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All About Me

Create an All About Me poster in minutes with our free poster maker. Instant download and no registration is required.

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All About Me Poster

There are two versions of this free printable all about me poster: one for students and one for a teacher. You can either upload a photo before you print or you can print a blank poster and then draw a photo.All About Me PosterPin

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Add Your Photo

Use this version if you want to add your photos before you print. There are two options: one for a student and one for a teacher. You can either upload a photo for each student or you can give them the link and ask them to upload and print it.

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PDF Version: For Students | For Teacher

Image: For Students | For Teacher

Use this version if you want to draw pictures or paste a photo.

What is the difference between the version for the students and the teacher?

On the all-about-me teacher version, there is no question asking about age, birth date, and what I want to be when I am big.

How to add a photo?

  1. Click on the version with the photo above. The online app will open. You will see two options there: one for students and one for teachers. Select the version you want to use.
  2. Click on the camera icon. Select the photo from your PC and click on it. It should fill the frame automatically. However, if it doesn’t, move the photo around until it fills the frame. You can also drag it to the right or left to make it bigger or smaller.
  3. When you are satisfied with your photo, you can move on to the next one.
  4. Repeat the steps above to insert the next photo.

Is there a version without a photo?

Yes. There are 36 pages in the workbook above. You can create a poster using any of the pages. There is a similar page there with no photos.

If you have more all about me poster ideas that you would like us to add to the site then please leave a comment below.

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All About Me Worksheet / Journal

This is a 36-page All About Me worksheet journal. Put it somewhere safe when it is complete. It will make a beautiful keepsake journal your children will cherish when they are older.

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Open Editable PDFAll 36 Pages

This digital version is editable and you can type the answers on the PDF document. If you prefer an all-about-me printable you can print the entire workbook or individual pages.

Self portraitPinSelf-portrait
All about mePinAll about me
A picture of my familyPinA picture of my family
My favorite thingsPin

My favorite things

There are a lot of all about me questions in this workbook. If you don’t like any of them then simply don’t print that page.

5 things I lovePin5 things I love
My favorite foodPinMy favorite food
My favorite activitiesPinMy favorite activities
My best friendsPinMy best friends
My favorite thingsPinMy favorite things
Things I am good atPinThings I am good at
My favorite placesPinMy favorite places
My favorite booksPinMy favorite books
Journal templatePinJournal template
I can't wait toPinI can’t wait to
I am happiest whenPinI am happiest when
When I grow up I want toPinWhen I grow up I want to
My biggest fearPinMy biggest fear
My goals for this yearPinMy goals for this year
In 10 years time I willPinIn 10 years time I will
If I had 2 wishes I would wish forPinIf I had 2 wishes I would wish for
A special memoryPinA special memory
My weekly schedulePinMy weekly schedule
I like to watchPinI like to watch
Movies I lovePinMovies I love
My favorite thing to do isPinMy favorite thing to do is
Things I love about my familyPinThings I love about my family
Daily journal pagePinDaily journal page

All About Me Preschool and Kindergarten

When you use this journal with preschoolers, you can ask them to draw an answer to each question. If you use it in kindergarten, you can combine writing and drawing. Students can write answers that they know how to write (such as their name) and they can draw the rest of the answers. You can also sit together with the child and write the answers that they want you to write.

Elementary School

At this age, you can either give them the printed workbook to complete or they can type on the digital version.

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