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Tooth Fairy Printables

Free printable letter from the Tooth Fairy you can personalize before you print. Surprise your child and always remember this special milestone.

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The Tooth Fairy

What is the tooth fairy?

The tooth fairy is a popular magical character that encourages children to embrace good dental care and persuades them to have their loose baby teeth pulled out. Parents, in this case, play the role of being the tooth fairies.

According to folklore, a parent convinces their young one to leave the removed tooth under the pillow so that the tooth fairy can collect it and leave a reward for the kid. There are different versions of the tooth fairy tale across the world, even though each folklore serves the same purpose.

What is the origin of the tooth fairy?

The All-American tooth fairy was inspired by the legend of the mouse. The reason behind the legend’s inspiration is the fact that rodents grow teeth throughout their entire lives. According to anthropologists, believers can use a certain type of ‘sympathetic magic’ to transfer good traits or good luck to kids who have lost a tooth.

The different versions of the tooth fairy folklore have various origins depending on the location and the tradition. Tooth fairies have been put as having different shapes as well as sizes. They have been categorized from young to old, human to sprite, and in some cases, even animals and birds have been the inspiration behind the look of the fairy. The most common version is, however, inspired by fairies in pop culture.

What does the tooth fairy look like?

The tooth fairy is one of the very few mythical characters that vary a lot in appearance. In the United States, the most common appearance is a small winged figure with a wand. In other countries such as New Zealand and Mexico, however, the tooth fairy is described as a rat or mouse depending on the location and tradition.

Depending on the imagination, the tooth fairy is thought of as being either male or female. Sometimes she is thought of as having the image of a duck or cat. The appearance depends on what the believers of the myth think is more convincing.

Is the tooth fairy real?

As a parent, you are already aware of the truth about the tooth fairy, so this would be the least of your concerns. But that may not stop your child from asking you whether the tooth fairy is real when they are approximately 7-8 years old.

Despite the fact that such a question will seem to have come out of the blue when your child finally poses it, experts such as Indiana-based licensed psychologist Mindy Wallpe, Ph.D., advise parents not to let their answers come out of the blue as well.

According to experts, parents should contemplate the answer that they are going to give long ahead of time. The experts say that it is crucial to understand what your child already knows about the tooth fairy or any other mythical character before giving any answer.

That way, you won’t find yourself in a compromising situation where you have to start making explanations after your child finds out that you were lying. By thinking about the possible answer to the question before your child asks, it will be easier to give a thoughtful and convincing answer to the question.

According to Dr. Wallpe, it is advisable to find out why your young one asked the question. Most of the time, it might be that kids of the same age have started to talk about it in school. If so, you can try to convince the child that the tooth fairy is real.

Dr. Wallpe states that it’s important to give an answer that is based on the child’s age as well as whether believing in this folklore is useful to your child or not. She, however, advises parents to be ready to give an honest answer if their child comes to them with pure doubts and/or valid questions.

In cases where you have to be honest with your young one, it is important to do so in a gentle and creative manner, according to Dr. Wallpe. A good example is assuring your young one that even though the fairy tooth character may not be real, it’s still fun believing in her since fairy tales are amazing.

Is the tooth fairy a boy or a girl?

Just like Santa, there is no widely accepted verdict as to whether the tooth fairy is a boy or a girl. A majority of books and cartoons, however, depict a winged female pixie or sprite which is much like Tinkerbell with trailing sparkles in her trail and a wand in her hand.

This could be the reason why most Americans view the tooth fairy as being a girl. In reality, however, you can use the version that suits you best. If you have only one child or more of the same gender you can use a figure that is the same gender as them. On the other hand, it’s a great idea to settle for either a male or female version of the tooth fairy if you have kids of both genders.

Where does the tooth fairy live?

For a long time, the tooth fairy has been rumored to live in fairyland which is near Brush, CO. After a long time of leaving everyone guessing, the tooth fairy seems to have shared her “real address”. It’s now clear to parents and kids alike that the magical creature that collects children’s teeth lives at the Faculdade de Odontologia Universidade de São Paulo (FOUSP).

Rather than exchanging their young ones’ baby teeth for money, parents can now encourage their young ones to do something more charitable. Since FOUSP is where scientific studies are done with baby teeth, encouraging kids to send their teeth to the tooth fairy means that the children will actually be helping thousands of people.

The donation process is quite straightforward since you do so with just a single click of a button. Once you receive a sealed letter/consent form from the tooth fairy’s address, you can then send the baby teeth to FOUSP’s address without any charges.

