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Reading Log

Do you forget how many books you have read? These free editable reading log templates will keep track and encourage you to read more.

Reading log printables and book tracker templatesPin

There are many different printable reading logs below. Find the one you like best and print it.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker

Track the books you read with these free printable book reading tracker templates.

This bullet journal book tracker tracks the books you read or the books you want to read in the future. Write the name of each book on the book’s spine in the picture. You can also use it to list your favorite books.

reading log to track the number of pagesPin

This free printable reading log tracks the number of pages you read per day. You can edit the number of pages in the key. You can also write the number of chapters instead of the number of pages.

Customize & Print

Book reading trackerPin

This bullet journal reading log can be used for books to read or books that you already read.

Book Journal “Books to Read”

Since the text is editable, you can either create a spread for the books you want to read or the books that you already read.

Creating a “books to read” spread sets your reading goals and puts them on paper. When you put your goals on paper, you are more likely to reach them. This is important for those who want to read, but life gets in the way sometimes. It makes reading a priority.

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Library Tracker

Keep track of when your library books are due.

Reading Challenge

If you want to motivate yourself to read more books then a reading challenge could be the perfect solution. Decide how many books you want to read and within what period of time. Add your goal to the template. If the number of books on the page is not enough, then add more. You can also delete some.

Favorite Quotes or Book Quotes

Use this template to write your favorite quotes from the books you read. You can also add some book quotes / reading quotes.

Reading Journal

Keeping a book journal will encourage you to track your reading over time and keep a long-term book log. We offer a free DIY reading journal PDF. It has 17 pages, but you might not need to print some of them, and there might be other pages that you will want to print multiple copies of, such as the reading log printables.

Click here to open the free printable reading journal. You can also make your own DIY reading journal by printing any of the templates on this page. If you do that, you will be able to customize each printable, whereas if you print the PDF book journal, you will not be able to customize it. Once you have printed all the pages you want, insert them into a binder, or use a planner with removable pages.

This 17-page free printable reading journal includes book quotes, reading logs, book trackers, book reviews, library book tracker and more.

Book Review Template

This book review template has space for one or two book reviews.

Reading Log

This reading log printable records the books you read and the author of each book. Select any reading log template and add a border or print a blank book log. You can also edit the text. If you want to keep track of your reading for an entire year then print multiple copies.

This book tracker template has space for the author, title, genre, and star rating. However, the text is editable so you can change the sections.
Keep track of the number of pages you read each day with this reading log template. The text is editable if you prefer to use it to track anything else.

Book Wishlist

Book Wish ListPin
I like to keep a list of the books that I want to buy.

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Free Reading Log PDF

You can download any of the printables above in PDF format for free. To do that, click on the button below and then select PDF.

Reading Quotes

We also offer reading quotes that you can use to make printable posters or add them to pages in your reading journal template.

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“The man who doesn’t read has no advantage over the man that can’t read.” Mark Twain

Reading Log for Kids

You will find a number of templates to create a reading log for young readers. You can use these printables in the classroom or at home in an attempt to help kids develop a love of reading. There are reading logs with a summary, with the genre, rating, page numbers or the number of pages read, author of the book, and space for the parent’s signature. There are separate pages per grade level below.

If you give your students reading homework then you can have a family member or guardian sign to confirm that the child read the relevant section. Most of the templates have a place for a signature.

Reading log with summaryPin

Home reading log with space for the parent to sign.

Weekly reading logPin

Reading log with a summary. Print multiple copies to create a reading log book.

Summer reading log

Daily reading log

With a section for notesPin

Word | Editable PDF | Image

With a section for notes.

With a signaturePin

Word | Editable PDF | Image

With space for a signature.

Weekly reading log

Elementary School


Daily Version


Word | Editable PDF | Image

Weekly Version


Word | Editable PDF | Image

1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

4th GradePin

Word | Editable PDF | Image

5th Grade

5th GradePin

Word | Editable PDF | Image

Middle School

6th Grade

6th GradePin

Word | Editable PDF | Image

7th Grade

7th GradePin

Word | Editable PDF | Image

8th Grade

8th GradePin

Word | Editable PDF | Image

Benefits of Keeping a Reading Log

You can use a reading log for adults and kids and they have benefits for both.

Read more

The concept that “what you focus on grows” is well-recognized in psychology and personal development. It suggests that by dedicating attention and energy to a specific activity or goal, you increase the likelihood of achieving it and enhancing its presence in your life. This principle applies to various behaviors, including reading.

When you track your reading—whether by noting down titles read in a reading log, maintaining a reading journal, or using a digital app to monitor progress—you inherently increase your focus on the activity of reading. This heightened focus can lead to a natural increase in the amount of reading you do. Essentially, tracking introduces a systematic method to reflect on what you are reading, how much, and how often, which can motivate you to read more. It also helps in setting clearer goals around reading, such as aiming to finish a certain number of books or exploring diverse genres, which can further amplify your engagement with reading.

Research supports this idea by showing that when students track their reading habits, it correlates with higher academic achievement in reading subjects. The act of monitoring and reflecting on their reading likely motivates them to read more and with greater intent (source: Frontiers and Frontiers).

Thus, by making reading a focused activity through tracking, you’re likely to enhance not only the frequency of your reading but also deepen your engagement with the material, ultimately making reading a more ingrained part of your daily routine.

When you track the books you read, you will find that you read more. If you are looking to read more for literacy development or general enrichment, then set monthly or yearly reading goals. In the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey, the author explains that there is no better way to inform and expand your mind on a regular basis than to get into the habit of reading. Reading provides you with an opportunity to get into the best minds that are now or that have ever been in the world. Covey recommends starting with a goal of a book a month then a book every two weeks, then a book a week.

One of the best ways to develop children’s reading skills is to encourage consistent reading. Nightly reading is a great habit to form from a very young age. Try to get younger children to make reading a part of their daily schedule even if it is only a few minutes a day. If they develop this habit when they are young they are more likely to continue reading when they are older.

If you are using the reading logs in the classroom then you can get a large piece of construction paper and adhere each student’s log or put them on a bulletin board. This will help students read more since there will be healthy competition once everyone’s log is visible.

Remember what you read

When you keep track of the books, you read, you will remember what you read. I can’t tell you how many times I have started to read a book only to discover I had actually read it. My memory, unfortunately, isn’t what it used to be. Keep all old logs in a binder to have records of books read over time.

Remember if you enjoyed the book

You can add a rating system and rate each book from 1 to 5. This will help you when someone asks if you recommend a specific book. It will also probably increase the chance that you remember what you read.

Understand your reading habits

When you track your reading habits over time you will notice how they evolve. Often, we don’t realize that most of the books we read are similar and we can broaden our horizons.

Recognize your achievement

Reading many books is an achievement that you deserve to recognize. When your book log is long and you don’t keep a record of the books you read, you will not be able to create the list years from now.

If you want to give kids motivation to read then you can give them a prize when they complete their book log.

Encourage comprehension and reflection

If you use our book review template and write a few sentences about each book, it will force you to think about the book and what it meant to you. How did it make you feel, and what did you get from it? These are things that we think about when we try to summarize a book in a few sentences.

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