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Treadmill Desk

How a treadmill desk can help you save time by exercising while being productive

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If you don’t have enough time to exercise then treadmill desks are a great way to get yourself moving during a busy workday. They will help you reach 10,000 steps per day. As an added bonus, you will also be more focused and productive. Moving your body while you work increases your focus and productivity.

It sometimes takes a week or so to get used to walking and working but it is only a matter of time. After a few days, you will be able to type, read and even write while walking at a slow pace.

A while ago, I decided I have to be more active. I had gone from running a marathon to pretty much not moving all day. I made a list of things to do to get back in shape and one of them included getting a treadmill desk to move more during my day. I researched all the active desks on the market and I share this research with you below. I will also share the treadmill desk that I got in the end after thorough research.

Since I started using a treadmill desk:

  • I get my 10,000 steps in nearly every day (compared to about 2,000 steps per day without the treadmill desk)
  • I am more focused and more productive
  • I feel better

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What is a treadmill desk?

A treadmill desk is basically a height-adjustable standing desk with an option to stand or walk at a slow pace on a treadmill while working. You can get an all-in-one treadmill desk that includes a built-in desk and treadmill or you can mix and match and get an adjustable desk with an under-desk treadmill.

Desk Treadmill

Lifespan Treadmill Desk

The LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 treadmill desk has a good-sized wide desk that is comfortable to work on. The workstation can be used with the desk and the treadmill or you can remove the treadmill and use the desk as a standing desk. The desk can easily be adjusted to your height with a touch of a button. If you step off it for more than 5 seconds then it automatically pauses.

The compact under-desk treadmill detects each step taken to count your steps. The console readouts include: distance walked, calories burned, total walk and run time, step count, and an adjustable speed of 0.4 to 4 MPH. The maximum speed is only 4.0 MPH, so if you are looking to use this treadmill for a cardio workout when you are not working then this is not a good product for you.

The upkeep is relatively easy and all you need to do is to apply silicone lubrication every 3 months or 40 hours of usage.

The Life span treadmill desk measures  68.5″ (L) x 28.5″ (W).

The portable wheels make it easy to remove the treadmill from the desk when you prefer to stand or sit.

LifeSpan offers a free Active Trac app to track your progress over time. Since the desk has Bluetooth capability, you can sync your activity data to an iPhone or Android.

NordicTrack Treadmill Desk

NordicTrack currently does not have an office treadmill desk but it is really easy to create one with any of their great treadmills and an adjustable treadmill desk attachment. See the DIY treadmill desk below.

If you are looking to use your treadmill at a slow speed when in the office and as a cardio workout when you are not working then a NordicTrack treadmill desk is a better option than the compact slow treadmill that is for office use only.

Under Desk Treadmill

Any treadmill with no crossbars or handrails can be used as an under-desk walking treadmill. Some models have a folding handrail, which is also a good option. You can raise the handrail on the weekend when you want to get a better workout.

A treadmill for under a desk is usually cheaper than a cardio exercise treadmill. However, it usually has fewer functions. It doesn’t have a fancy screen with lots of cardio programs and it is often only for walking although some models are suitable for jogging as well as walking. If you need it for walking while working then it is an excellent option. If you would like to occasionally use it for jogging then check the speed it reaches. Some models claim that they are suitable for jogging but only reach speeds that are barely considered jogging.

Under-desk treadmills can be folded when not in use as they are not connected to the desk. While that can be an advantage, it is also a disadvantage. If you are feeling lazy it’s too easy to fold up the treadmill and forget about it.

The best treadmill desk for someone who wants to force themselves to use it is one that cannot be removed from your desk or one that is difficult to remove. That is one of the reasons why I prefer a bike desk. If it is your primary desk, you can’t pack it away and forget about it.

When you get an under the desk treadmill separately you can choose any desk you want and are not limited to the desk that comes with the model.

Lifespan Under Desk Folding Treadmill

I really like the Goplus under-desk treadmill. It has a touchable LED display and wireless remote control. It has three built-in workout modes and 12 programs.

Lifespan Under Desk Treadmill

LifeSpan Fitness TR800  is an under desk treadmill that you can purchase without a desk. The motor is really quiet which is important in an office environment. The maximum speed is 4 miles per hour so it is for office use only.

It counts each step, distance, calories, speed, and walking time which is something that most people enjoy keeping track of.

Best Under Desk Treadmill

The best under desk treadmill depends on your needs. If you only plan to use it for walking, then you can be more flexible. If you want the option to run or jog, then there are not as many options available.

For Walking

The is a good under-desk treadmill but it is for walking only.

This is a walking treadmill that you can put under any desk. The treadmill fits under a bed or couch when not in use which is useful when you are short of space. It should be noted that in the product description it is presented as suitable for jogging but it only reaches 6km/hr so if you are interested in jogging on this treadmill then I wouldn’t consider it.

It is relatively light so if you need to store it somewhere else then it is a great convenient option.