Why does the tooth fairy collect teeth?

Not so long ago, most people used to bury their young one’s teeth as a result of the belief that witches were after collecting the teeth to use them in spells (there are lots of people who believe that someone can cast a spell against you if they have something of yours such as nails, hair, and others).

As such, the tooth fairy started “collecting” children’s teeth so as to protect them from all evil intentions. The tooth fairy is dedicated to collecting the teeth and taking them far away so they can always be safe.

What does the tooth fairy do with the teeth?

The tooth fairy has quite a number of “uses” for the collected teeth. The fairyland version states that the tooth fairy uses the teeth as bricks for fairy castles. She is also said to plant the teeth in Fairyland where they grow into very beautiful flowers.

Her favorite way to use the teeth, as per the Fairyland version, is to place them in the sky where they turn into stars. If a young one’s teeth are not strong enough to be used for these purposes, they are crushed into fairy dust.

The dust is then given to other tooth fairies so that they can use it to fly around at night as they collect even more teeth, to ensure that every child that has lost a tooth is rewarded.

With the recent reveal of the tooth fairy’s real address, however, parents now know that the “tooth fairy” uses these teeth for studies at the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of São Paulo (FOUSP) with the aim of helping people to improve their dental health.

At what age does the tooth fairy stop coming?

As a parent, you would expect to stop exchanging money for teeth at the age of around 7-8 years. While this seems to be the case for most parents, always remember that every child is different. Some will take longer to try and find out the truth while others might be suspicious earlier than you would expect.

While most kids start asking about the tooth fairy between the ages of 4 and 7, there are those who won’t ask until much later. Some won’t even ask at all simply because they don’t buy into the myth. As long as your child believes in the fairy tale, you should keep their fantasies alive for as long as is necessary.

At age 10 or so, however, you should stop the tooth fairy from “coming” into your house. At this age, you will want to reveal to your young ones the truth about the tale even if they still want to believe it. If they are angry, it might be that you ruined their fantasies.

In such a case, you should consider allowing them to show their anger and acknowledge the feelings that they have. You can soften the blow by sharing stories of how much fun it was seeing how delighted they were after discovering the reward under their pillow or how they almost caught you once.

How much does the tooth fairy give?

While the tooth fairy doesn’t usually offer a fortune, the good news is that she has been keeping up with inflation. In the 1950s a lost tooth would have earned a young one 25 cents but that has risen to $5 to cover the costs of inflation.

There are times when the first tooth or a molar is supposed to get more. It can also depend on how many children have lost their teeth during the same period. If there are lots of teeth from different children per night, each one will get a little less than they should have. On the other hand, few teeth for the tooth fairy to collect translates into more rewards for each child.

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Templates

Select any free tooth fairy printable from the selection below.

Tooth Fairy Letter

Free printable tooth fairy letter template that you can customize online before you print it. There are various designs available so select one for a girl or boy. You can add your child’s photo. You can also edit all text so feel free to customize it. For example, if you are making a tooth fairy letter for the first tooth lost you might want to have slightly different wording. Simply edit the text. If you want to create a handwritten tooth fairy letter, then delete the text and print a blank tooth fairy background. Add the letter in your handwriting. You can either just leave the tooth fairy signature or delete that as well and add a signature in your handwriting.

You can also use our free tooth fairy template to write a letter to the tooth fairy. Select any design. Change the first line to “Dear tooth fairy”. Either type your text before you print or print a blank tooth fairy border and add a letter to the tooth fairy in your handwriting.

You can download the printable tooth fairy letter in pdf or image format (jpg or png).

Here are some free tooth fairy letter ideas that you can create with our app.

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Tooth Fairy Letter printable with space for your child's photoPin

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It’s always good to leave a letter from the tooth fairy that encourages the young one to adopt practices that ensure better dental care. This is the tooth fairy wording that appears on our sample letters from the tooth fairy to your kid. It is editable but this is what appears if you don’t edit it.

Dear (Child’s Name),

I’m so glad to have found the gorgeous little tooth that you left under your pillow for me. It’s such a clean, shiny tooth that will make a good addition to my collection. Because you took such good care of this little tooth of yours, I’m leaving something for you in return.

Keep brushing your teeth twice every day so that you can keep me happy at all times. Have a fairy nice day!

From your friend,
The Tooth Fairy.

Tooth Fairy Notes

Create free printable tooth fairy notes with various backgrounds or borders. You can also add your child’s photo.

