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Cute Bullet Journal Printables and Planner Stickers

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All the templates below have cute kawaii drawings on them. See below for the kawaii meaning if you are not familiar with the kawaii trend. There are 18 full-page ready-made templates and 37 widgets than can be used to create an unlimited number of planner pages and planner stickers.

Customize & Print

Here are some samples of the cute templates available. There are more templates available when you open the app.

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

18 Widgets

Here are some samples of the widgets available. There are more widgets available when you open the app.

water tracker
This is a cute water tracker to track your water intake.
food journalPin
This is a cute food journal that tracks all meals, snack and water intake.


There is also a large selection of individual widgets that can be added to a page to create a DIY cute planner. Here are two examples but there are many more options in the app.

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Customize & Print


How To Make Kawaii Stickers?

  1. Open the app and either select a template that you like or delete it.
  2. In the second column, you will see a vast selection of cute kawaii drawings.
  3. Select as many of them as you want.
  4. Click on the “add text” button to add text.
  5. When you are happy with your sticker template, then download it to your PC.
  6. Print on a full page of sticker paper and cut out each sticker. You can actually print on regular paper and adhere the stickers with paper glue. It works really well. Sticker paper is less fuss and looks more professional. 

What is Kawaii?


Kawaii means cute in Japanese. Japanese people use this word to describe people and things that are “cute” or “cuteness.”

I spent nine months in Japan about 20 years ago. Kawaii was probably one of the first words that I learned. It was hard not to. If you spend any time around Japanese people – particularly young women – then it is a word that you are bound to hear over and over.

One of the things that I found strange in Japan was how older women would walk around with these kawaii objects. They would wear them, attach them to their bags or accessorize with these cute accessories. They would also eat them. There were many cakes and cookies in the shape of Hello Kitty and other similar characters. Today, it has become more prevalent in western countries as well, but at the time, it was pretty unique to Japan.

Japanese work culture is very demanding. People work very long hours, and they are very serious at work. When I lived in Japan, a Japanese friend explained to me that kawaii is a way to escape the stress, be childish, and have fun. Why don’t you try these cute planners and see if they help you relieve stress and just have fun! Feel like a child again!

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