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Best Teacher Planner

The best teacher planner for one teacher is not necessarily the best for another. Everyone prefers to get organized using a different method, so what works for one person might not work for another. For that reason, I have presented 8 teacher planners that I think are great and you can choose the one that works best for you! 

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Best all-around teacher planner

Undated Academic Year Teacher Planner – Lesson Plan Calendar Book

By Bloom Bloom teacher plannerPin

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Dimensions: 9″ x 11″

Paper: 100gsm bright white paper, lay-flat spiral metal binding

Extras: a back inside pocket

Lesson Plan Calendar BookPin 

The calendar is arranged in academic year format (August – July) but it is undated so you can customize the planner according to your school’s schedule. The teacher planner includes the following: 

  • 12 monthly views (each one begins with a “Plan for the Month” page and ends with a “Month in Review” with space for notes to document progress)
  • 60 weeks of undated vertical weekly planning pages (enough for just over a year of planning)
  • 1 personal info page with a yearly mission statement
  • 1 page with info for the substitute teacher
  • 2 pages with student information
  • 2 pages for contact logs
  • website login details
  • field trip planning
  • 2 graph paper pages
  • 8 grade book pages (26 rows for assignments & 34 slots for students per spread)
  • 2 pages with important dates & birthday tracking
  • 1 year in review
  • All dividers feature quotes

The purchase includes a link to additional free teacher printables.

Cons: You cannot add pages to the planner. It really has everything you need so you probably wouldn’t have to add and it has a pocket on the back for loose-leaf pages but I really like having the option to add pages. It should be noted that most of the teacher planners are made like this, so I assume that most people prefer this method. I personally like to add pages.

Best for those who want flexibility and creativity

Happy Planner Teacher Planner

By: Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner Teacher PlannerPin

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If you have spent more than a few minutes on this site, you will probably have noticed that I love Happy Planners. I love the flexibility and the option to add or remove pages easily. The planner is discbound so if you have an HP punch, then adding a page is a breeze. You can customize your planner to suit your needs. If you don’t like a page, you simply remove it. You can also add teacher planner pages from this site. See planner sizes to check how to resize printables to fit your Happy Planner. See also Happy Planner printables for covers and other fun printables for your HP (Happy Planner). The planner is undated which I love. It is more flexible than a dated calendar. There is a grade section at the back. The box kit comes with additional items that make planning fun and creative. It will depend on the box that you get, but for example, the Teacher’s Influence Teacher Planner Box Kit includes:

  • A big-sized undated planner
  • 2 rolls of washi tape
  • A folder
  • 3 punch cards
  • A bookmark
  • 3 sticker sheets

Cons: There is a grade section at the back. However, there are not that many teacher planner pages and if you are looking for a ready-made solution with pages for all your needs as a teacher then this is probably not the best option for you. For example, there are no planning or goal-setting pages, parent contact pages, communication logs, etc. However, since you can easily add pages and we do offer all the planning printables a teacher will need (and they are all free) you can use this planner and add anything you feel is missing. It is, however, a perfect homeschool planner since most of the pages that are not included for teachers are not necessary for homeschooling. 

Best lesson plan book

Weekly Teacher Lesson Plan Book

By the Elan Publishing Company Store

Weekly Teacher Lesson Plan Book (Elan)Pin

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This teacher planner is more for planning than for use during the school year. There are many planning pages for lesson plans. It includes the following:

  • 40 weeks of planning pages (with five days each and eight periods per day)
  • supplemental data with 46 names and 44 columns (you can use this to record grades or as an attendance sheet)
  • a schedule of school events
  • 2 daily schedules for eight periods
  • 12 seating plan charts
  • 10 spaces for comprehensive planning

Cons: You cannot add pages to the planner and the planner doesn’t really provide a solution during the year and is more for planning the school year. Therefore, you might want or need to get this in addition to another planner.

