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Santa Stop Here Sign

Free printable Santa Stop Here sign that you can edit online and print at home.

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Coloring Santa Stop Here Sign

This is a black-and-white coloring page that kids can color. These Christmas coloring pages are customizable! You can add pictures to color, edit the text or add your own text. For example, you can add your children’s names. If you don’t want a boy and a girl on the coloring page you can change the images with a click of your mouse.

Customize the Coloring Pages

Santa Stop Here Sign Maker

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You can add clipart to these templates.

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How to Make a Santa Stop Here Sign

Edit Online

  1. Click the button above to open the online sign maker.
  2. Choose a template for the sign. There are 18 different templates available. Choose the one that you like best.
  3. Edit the text. You can also add additional text if you want to write something else. You can change all the text. For example, if you prefer to write “Santa please stop here” then feel free to edit. You can also change the font size, font color, and font style.
  4. Add clipart (optional). You can drag the clipart around and you can make it smaller or bigger.
  5. Download the sign. You can download it as an image file or a PDF document.
  6. Print on cardstock.

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How to Make a Santa Stop Here Sign for Outdoors

Follow the instructions above but laminate your page with a laminating pouch, If you don’t have a laminating machine then you can use a self-sealing pouch (see below) which does not require a laminator (laminating machine). You can also have the page laminated at your local office supplies store. I personally think that a laminator is a very useful gadget and I use mine quite often.

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Edit Online

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