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Homeschool Planner

Use our free printable homeschool planner to get organized and plan your classes. We also offer a digital homeschool planner. Both the planners include all the homeschool planning pages you need. You can print additional copies of any of the pages or not print pages you don’t need. The choice is yours.

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Digital Planner  Printable Planner

Printable Homeschool Planner

Insert these pages into a binder or have them bound to create a DIY homeschool planner. Print additional copies of the pages you want to duplicate. If there are pages you don’t want, then don’t print them. The calendars are blank and can be used for any year.

Printable Planner


Digital Homeschool Planner

This is a PDF homeschool planner with navigation links to reach each page. It is used with a tablet with a stylus and an annotation app. You can write on the planner just like you would write in a paper planner.

There are 292 pages in this digital planner.

Digital Planner


Homeschool Lesson Planner

Use this homeschool lesson planner to ensure you teach all material. A curriculum planner is vital to plan your lessons. It will help you plan your classes and organize your time. Curriculums usually have 170 days of studying, so you should plan to divide your lessons into 170 days. Since there are 195 weekdays between the 1st of September and the 1st of June, that will allow you 15 weekdays off. Use our free homeschool calendar template (see below) to block off the study days and to decide which days you will take off. If you need more flexibility, you can start the school year earlier. If you don’t need the extra days, then you can finish the school year earlier and avoid the crowds if you go on a family vacation. Homeschooling is all about customizing the curriculum to meet the student, so feel free to adapt it to your child’s needs. See our editable and printable homeschool schedule template.

Homeschool Daily Planner

Use this daily planner to organize your days and to be as productive and efficient as you can be. You can also create a homeschool mom planner using our free daily planner app, which is flexible enough to meet your needs as a mom, teacher, and unique person.

Homeschooling is very stressful sometimes. You might need to schedule some time off so that you don’t burn yourself out. Add it to your schedule so you don’t forget to take it. Even if you spend 10 minutes meditating or doing yoga, you can recharge your batteries. It is very important since homeschooling is a full-time job and you don’t get to leave home to disconnect every day as most moms do. Make enough time for relaxation.

Homeschool Weekly Planner

A weekly lesson planner will divide the material you need to cover each week into manageable chunks to make learning fun and organized.

Homeschool Calendar

This homeschool calendar template will organize your weekly or monthly schedule. See how to make a homeschool schedule.

Decide what time you will start and finish school each day. Homeschooling can be more flexible than school, so take advantage of this to adjust your times to your kids. If your kids cannot wake up in the morning, then start later and finish later. If they need longer recesses, then add them in and finish later. Create a schedule that works for you and your child.

Write the daily breaks in your schedule so you don’t forget to take them. It will help both you and your kids concentrate.

If you need to make up missed material, then add a lesson each day until you make it up. That way you can still have your 15 weekdays off.

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Goal Chart

Set your goals for your school year and for each month specifically. Each month has a monthly goal chart to set goals for that month. At the end of each month, you will find a monthly goal review chart so that you can review your goals and spend some time on reflection. Did you reach your goals? Should you make changes to your plans in the future? If you didn’t reach your goals, ask yourself why. On the other hand, if it didn’t take much effort to reach your goals then maybe you can set them higher next month. Use these goal charts to evaluate and plan.

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Vision Board

vision boardPinUse this page to decide what you want your homeschool teaching environment to be like. You can use this page to write a homeschool mission statement or to write your goals and objectives.

Ask yourself:

  • Where do you want to be at the end of your homeschooling?
  • What caused you to want to homeschool?
  • How do I want my kids to remember this period of their lives?

You can type your vision and hang it up in your home to remind you why you have chosen this path. It will keep you motivated when things are tough and when you feel overwhelmed.

Homeschool Attendance Sheet

There is an attendance tracker in the homeschool planner above. Use it to track your child’s attendance.

We also offer a stand-alone free printable homeschool attendance sheet for an entire year for one child. It starts from August to July but you can edit the months. It is available in portrait or landscape orientation.

If you have multiple students, you might want to use the teacher planner printables and adjust them according to the number of students you have. There are more options there.

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