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Baby Registry Checklist

A free baby registry checklist printable that you can personalize before you print. 

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You have so much on your mind before the birth of your baby. This newborn baby checklist printable will ensure that you don’t forget anything. Since the list is customizable, you can make changes if you want to add any items or if you don’t need others.

Online ChecklistCustomizable | No Border Print/Download/Email

You can edit the checklist but you cannot add a border or edit the title. It is available in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Printable ChecklistNot Customizable | With Border Print/Download

You can add a border and edit the title but you cannot edit the checklist.

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Newborn Baby Checklist Printable

You can print this baby checklist template on 101 different backgrounds. You cannot edit the checklist template but you can select any border and add text or images. If you want to make changes to the checklist template then use our newborn baby checklist app.

Customize & Print101 Backgrounds Available

Customize & Print101 Backgrounds Available

Customize & Print101 Backgrounds Available

Customize & Print101 Backgrounds Available

Congratulations! Getting prepared for a newborn baby is an exciting period, and you don’t want to forget anything. I am always amazed by how much equipment that tiny baby needs 🙂

Baby Registry Checklist

Online ChecklistCustomizable | No Border Print/Download/Email

This is the ultimate baby registry checklist. It includes all the essentials for a newborn baby. You can also add any items to the list. When you print your baby registry checklist, it will include both the items you have selected and the items you added. If there were any items you didn’t select, they will not appear in your list.

You can send your final list by email or you can download and print it.

Once your list is complete, share it with your family and friends and baby shower guests. They will buy you a present anyway so they might as well buy you something that you want and need.

What do I need for a newborn?

The newborn checklist includes all essentials so you need not worry that you will forget anything. However, we realize that there may be items you want to add to the list. If you are using the checklist app, you can add additional items to each category. After you save your list, they will be added to it.

Baby Registry Checklist printable

Once you have selected the items you want and added any additional items, you can print your checklist. You can also download it to your PC for future reference. If you want to make changes in the future, you can access your list from the same device. However, if you want to make changes from another device, then you will need to register. If you register, then you can access from your mobile phone if you customized the list from your PC. You can also give your username and password to other people if you want them to have access to your baby registry template.

We also offer a Word document template. This is helpful if you want a blank editable checklist and you are not looking for a pretty border.

Baby Registry Checklist PDF

You can download your baby checklist in PDF format. To do this, select download and then select the PDF option.

Baby Registry for Second Child or Twins

Since our newborn baby checklist is totally customizable, you can use it for a second (or third) baby as well. If you have an item that you don’t need to purchase again then do not select it. When you print your list, it will not appear.

If you add any items, they will also appear on your list. So if you are having twins and need additional items then add them to the list.

When should you register for your baby?

Most people wait until they find out the baby’s sex to create their baby registry. However, if you are going to choose gender-neutral colors or if you don’t want to find out the baby’s sex before the birth then you can start preparing the baby registry from as early as 12 weeks.

You do not have to publish the list until you have announced your pregnancy. Since the list takes a while to complete, you can start working on it before you send it out to family and friends. If you are signing up for a registry at a specific store, then set it to “private” until you have announced your pregnancy and invited guests to your baby shower.

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