Best for those who want to decorate their planner 

Home Sweet Classroom Lesson Planner

By Teacher Created Resources Home Sweet Classroom Lesson PlannerPin

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″

Pages: 112 pages and 340 planner stickers included

Binding: Spiral-bound Starts in July and ends in June (undated)

This classroom lesson planner includes:

  • 40 weeks of lesson plan sheets
  • Substitute teacher information
  • student roster sheets
  • inspirational quotations each week with room for notes below
  • 12 monthly calendar planner lesson planning, appointments, conferences, and events. The monthly calendars are undated so you can use them for any year.
  • 340 colored stickers

 Best teacher planner for goal setting and reflection

Teacher Planner: A Companion to Nurture Young Minds

By Sparks of Joy
Teacher Planner- A Companion to Nurture Young MindsPin

Pages: 140 pages

Starts from any time of the year.

This planner includes:

  • Goal setting for the year
  • Vision board
  • Timetable
  • Class and student profile
  • Checklists for attendance, budget, or organizing field trips
  • Yearly planning calendar
  • Monthly planning calendar
  • Overview of thematic scheme
  • Weekly lesson plans
  • Event and communication log
  • Professional learning log
  • Project log
  • Vendor/Supplier list
  • Quotations
  • Password log
  • Reading list
  • Reflections for the year

Best dated academic planner

2021 Academic Planner – Weekly & Monthly Planner with Monthly Tabs

By the Journaltastic Store 

2021 plannerPin

This academic planner focuses on time management with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning tools. The monthly tabs are pre-labeled which saves you from labeling them, but it is less flexible if you want to use if for other dates. The week starts from Monday to Sunday. It has many planner pages to organize your teaching schedule.

Dimensions: 6.3″ x 8.4″

Starts: Jan 2021 – Dec 2021

Includes: Inner Pocket

  • 12 monthly pages from Jan to Dec (each blank calendar includes the previous and next month’s calendar and a motivational quote in the corner). The holidays are already marked.
  • 12 months of weekly pages
  • Yearly calendar overview
  • Holiday pages
  • 2 contact pages
  • States, Capitals & Time Zones
  • Inner pocket
  • Notes section

Best for both organization and relaxation

Teacher coloring planner

By Scholastic Teacher coloring plannerPin

This planner combines organization and relaxation with a teacher planner that has both planning pages and coloring pages. Coloring is a great stress relief activity that can be very helpful for teachers.

Pages: 140 pages

The planner includes:

  • “All about me” including usernames and passwords and a list of resources
  • Student contact list with parents’ phone numbers
  • Birthday list to list students’ birthdays
  • Holidays and special dates
  • Weekly schedules
  • Monthly calendars
  • Coloring pages for creativity and stress relief
  • Monthly and weekly planning pages
  • A student roster
  • Folder in the back

  Cons: The weekly schedules do not follow the monthly calendars but you can mark the relevant weekly page with a bookmark or paperclip to avoid unnecessary flipping.

Best for those on a budget or those who want a digital planner

Free Digital or Printable Teacher’s Planner

By 101Planners.com

This is a comprehensive teacher planner that includes everything you will need to plan your teaching year. Full disclosure: this is our teacher planner so we are not objective, but still think it is the best teacher planner and it’s free! There are two versions: a digital planner or a printable planner (the printable pages are inserted into a binder or an old planner). If you are missing anything, you can add it. On the other hand, if there are pages that you don’t need you don’t have to print them. Each page has many different layouts so if you don’t like the communication log, for example, you can go to the communication log page and select another version. Then, when you print, you simply insert a different page into that section. If you are using the digital planner, then there is less flexibility. 

Digital or printable teacher plannerPin

There is also a free homeschool planner version.

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″

Pages: 324

Starts: August to July (undated) the digital planner links to each month so the order is irrelevant. In the printable version, you determine the order.

The planner starts in August but since you are printing the pages you can insert them into the teacher planner in any order you want. The digital planner also starts in August but the hyperlinks are from January to December so the order isn’t really relevant since you will reach each month by clicking on a link.

Cons: if you want to use the printable version you have to print it yourself. However, you can print only the pages you need. The printable version does not have as much color as the digital version to save ink.

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