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Add a Journal Prompt to a Page

Journal Prompt Maker
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Photo of NicoleMy name is Nicole and I love journaling. I have created many free journal templates and journaling tools that I share on this website. I hope that you will find them helpful too.

6 thoughts on “Add a Journal Prompt to a Page”

  1. I keep getting a notification, once I enter a journal prompt and choose a page and submit then when the PDF file page comes up , it says invalid file or corrupt PDF. Please help.
    P. M.

  2. Thank you Nicole some of us are new to this Jurnling experience, and you really made it easy for us by creating this, where we are able to personalize it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is such a wonderful thing: create a personal journal page. Thank you so much!! I also downloaded your Calender and Goals Template and hope to have a better 2024 due to this! Thank you so much for putting it online. Your work is really appreciated!


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