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Free printable ruler to print at actual size or online ruler to use without printing.

online or printable rulers

Printable Ruler

Our free printable ruler (actual size) comes is available in mm, cm, and inches. A ruler printable is useful to put in your planner or for other uses, such as sewing projects when you need to pin on the ruler. The actual size printable ruler must be printed on either A4 or US Letter paper (according to the paper size you choose). This is important to ensure that the print out ruler is accurate.

You can print ruler templates on any color paper to create a colored ruler. For a printable metric ruler, choose the centimeter or the millimeter ruler printable.

Printable Ruler Inches

For a metric printable ruler see below.

12-inch ruler

12-inch ruler

10-inch ruler 

10 inch ruler

8-inch ruler

7, 8, 9 and 10-inch ruler

printable ruler

These printable rulers are in inches and centimeters.

Printable Centimeter Ruler

This actual size printable ruler cm is for those who follow the metric system.

20 cm or 8 inches 

Printable Centimeter Ruler

30 cm or 12 inches 

printable ruler cm

There are four rulers on this page: 

  • 25 cm and 10 inches
  • 23 cm and 9 inches
  • 20 cm and 8 inches
  • 18 cm and 7 inches

Printable ruler cm and mm

26 cm and 10 inches 


actual size printable ruler 26 cm or 10 inch

Printable MM Ruler

This mm ruler printable shows measurements in millimeters. You can create a printable millimeter ruler from the cm ruler printable above, but you count the shorter lines only (not the longer cm lines).

Up to 260 mm or 26 cm or 10 inches 

Printable MM Ruler

Printable Ruler for Kids

A printable paper ruler is useful when you teach kids measurements. They can draw on the ruler, which will help them understand how to use it and how to read the measurement.

How to make the printable ruler

  1. Download the printable ruler PDF or image file.
  2. Set your printer’s page size to letter or A4 depending on the ruler template you downloaded.
  3. Set page scaling to “none”. The printer setup is important to ensure that your paper ruler is accurate.
  4. Print on standard paper for one-time use or on card stock if you want your ruler to last longer.
  5. You can laminate printable paper rulers if you want them to last for a long time or if you want to write on them with wipe-off markers.
  6. When you have printed your ruler, take a store-bought ruler or a tape measure to check the accuracy. If it isn’t accurate then you need to change your printer’s settings.

Online Ruler

This is a ruler for online use. Since screen sizes differ, you need to adjust the size to ensure that the ruler measurements are accurate. To get an accurate real-size ruler, open the file below and set the zoom to “actual size”.

To ensure the page is the actual size, place a piece of paper on the screen and adjust the size until the image is the size of the page. To adjust the screen size click on control and scroll with your mouse. Once your screen is the right size then you can use the ruler online. There are two paper sizes below (A4 and 8.5″x11″) so make sure that you choose the correct file for the paper you use.

Online Ruler Inches

You can use any of the following inch rulers online by using the technique described above to ensure that the ruler is viewed at the actual size. Take note of the paper size.

Online Ruler MM

This is a mm / cm ruler for online use. You can use any of the following cm or mm rulers online by using the technique described above to ensure that the ruler is viewed at the actual size. Take note of the paper size. The cm and mm rulers are on A4 sized paper. Use that size to ensure that it is viewed at the actual size.

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