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Chalkboard Labels

Free printable chalkboard labels with editable text. The custom chalkboard stickers are available in 16 different sizes and shapes.

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The large chalkboard labels have two labels per page and the small chalkboard labels have 12 per page. You can write whatever you want on the chalk stickers.

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Free printable chalkboard stickersPin

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How to make your own chalkboard labels

  1. Click on the button below to open the online label maker.
  2. Select the label template that you want to use. There are four different shapes available (heart, oval, rectangle, and bracket) and each shape has four sizes.
  3. Edit the text on each label. You can write different text on each label. You can change the font, font size, and color of the text on each label.
  4. Add additional text if you want.
  5. Download the label sheet and save it on your PC.
  6. Print on sticker paper or print on regular paper and adhere with paper glue.

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You don’t necessarily need sticker paper to create your chalkboard labels. An easy, cheap and effective alternative is to print your labels on regular plain paper. Once printed, you can cut them out and attach them to your desired surface using paper glue. This method allows for greater flexibility and accessibility, as plain paper and glue are common household items. Plus, it can be a more cost-effective option for your labeling projects.

How to make chalkboard vinyl labels

Follow the instructions above but print the chalk labels on vinyl sticker paper. If you are creating pantry labels with the templates then it is better to print on vinyl or waterproof sticker paper.

How to print on labels

Printing on black labels is difficult since printers do not print white. The easiest way is to purchase a white marker and write on the labels.

How to prevent ink from smudging on labels

To prevent ink from smudging on labels, consider using a laser printer, which fuses toner to the paper, reducing smudging compared to inkjet printers. Alternatively, applying a spray sealant over the printed labels can protect the ink from moisture and handling. This clear coating dries quickly and adds a layer of protection, ensuring your labels remain clear and legible over time.

Where to buy chalkboard labels

If you don’t want to make your own labels, then you can buy chalkboard sticker labels here.

How to make mason jars with chalkboard labels

You can either buy mason jars that come with chalk label stickers such as these or you can buy plain mason jars such as these and stick the chalkboard stickers on the jars yourself.

If you make the stickers yourself then make sure you use labels for glass. If you are printing on sticker paper select a brand that can be used on glass. You should not print on paper as you will need to wash the jars and the paper is not waterproof.

How to protect labels from wear and moisture

To protect your paper labels from wear and moisture, consider applying a clear adhesive film over them after printing and cutting. This film acts as a protective layer, shielding the ink and paper from spills, smudges, and fading. Additionally, for labels that might come into contact with higher moisture levels, using a waterproof sealant spray can offer extra protection, ensuring your labels stay crisp and clear over time. This method is simple yet effective in extending the durability and lifespan of your homemade labels.

DIY Spice Rack

I made this spice rack about 7 years ago. It has been used a lot over the years so it doesn’t look as good as it did 7 years ago but I still like it. It is very useful and it adds interest to my kitchen. I adhered the printable labels with paper glue after I printed them on regular printer paper. If I made it again today I would use waterproof sticker paper.

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