Take any tooth fairy letter printable from the section above and print it at 20% on your printer. Change this with your printer’s settings. You will be able to create cute tooth fairy notes with or without your child’s photo. Each tooth fairy note printable can be any size you want it to be. Play with your settings until you are happy with the size. 20% is just a suggestion. You can even give your child a magnifying glass to read the tooth fairy message.

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Tooth Fairy Certificate

Free printable tooth fairy certificate that you can edit before you print. There are various backgrounds and borders available so you can create a tooth fairy certificate with a boy or girl design.

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Tooth Fairy Receipt

Create this free tooth fairy receipt printable to leave once you take the tooth your child left.

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Tooth fairy receipt that you can customize before you print it.Pin

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Tooth Fairy Coloring Page

Create a dear tooth fairy letter that your child can color and leave with the tooth at night. The text is editable and you can edit the tooth fairy clipart as well.

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Tooth Fairy Pillow

You can make a DIY tooth fairy pillow with the pattern and step-by-step instructions below.

DIY tooth fairy pillowPin

How to make a tooth fairy pillow?

  • White felt
  • Scissors
  • A needle
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Cotton wool or Poly-fil
  1. Print the DIY tooth fairy pillow pattern.
  2. Cut out each piece of the pattern.
  3. Place the patterns on the felt and pin them to keep them in place.
  4. Cut the felt around the tooth pattern.
  5. With black thread and two beads make two eyes, a mouth, and eyelashes on one side.

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  1. Put both sides together back-to-back.
  2. Sew them together along the sides.

tooth pillowPin

  1. Before you sew all edges fill with cotton wool or Poly-fil.
  2. Complete sewing the edges of the tooth pillow.
  3. If you want to make a tooth fairy pillow for boys make blue embellishments.

9 Tooth Fairy Ideas

As a parent, one of your major concerns when you notice signs of a wiggly tooth in your child is what the tooth fairy is supposed

to offer as a reward. You want every visit from the tooth fairy to be special and worth reminiscing about.

Here are 9 amazing ideas that you can use throughout your young one’s tooth loss journey:

1. Offer a tooth fairy certificate

An “official certificate” by the tooth fairy such as the one above is a good way to acknowledge a young one’s dedication to keeping their teeth healthy. See the free certificates above.

2. Tooth fairy containers, pillows, and boxes

If you are skilled at sneaking your hand beneath your young one’s pillow without waking them up, you might consider gifting them a tooth fairy pillow, box, or any other tooth fairy item that they will love. Thankfully, there are lots of such items for sale, and you can also DIY if you have the skills.

You can make a personalized tooth fairy pillow by purchasing a cheap plain pillowcase and ironing on an iron-on transfer with a personalized picture. Make the page using our free tooth fairy app above and print it on an iron-on transfer sheet.

You can also purchase cute little tooth fairy pillows that you put on your child’s pillow.

If you want to make a DIY fairy pillow then please see the step-by-step instructions above with a tooth fairy pillow pattern.

3. Glitter money

Since glitter is synonymous with fairies, you can add a hint of glitter to the money that you offer your adorable young ones to heighten their fantasies.

4. Teeny tiny note

You don’t want to leave your young one wondering how a tiny tooth fairy can hold and use a normal-sized pen. For this reason, you can create teeny tiny notes using such as the ones above to make the tooth fairy’s visit as realistic as possible.

5. Books about the tooth fairy

A majority of the young ones who believe in the tooth fairy might have so many questions in mind such as how the tooth fairy will get into their bedroom, where they come from, and more. Some will even try to stay up all night to try and catch a glimpse of the fairy. You can gift them with a book about the tooth fairy to ease their thoughts, in such a case.

6. Tooth fairy box

You can purchase tooth fairy boxes or decorate an old box and make your own.

7. Gold dollar coins

You can source a few gold-color coins from almost any bank. With different products such as the Sacagawea, Presidential, and American Innovator dollars in existence, you should be in a position to get such coins with a lot of ease.

8. Fairy footsteps

If you love glitter and are always fascinated by the idea of having some sparkle in your life, this should be a great idea. All that you have to do is to dip a doll’s foot or shoe in a little glitter and use that to make a trail of fairy-sized footprints on the nightstand, windowsill, and any other place where the tooth fairy might have “stepped” on.

9. Leave a tooth receipt

Impressing your young one over the first few teeth losses is quite easy until it gets to the 3rd or 4th teeth. At this point, you need something simple yet convincing to sustain the thrill of the magic. In that case, you can use the tooth fairy receipt above to get the job done. See the free receipts above.

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