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Camping Checklist

The last thing you want to do when you go camping is to forget to pack something. Use our free camping checklist to ensure you pack everything you’ll need!

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Going camping can be such fun if you remember to take all of the items that you consider essential. Of course, everybody’s essential list is different. That is why we have included anything that you might need during your camping trip. Since this is a customizable camping checklist, you only include the items that you want to include in your personalized camping list. You simply mark the items you want to include, and only those things will appear on your online/printable list.

You can create a very basic camping checklist that includes only the equipment that you will definitely need. Or you can include other items that are not necessary but make the trip easier and more enjoyable. It is totally up to you.

Open Camping Checklist Maker

On my first camping trip with friends, they each brought their pillow with them. I thought it was quite odd to go camping with your pillow. To me, a pillow was a luxury and not a necessity, and it had no place in a tent. I think that I slept 20 minutes all night that night, and they all woke up fresh after sleeping like babies. It turns out that a pillow is totally essential. Have you tried to sleep without one? It isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I learned two lessons on that trip: 1) Never judge what people bring on their camping trip 😊 2) Never go camping without your pillow.

When I got home from the camping trip and caught up on my sleep, I started working on our family camping checklist. Since then, I have used the list many times and updated it each time that I realized that an “essential” was missing. If you are one of those people who enjoy camping with minimal gear, then simply select only the items that you consider essential.

When camping with kids, a checklist is a necessity. You have enough to worry about without remembering what to bring. If you forget essential things, the trip can become a nightmare.

Customize your list

The great thing about this list is that it is totally customizable. With our free checklist app, you get to create your own camping essentials checklist. You select the items that you want to include in YOUR list.

It assumes that you are camping in a tent, but if you are camping in your car, then don’t select the tent camping checklist section. Each section or item that is marked will appear on your camping checklist printable. If an item is not marked, then it will not appear on your list.

You can also come back to the site at a later stage, and your list will be saved, so remember to bookmark this website.

The list is pretty comprehensive and includes all gear, food, and equipment that most people will need or use on a camping trip. However, if you are camping in the rain or with a baby or toddler, then you might need to add some additional items.

Research the camping area before you go

Call the camping site or research the area before you go. If the site has a picnic table, then you will probably not have to bring a folding table. If the lighting is really good, then you won’t need a torch (unless you want one for inside the tent). They might also include some of the other items on the list. It is worth checking so that you don’t pack items that you won’t need.

Should you buy or borrow gear?

If it is your first camping trip, then you might want to borrow the gear to see if you enjoy it. I went camping with my sister 15 years ago. She bought tents and equipment that she has never used since. If you are not sure if you will enjoy the experience, then it is better to check before you purchase equipment that is not only expensive but will need to be stored most of the time.

Preparing the food

We suggest that you print a meal plan template from this site. Plan what you will eat each meal. Many of the meal planners have a grocery list next to each meal. Prepare a grocery list to ensure that you will have the required ingredients. If you are going camping with friends, then prepare the list together and divide it up or go shopping together. Whatever works for you!


Make sure that you store camping equipment that is clean and dry.

If you have a storage problem and don’t go camping often, then you might want to buy equipment together with friends. You can each store half of the equipment and get it from them when you go camping (assuming that you are not going together). Another option is to store your equipment at a friend’s house and let them use it whenever they want to. If they have extra storage space, it could be a win-win situation.

Camping checklist PDF or online

Once you have marked the items that you would like to appear on your checklist, click on save. You will then have three options: to print in PDF format, to download the PDF checklist, or to email it to yourself.

You can also use the list online without printing. It will be saved so you can access it later.

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