For an arm workout as well

When you use this treadmill under your desk, you won’t use the arm workout option but it is nice to have when you are not working.

Standing Desk Treadmill

The models with a larger table have enough space to use the desk while standing or walking without moving the treadmill. The electric tables with the smaller desk might not be large enough and you will have to move the treadmill if you want to sit or stand.

Measure the items you want to put on your desk before you order to know the size you will need. If you use two monitors then you will need a larger desk.

Also, make sure that the desk is wider than the treadmill.

DIY Treadmill Desk

If you already have a good standing desk or a treadmill you might want to create a walking desk treadmill. If you have to buy both a treadmill and a desk then it might not be such a cost saver.

If you already have a desk

If you have a good desk, you can get a cheap small treadmill for desk use with no sidebars and create a walking treadmill desk for a fraction of the cost of a ready-made one.

See the under-desk treadmills above.

If you already have a treadmill

If your treadmill is primarily used to hang your clothes on, then you can either add a standing desk or a treadmill desk attachment. The desk needs to be the right height and to be wide enough to extend over the treadmill. Ideally, you will also want an ergonomic keyboard tray.

A treadmill desk attachment is a cheap way to turn your treadmill into a walking desk treadmill.

This is a universal laptop stand that you connect to your treadmill in order to create a DIY treadmill desk. It is useful when you already have a treadmill and prefer to convert it to a workstation instead of purchasing a new treadmill desk. The treadmill tray is 11.9” x 10.5” is designed to fit most laptops and treadmills on the market. It is ventilated which will prevent your laptop from overheating.

The support bar is adjustable so as to fit the handlebars of your specific treadmill. It can tilt, swivel, and rotate for ergonomic typing and viewing angles. You can also adjust the height along the center pole. The stand has nylon straps and safety lips with padding to prevent your laptop from sliding or falling during use.

It is really easy to assemble.

Ergonomic Solution


A great option is to get a simple cheap desk or stand to place over your treadmill with this desk on top of it.

You can also just connect it to your treadmill without a desk.

This is the option that I chose. I already had a treadmill that I didn’t use anymore and I decided not to get another one. It didn’t make sense to get another one when I didn’t use the one I had. This is the desk converter that I purchased from Amazon. I am very happy with it. I don’t change the height. I set it at the height that works for me and it stays that way. I moved my monitors onto the desk converter so I have no choice but to use it.


What speed do you walk at?

It is a matter of trial and error until you find the perfect pace that enables you to work efficiently. It will probably take a few days to find it. Most people walk between 1 to 2 mpr.

Can you lose weight with a treadmill desk?

Yes, although it really depends on how often you use it and for how long. In order to see a difference, you will need to use it regularly over a relatively long period of time. Experts claim that burning 3,500 calories results in a 1-lb loss. How much you burn will depend on your weight, fitness level, and speed but it will most probably be between 100 to 220 per hour. Assuming you don’t eat the extra calories you burn you could lose 1-lb in 2 weeks if you walk for about 2 hours a day. It is obviously more efficient to go to the gym or do a cardio workout, but assuming you don’t have the time to work out or that this is in addition to your regular workout, then it is a great solution.

Can you improve your fitness level with a treadmill desk?

Not really. The idea is to keep moving and get more oxygen to flow to the brain than to get a proper workout. It isn’t a cardio workout.

What height should your desk be?

Ensure that your work surface and computer are set up at the right height. Ergonomics is important to prevent shoulder, neck, and back problems.

Is it possible to type when using the treadmill?

It takes some time to get used to it. It was a little strange at first. It took me about a week to get used to it and after that, I didn’t really have any issues.

What are the factors to consider when choosing the best desk treadmill?

Price – if you are on a tight budget then you will obviously need to consider the price.

Size – if space is a problem, then you will prefer a mini treadmill for desk use that can be folded away when not in use. If you don’t have a lot of space and need a folding under desk treadmill, then make sure that it has wheels if you need to move it when not in use. Check the dimensions since the different models vary.

Noise – if you are working in a shared workplace or are sensitive to noise, then you will want a treadmill with a quiet motor.

Maximum speed – if you want to use the treadmill for jogging when you are not in the office, then you will need to check the max speed. Many of the models can only be used for walking.

Weight capacity (maximum use weight) – most treadmill desks have a weight limit. If this is an issue for you, then check the limit before you purchase.

Incline – most of the treadmills with a workstation or for under a desk have no option for an incline. If you are looking for an incline then check if the model you are interested in has that option. An include makes the workout more challenging and burns more calories.

Metrics – some models have an option to count steps, calories, and distance covered.

Remote – some models have a remote to stop and start the treadmill.

Shock-absorbing structure – a shock-absorbing structure is good for your knees and joints and is particularly important if you have knee problems.

Desk size – some people only need a laptop on their desk whereas others keep accessories and other items that require more space. Make sure that the workspace is big enough for your needs.

Safety features – some models stop when you step off and pause when you stop walking for a certain number of seconds.

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