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Pantry Inventory List

Free printable pantry inventory list to enable you to check exactly what you have and what you need from anywhere!


A pantry inventory list helps you know exactly what you have or don’t have in your pantry. How many times have you discovered that you are out of butter in the middle of a recipe? How many times have you been at the supermarket trying to remember if you have any mayonnaise in the pantry? It used to happen to me all the time.

The problem with a printable pantry stock list is that you don’t always have it with you when you are at the supermarket. For that reason, we developed a pantry list app that will enable you to create your own pantry list printable and update it from any place and any device. That way, you can ensure that your grocery inventory is updated and accurate. If you do your grocery shopping online or if you prefer to update your list when you get home, then our printable pantry list template is perfect for you.

Excel Inventory

Excel inventoryPin

Excel Spreadsheet

This is an Excel inventory template with formulas so when you are short of an item it is automatically colored red.

Word Document

Pantry inventory documentPin

Microsoft Word | Typeable PDF | Image

Printable List

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Edit Online101 Borders

Add an inventory list template to any of our backgrounds or borders and print. This is a blank template for your handwritten list.

Digital Inventory

Digital pantry inventoryPin

Digital Version

(Online App with sample lists that can be customized. Only the items that are selected or added will be included in your list)

  1. Select list:
  2. Select items that you want to include in your list.
  3. Add additional items to the relevant section.
  4. Save.

How to Make a Pantry Inventory List

Firstly, decide if you want to create a printable list that you will keep in your pantry (on the inside of the pantry door or wherever you prefer). Each time you take out an item you will need to update your food list, otherwise, it will not be relevant. When you bring your groceries home, you will need to mark the changes. You can also just update your list before you go shopping.

Another option is to use the online app, which you can update at the supermarket.

It depends on which system sounds more appealing to you. Some people prefer a pen and paper, and others prefer to work online.

What format can the pantry checklist be download in?

The online list can be downloaded, printed, or sent to you by email. You can also go back to the list at any stage and make changes, and your list will be saved in your account.

The printable list can be printed or downloaded in pdf or as an image (jpg or png). If you download the pantry inventory list pdf, then make sure that your printer is set to print on one page.

List of Pantry Staples

You can use our printable list to create a pantry staples list. Since we all prefer different food, and my pantry essentials list is not necessarily similar to your list, our app will enable you to select your items from the suggested pantry basics list. You can also add additional items to the list if you don’t find them there. Once you have selected all of the essentials, you can save your list. You then choose how you would like to receive your custom list (download, print or by email) and the file that is sent to you will only include those items that you selected. If you want to have a well-stocked food pantry list, then you can click on “select all” and then deselect each item that you don’t need. It will save you having to click on each item individually.

Freezer Inventory

A freezer inventory is a great way to keep track of the frozen food in your freezer. It is also beneficial for kids or teenagers who want to heat a meal and couldn’t be bothered to check what you have in the freezer. This way, they know exactly what their options are. They can take out a meal and mark it off the list so that you also know how many prepared meals are left in the freezer.

I like to freeze ready-made meals for my kids because I know that they are too lazy to cook their own food and would rather eat junk food if there are no ready-made meals for them. Since I have no time to cook every day, freezing meals is a great option. The problem is that it is hard to know what is available when the freezer is packed. If you prefer to use the freezer app, you can make changes to your list online and access it from any device.

Emergency Food Pantry List

If you keep a stock of food for emergencies and your memory is as bad as mine, then you should keep an emergency food pantry list else you will probably not remember when you need to replace items that have expired. Mark each item, how many units of each item you have, how many you should have, and the expiry date for each item. If you are using the Excel food list then save a new copy for emergency food only.

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