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Teacher Planner

Free digital teacher planner printable to keep you organized. Keep all essential information in one place. Instant download and totally free. Either print or use as a digital planner.

Teacher PlannerPinOur free digital teacher planner will cost you nothing to download and use. If you prefer to print your planner, you can insert the planner pages into an old binder and you will create a very inexpensive teacher planner. Price is not the only reason to use this planner. It is very comprehensive and includes all planner pages a teacher could want or need. We think it is the best teacher planner available!

We also offer a free homeschool planner and a school calendar template.

Printable Teacher Planner

The printable version has 34 pages where you decide how many copies of each you want. For example, the blank monthly calendar is undated so you decide when to start and how many copies to print. You can either print enough copies for the entire year or print on demand as you need a page.

Printable Planner

Digital Teacher Planner

The digital version has 330 pages with tabs on two sides to access only the pages you want. This is a PDF teacher planner with navigation links to reach each page. It is used with a tablet with a stylus and an annotation app. You can write on the planner just like you would write in a paper planner.

See digital planner if you are unsure how to use a digital planner.

Digital Planner

Pages Included in the Teacher Planners

Here are some of the pages in the teacher planner.

Birthday calendar and important datesPin

Use these pages to record your students’ birthdays and other important dates.

There is a grade chart, contact list page with contact details for both the students and the parents, and a communication log to record communication with parents.

Grade chart and contact logPin

For each month you have a blank calendar, weekly lesson plan, checklist, weekly planner, attendance sheet, and homework sheet. You have a section to set monthly goals at the beginning of the month and to review the month at the end of the month to ensure that you reach your goals and you don’t just set them and then forget about them.

monthly planner pagesPin

The teacher daily planner will help you set daily goals, and create a checklist, and a daily or weekly schedule.  The daily schedule and weekly schedule will keep you organized.

goals and reflection printablesPin

There is also a section to set goals for the year and then review them at the end of the year. Use the blank pages to take notes and to draw sketches.

teacher planner printablesPin

There are other useful planner pages such as a password log, a quotes log for motivational teaching quotes. You will also find a seating plan and a list of suppliers or vendors to obtain your favorite teaching supplies.


You can track class expenses with the budget sheet. There is a vision board to help you plan your ideal classroom climate and to define your teaching philosophy.

Use the vision board to decide what you want your classroom vision to be. Use this page to write a classroom mission statement or to write your goals and objectives.

Ask yourself:

  • Where do you want to be at the end of the year?
  • What caused you to want to teach?
  • How do you want your students to remember this year?

You can type your vision and hang it up in your classroom for your students to see. You can also put a copy in your teacher planner to remind you why you have chosen this path. It will keep you motivated when things are tough and when you feel overwhelmed.

Teacher Planner 2023

The ready-made teacher planner is undated and can be used for any year. If you want to create a teacher planner for 2023 and 2024 specifically then replace the 12 monthly calendars with a dated calendar (See monthly calendar).

How to Create Custom Teacher Planners

You can create a custom-built teacher planner by printing the pages you want and replacing the others with pages that are personalized to your needs. If, for example, the seating chart does not resemble your classroom layout, go to the classroom seating chart and choose a template that will be better suited for your classroom. Repeat this step for each page you want to replace since most of them have more options available.

Once you have decided which pages to include, you can print them and create your own personalized teacher planner.

Since you can personalize each page, you can adapt the planner for kindergarten, elementary school, or high school.

How to make a Happy Planner Teacher Planner

You can either purchase an HP teacher planner that is ready-made or you can create a big teacher Happy Planner yourself. To create a DIY big Happy planner teacher binder you will need an old big HP and a Happy Planner punch. If you don’t have one, you might be able to find an old version that is really cheap. Sometimes the dated versions are really cheap when they become outdated.

  • Print the teacher planner on standard paper (8.5” x 11”).
  • Punch holes with an HP punch.
  • Insert the pages into the Happy Planner.
  • You can also make an HP cover page.
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