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Bullet Journal Stencils

Free printable DIY bullet journal stencils that you can create to draw layouts, doodles, or even titles.

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A stencil for bullet journal drawing can be used to draw layouts, doodles, or even titles. There are many cheap bullet journal stencils available but you can also make your own as described below.

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Ready-Made Bullet Journal Stencils

You can buy bullet journal stencils with hundreds of doodles and elements that are useful for bullet journaling. I bought these bullet journal stencils and I am very happy with them. They are very useful as they save time drawing certain doodles that repeat themselves such as banners, shapes, titles, etc.

Page Divider Stencils

This bullet journal stencil will easily divide your page into two to nine columns. Either make a stencil as per the directions below or print it on cardstock and cut out a rectangle below each section to mark the division into columns in your notebook.

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How to Make a DIY Stencil


Whereas with store-bought stencils you have to take them as-is when you make your own stencils you can use the shapes or doodles that you frequently use. With our stencil maker, you can add any shapes, doodles, or page sections to your page and then create a stencil as per the instructions below.


Myler sheets or laminating sheets and laminator

Cutting machine (Cricut or Silhouette) or craft knife


Click here to open the online stencil maker.

Select the template you want to use.

Select any elements you want to add to your page and drag them until you are happy with the location.

Customize it to meet your needs. You can move elements, delete the ones you don’t want, and add additional elements. You can also make each element smaller or larger.

Download the file as a PNG file. This can be used by your cutting machine.

If you are using Myler sheets:

Set the Cricut to custom and select posterboard. Insert the Myler sheet into the Cricut on the strong mat.

If you are using laminate sheets:

Myler sheets are better than laminating sheets as they are thicker, however, laminating sheets are much cheaper. If you have a laminator, simply load an empty laminating sheet into your laminator and let it run through the machine.  If you use the 3 mil laminating sheet, then set your Cricut to cardstock. If you use the 5 mil sheet, set the Cricut to custom and select posterboard. Since I only have a Cricut, I am not sure which settings are best with a Silhouette. Insert the laminating sheet into the Cricut on the strong mat.

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