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Homeschool Schedule Template

Use our free editable homeschool schedule template to create a daily and weekly schedule that works for you and your children. 

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Homeschool Weekly Schedule Template

This is a weekly homeschool schedule template. This has 7 days for those who have a more flexible homeschooling schedule. If you study 5 days a week then see the templates below. If you study 6 days a week then delete one of the columns.

This is a 5-day week schedule from Monday to Friday.

This is a blank homeschool calendar template with no hours. Fill in the hours as you would like to divide the day. This blank template allows for more flexibility.

Weekly Class Schedule Excel

This weekly class schedule has a list of subjects that you can edit (in the tab “list of subjects”). Each subject is automatically color-coded. Change the hourly schedule if you need to.

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Homeschool Daily Schedule Template

This is a free printable homeschool daily schedule template. You can change all the headings. You can use the blocks to add things from your homeschool routine such as exercise, outdoor activities, etc.

Word | PDF | Image

Word | PDF | Image

Which Format Should You Use?

Each of the templates is offered as an image, a Microsoft Word file, or an editable PDF file.

If you want to use any of the templates as-is then download the homeschool schedule pdf version. If you prefer an editable homeschool schedule template then select the Word version. With the Word version, you can delete lines, change the times, add columns or lines and make pretty much any change you want.

How to Make a Homeschool Schedule

Your homeschooling schedule will depend a lot on the age of your child. A homeschool schedule for older children is different than preschool and kindergarten children. Before you plan an effective schedule you should decide on your:

  • Homeschooling goals
  • Subjects you will study and gather all the material required
  • Suitable time frame for effective learning (see time blocking)

Homeschoolers have total freedom over the framework of their school year. Some parents follow the standard school timetable, others homeschool year-round, while some take off time whenever they feel their kids need a break.

Types of Homeschooling Schedules

So, how do you make a home-school schedule? The best thing about homeschooling is the flexibility. Let’s break down homeschool schedules into some manageable portions for planning an effective schedule:

Yearly Schedule

Your yearly calendar is the first thing that you’ll want to decide on. A school year usually has 180 days which works out to four quarters of 9 weeks each, or two semesters of 18 weeks, or 36 weeks.  Check what your state’s requirements are. Pick a start date and count the days from the start date until you have reached the number of study days you want to complete. Decide how many breaks and days off you will allow for.

Weekly Schedule

One of the advantages of homeschooling is that Monday to Friday doesn’t have to be your weekly routine. You can change the school days to work for your family. For instance, if a parent works Wednesday and Thursday, you change your school week to Friday to Tuesday. Set the weekly schedule that will work best for you and your family.

Daily Schedule

When people refer to a home school schedule, they are referring to a typical daily schedule.  A homeschool daily schedule does not have to be as long as a public or private school day. Homeschooling parents don’t have to waste time on administrative tasks, such as roll call, preparing 30 students for lunch, or allowing time for students to move from one classroom to the next between subjects. You also don’t have to wait for all students to complete tasks so you will probably be able to have a shorter school day and still cover the same curriculum.

Here are a few tips for organizing a schedule that may help you get organized and stay focused while you are homeschooling a child:

Decide How Many Days a Week You Will Study

First of all, decide on the days you will be studying. This is entirely up to you. Older children need to study more. You might be able to get away with a four-day-a-week schedule, but you will need to ensure that they meet the hours required to graduate in your state. Once you have decided how many days a week you will be studying, decide which subjects you are going to teach each day of the week. Schedule the subjects according to the days.

Determine Your School Calendar

When will you start the school year and when will you finish it?

Will you home-school through the summer or during the holidays? Do you want to homeschool for 6 weeks with 2-week breaks? Knowing how long you’re going to be in school will help you plan how many lessons you need to fit into your schedule.

Set a Daily Schedule or Timetable

What time will you start and finish studying each day? Home long will each lesson be? How many breaks do you need between each lesson?

Plan your study routine time frame and choose suitable hours of the day in which you will homeschool your child. Organize the subjects accordingly. Your home school schedule will need to be based on the age of your children and your own work/activity schedule.

Plan all the activities that you want your kids to do and all the subjects you want them to learn. In short, create a daily plan for each day.

Set a Weekly Schedule

Once you have determined the weekly framework, download any of the templates above. Divide your weekly school load into the weekly schedule with the number of classes and subjects you will need each week.

Place the printable homeschool schedule somewhere where everyone will see it, such as on the fridge or wherever you study.

Study Tips

Set Up a Distraction-free Study Zone

An important way to make everything run smoothly is to create a completely distraction-free workspace. Treat this area as a ‘classroom,’ and the kids will begin to think of it as their place of study. Leave the top of the table completely clear, just for things you need to study. Clear all the toys away, and have only the books you need for your child’s education.

Create a Wi-Fi-free zone

Remove all the gadgets from the area and even keep your phones on silent as well.

Make a Study Checklist

Making a checklist will help you assess how much of the material you have covered. Mark the completed tasks and those which were not yet completed on daily basis.

Homeschooling for Different Ages

  • A preschool toddler/child may need a different and more flexible schedule that can be planned according to the child’s sleeping patterns or morning routine.
  • Many parents of young children, in first or second grade, find that all subjects can be covered easily in just an hour or two a day. It may take them longer to complete their work as students get older.
  • A high school student may need to spend the entire four to five hours required by state law (depending on the state). Be flexible if your teen completes all schoolwork in less time or needs more time.
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