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Potluck Sign Up Sheet

Organizing a potluck can be challenging, but our free potluck sign-up sheet printables will help you plan the perfect party and make the entire process much simpler. You can share it via Google Sheets or Google Docs to enable participants to update it together in real time.

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Generic Potluck Sign-Up Sheet

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Word | Excel | Editable PDF | Image | Google Docs


This template has four different sections: side dishes, main dishes, desserts, and others.

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Word | Excel | Editable PDF | Image | Google Docs

This potluck sign-up template has four sections for side dishes, main dishes, drinks, and others. The titles are editable on the Word version if you prefer to offer different categories.

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Word | Editable PDF | Image | Google Docs

This potluck list template has one list with no breakdown into different dishes.

Halloween Potluck Sign-Up Sheet

The following food sign up sheet template printables have a Halloween theme.

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Thanksgiving Potluck Sign-Up Sheet


Christmas Potluck Sign-Up Sheet

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Cinco de Mayo

Instructions for the Different Formats

There are five different formats available: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Typeable PDF, image, and Google Docs.

You can download any of the formats. The Excel templates can be opened in Google Sheets as well.

Potluck Sign Up Sheet Online

You don’t need any special software or apps to share your sign up sheet with others. You can share the template in Google Docs and send the link to everyone participating in your potluck party. The great thing about this is the option to edit the document simultaneously. Even if everyone opens the link at the same time, they can still edit it at the same time.

  1. Open the Google Docs version of your selected template.
  2. Go to file and make a copy.
  3. Click on Share -> General Access -> “Anyone with the link”
  4. On the right-hand side, change the role from “viewer” to “editor”.
  5. Click on “copy link”.
  6. Send the link to all participants.

Once they open the link, they can edit it directly online.

Even if they edit it at the same time, every version is tracked and saved automatically. People can also add comments such as relevant details about the food they are bringing or dietary restrictions they might have.

While people are editing the online potluck document, you can see it in real-time. You can see who is viewing it and who is making changes.

The editable Google sheet is the perfect way to organize potluck signups and take care of the planning process without any fuss.

Organizing a Potluck Party

Benefits of a potluck party

Having a potluck event helps take some of the work and planning off your shoulders. Instead of being responsible for all the food and supplies, you are only in charge of bringing a few things. This can help save you both time and money.

Plus, by asking friends to bring their own dishes, you can enjoy foods and flavors you may not otherwise have tried. You may end up with a few new favorite dishes after your party.

Why use a potluck signup sheet?

When you’re planning a group event and asking everyone to bring a dish, it’s important that you end up with a variety of different foods. Just imagine a party where 4 people bring macaroni and cheese and no one brings a dessert.

Having everyone sign up for what they’ll bring can take the guesswork out of planning your party. And, while there are lots of printable potluck sign-up sheets, having a Google doc makes the entire process much simpler.

With a printable sheet, you have to physically speak to each person and have them write down what they’ll be bringing. But, by having a potluck sign-up sheet in a Google doc or sheet, people can access the form any time they want to.

How to organize your party

A lot goes into planning the perfect group party. But here are a few simple tips to help yours be successful.

  1. Pick your theme

Are you having a Christmas party or a graduation party? If so, your theme has already been decided. But, assigning a theme to any party can help your guests narrow down what they should bring.

Decide whether or not you want your barbecue to be a luau party or a western BBQ. Give your monthly church potluck a family heritage theme to encourage guests to bring ethnic dishes.

  1. Asks your guests to pick a category

While some people ask guests to choose a specific dish, it’s often more helpful to have them choose a category. This lets them make a dish that works for their family or their time commitments.

Use broad categories on your potluck signup sheet like appetizers, salads, or desserts. This ensures you have enough food for a complete meal without making your guests feel like they have to stick with their original idea if something unexpected comes up.

If your guests do pick a dish that’s too similar to another one, don’t be afraid to ask them for an alternate. Try to be polite about your request. You could simply say that you already have 3 people bringing salads and you’ve heard they make the most amazing apple pie.

  1. Share the details

It’s important that your guests know how many people are expected at the party. You don’t want them to bring a dozen cupcakes when you’re having 50 people to the event. Be sure to place this information on your party signup sheet so it can be found easily.

  1. Remember the extras

Just because your guests bring a casserole doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll bring enough serving spoons. Plan ahead with extra spoons, forks, pie servers, and extra foil just in case.

And, don’t forget things like salt and pepper, condiments, and extra ice for beverages.

Tips for planning the perfect potluck

Using this free printable potluck signup sheet template will help take some of the guesswork out of planning your party. That means you’ll have more time to relax and visit your guests.

But, just to be sure, here are a few more tips to help your party go off without a problem.

1. Ask about food allergies

If there is a life-threatening peanut allergy in your group, you’ll want to be sure no one brings dishes containing peanut butter.

But, it’s also helpful to know about people’s intolerances. That way you can offer dishes that are gluten-free or dairy-free if needed.

It’s also helpful to know whether or not people have dietary restrictions or preferences. That way, you can offer dishes that are vegan or low-carb when necessary.

If you do have any dietary restrictions, then you can add a comment at the top of the potluck sign up sheet template to ensure that everyone is aware of them.

2. Delegate

One of the reasons to have a group party is to make hosting your get-together easier. Using a potluck signup sheet is a great way to cut down on the number of dishes you need to prepare.

But, there are other areas of the party that you may still need help with. Can you ask a crafty friend to create the centerpieces? Or, do you have a teenage son or daughter that can help set up the tables and chairs?

3. Inquire if anyone will need to heat or refrigerate their dishes

If you suspect a dish will need to be reheated before serving, ask ahead of time. That way you can prepare before the meal when you are more organized and relaxed and not when it is too late and you are busy with other things. This will also ensure you have enough space in your oven if too many dishes will need to be reheated particularly if they will need to be reheated at different temperatures.

If dishes need refrigeration then you will need to ensure you have enough room in the fridge or freezer.

4. Don’t forget the special touches

It’s always nice to be remembered and thanked for your participation. As your friends leave, try to give a sincere compliment for their contribution. It could be something as simple as “Your chocolate cake was absolutely delicious.” Or, you could offer some sort of party favors for everyone as they leave.

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