my planner and read this page. I also keep a copy in my bedroom and in the area where I workout at home.

If you want a more simple motivation page then see the WHY motivation template.

Yearly Workout log template

This workout journal template tracks your workouts for an entire year!

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This fitness tracker tracks your workouts over a year. You can edit the key. If you don’t do yoga, cardio or strength training then either add something else or delete. There is also an option to mark your rest days.

30 Day Workout Challenge

This 30 day workout journal template will keep you motivated for 30 days. Challenge yourself and see the results!

Workout CalendarPin

You can edit the activities in the key or delete any of them.

Running Log

Our running log template printables list the date, goal, distance, time, and pace, but you can edit the text if you prefer to record other parameters. You can use the running tracker for other purposes as well, such as to track walking if you prefer a walking log. If you want to calculate your total mileage, then select the running log spreadsheet which will calculate the total miles you ran for any given period.

Running LogPin

You can add any border to this template and you can add doodles or embellishments.

Running LogPin

This is a bullet journal style running tracker.

Since the text is editable, you can use the workout log for anything. For example, change the title to exercise tracker and track all exercises you do. If you want to change it to weight training, then change the titles to sets and reps instead of distance and speed.

Excel Workout Plan

The following workout template printables are available in Microsoft Excel, Word, as an editable PDF, or as an image (PNG). You can edit the templates and insert a plan or modify the plan. Fill out the exercise name, the planned number of reps, and the weight. Each time you workout, add the actual number of reps and the actual weight.

Daily workout logPin

This is a daily workout log. It shows the reps and the weight (both the planned and the actual)

Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

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This is a weekly workout log. There are four different versions depending on how many times you plan to workout each week.

2 Workouts per Week: Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

3 Workouts per Week: Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

4 Workouts per Week: Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

5 Workouts per Week: Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

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Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

This is a 5 week workout plan for both cardio and strength training. It shows either the time and distance or the reps, sets, and weights.

Workout log bookPin

Sunday Start: Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

Monday Start: Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

This exercise log tracks your workouts over a full month (up to 5 weeks).

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Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

This is a 5-week workout plan for both cardio and strength, with space to mark when you complete all exercises.

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Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

This is also a 5-week workout plan similar to the one to the left, but it also has a section to rate your form.

Workout Plan Without a Log

These templates have a workout plan only with no log to track workouts. They are perfect for an instructor who wants to give a client a workout plan to follow.

Workout spreadsheetPin

Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

This template does not reference an instructor and it is suitable for someone who wants to plan workouts but not track them on this page.

Workout log spreadsheetPin

Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

This template has the name of the client and the name of the instructor. It is helpful to present a workout plan to a client. If you are creating it for yourself, then see the version above.

Workout log template ExcelPin

Excel Spreadsheet | Word | Editable PDF | Image

This template has space to add info about the client including measurements, weight, BMI (actual and target).

It is a good printable for the first meeting with a client.

weekly workout plan by workoutPin

weekly workout plan by body areaPin

Track Calories Burned

We offer a free tool to track the calories you burn when you exercise. You need to burn 3,500 calories to lose a pound. With our online lose a pound challenge, each time you exercise you log the number of calories you burn. The app keeps count of your calories and lets you know when you reach your goal.

Fitness Journal Template

This is a free fitness planner printable journal. You can either print all the pages and put them in a binder or select the ones you want to use and have them bound. Watching your weight and getting fit isn’t easy. Fitness journals make the process a little easier by helping you track your diet and exercise and putting your thoughts on paper. Writing in a journal keeps me motivated and on track. I hope it helps you too!


Grocery List

Grocery ListPin

Grocery List with Meal Planner

Grocery list with weekly menuPin

Water Intake Tracker

Water intake trackerPin

Workout Planner

Fitness planner bookPin

Menu Planner

Menu PlannerPin

Food Journal

Food JournalPin

Journal to Write your Thoughts or for Motivational Quotes

Fitness JournalPin

List of things to do when you feel like cheating (make the list when you are feeling strong so you can use it when you are craving something that you shouldn’t be eating)

Fitness PlannerPin

Menu Planner

Meal PlannerPin

Meal Planner

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Measurement Chart

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How to Make a Fitness Planner Book

Using a binder will give you more freedom to add pages as you go, but you can also create a notebook.

  1. Select the pages you want to include in your fitness planner book. There might be certain pages that you want to include more than one copy of.
  2. Sort all the pages in the order you prefer.
  3. Insert into a binder or go to your nearest office supply store to have them bound into a book. If you are using a binder, then you might want to add a binder cover.

Tip: If you want to create a fitness notebook, you can add some blank pages before you have the pages bound.

If you only want to make a workout logbook without the other printables, then print only those that you want to include in your workout planner.

Excel Workout Template

This Excel workout spreadsheet can be edited to suit your needs.  There are many more workout tracker (Excel) spreadsheets available above.

Online Calories Burned Tracker

You will also find a free tool to track the calories you burn when you exercise. You need to burn 3,500 calories to lose a pound. With our online lose a pound challenge, each time you exercise you log the number of calories you burn. The app keeps count of your calories and lets you know when you reach your goal.

How and Why to Keep a Fitness Journal

What is the purpose of a fitness log?

A fitness log keeps track of your workouts and your progress to ensure that you achieve your fitness goals. Some people have specific goals whereas others just want to see progress and improvement.

What are the benefits of a workout journal?

  • Set goals
  • Reach goals progressively. When you go too fast, you risk getting injured. When you set goals and plan to reach them slowly, you can prevent injury. For example, a running log can ensure that you don’t increase your mileage too quickly. You can also note any pains in your running journal and therefore prevent injury before it is too late.
  • Monitor your progress. Some we forget where we started and don’t realize how much we have progressed.

What should you record in your workout log?

Some people keep a workout log with stats for each workout. These include objective measures such as distance, pace, and speed. Others prefer to keep a workout journal that includes more information such as nutrition, hydration, sleep, injuries, etc. In my running journal, I record perceived effort and how I felt during a run. There are so many things you might want to add such as average heart rate, your running route, pre- and post-run food or drink, etc. We also offer printables for specific goals such as a 30-day shred calendar or other 30 day challenges.

Where should you keep your fitness log?

  • You can create a fitness journal by printing many copies of any of the workout tracker templates and creating a DIY fitness book.
  • Use a blank notebook.
  • Use a fitness app.

How to share your workout log?

If you need to share your workout log with your coach or training partners, download the Word version or the Excel version. Open  Google Sheets and import the document and then share it!

Whatever works for you!

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