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Free Invoice Template

Use our free invoice template to create professional printable or digital invoice templates. You can also use our free online invoice maker. Instant download.

Free Invoice TemplatePin

Select any printable blank invoice template and customize it for your business. You can also add a logo. Once it is customized, you can use it over and over each time you need to issue an invoice. A professional-looking invoice template can still be free! We also offer an online invoice generator.

One of the problems with a small business is that everything falls on you, from providing the services to invoicing your clients for them. When you waste time creating an invoice, you could be doing something more valuable with your time. For that reason, we strive to provide you with all the ready-made business templates that you will require and they are all free!

All of our invoice templates are customizable so you can make them look like they were custom-designed for you and your business. The final printable invoice will be professional looking and suit your branding with your logo and color scheme. Just add the details of each transaction and send them to your clients to make sure you get paid for the work you did or the products you sold.

When your invoice is clear and understandable, it will save you time explaining to clients how you reached the total sum and free up your time to do what you do best.

Here are some simple invoice template printables in different colors with different layouts.  You can change the colors and you can add your own logo instead of the dummy logo shown.

Online Invoice Generator

We offer an online invoice generator to create an invoice and download it for free. You can either download it as a PDF document or send it by email. Please note that the email function is sometimes unreliable so please download the invoice even if you send it by email in case it isn’t sent.

Online Invoice GeneratorPin

Online Invoice Generator

Invoice Templates

Select any of the designs below and download them in either Word or Excel to create an invoice. Type your company’s details. Each time you use the invoice template save it as a new document and add the details of that particular transaction. All of the templates are free. Change any of the colors to suit your brand and style.

Painting invoicePinWord | Excel | Editable PDF

This is perfect for a painting job, or for artists or painters.

Photography invoicePinWord | Excel

This is good for photography and can be used by photographers. You can replace the image of a camera with any image. If you have your own logo then replace the dummy logo with your own or delete it.

Shades of bluePinWord | Excel

This is a service invoice template and specifically relates to the services provided. However, you can use any of the templates on this page for this purpose. You can change the colors of the boxes or the titles. You can also edit the text.

Make an Invoice with two Categories

(such as Services and Products)

The following invoices separate labor (services) and materials (products).  Use this template if you want to separate costs into two categories (change the text if your categories are different). This is a good invoice for a handyman or plumber since it lists both your time and the materials you used.

lawn carePinWord | Excel | Editable PDF

This is for lawn care.

Cleaning servicePinThis is a cleaning service invoice template.

Word | Excel

roofing invoicePinWord | Excel | Editable PDF | Image

This is a sample roofing invoice but you can create an invoice from any of the other templates on this page.

DJ invoicePinWord | Excel | Editable PDF

This is a sample DJ invoice template.

These templates can be used by a catering company or bakery.

Simple Invoice Template

(Black and White)

Black and white invoice formPinWord | Excel | Editable PDF

This can be used as a consulting or freelance invoice template or for businesses with a set price without quantities.

The following templates are in black and white and have no color. They have space to add a logo but delete it if you don’t have one.

Invoice Format

Your invoice should include the following information: the Company’s name and details, the customer’s name, the total sum due, the breakdown of that sum, who the money is payable to, a description of the products or services provided, the invoice number and contact details of the business to pay or contact them.

Each free invoice template download is available in four different formats: Word, Excel, Editable PDF, and as an image file.

Invoice Template Word

We offer a free invoice template in Word format in 23 different designs. You will need Microsoft Word to use this version. This format is totally editable. You can add additional columns or delete columns.

Invoice Template Excel

Our free invoice template Excel is very useful when you want to easily calculate the sums included in the invoice. These sums could include the total quantity, number of hours, total price, etc.

Always double-check the totals to ensure that the total sums were calculated correctly. This format is totally editable. You can add additional columns or delete columns.

For an hourly invoice template, you would only have to enter the number of hours and your hourly rate and our built-in calculations in the Excel spreadsheet will calculate the total cost for you. However, if you are not familiar with Excel and prefer to use a Word template you can just calculate this with a calculator and type the total. Many people are not comfortable using Excel which is why we have provided additional formats to ensure that everyone finds the format they are most comfortable using.

If you find you use the same materials over and over (such as in the case of auto repair, plumbing, or landscaping) you can list the products and their prices in one table. Then, each time you create a custom invoice, you just delete the products that are not relevant and you are left with those that are. You can also just copy and paste from your original document. Don’t forget to “save as” so that you always keep your original information even when you adapt it to specific customers.

Invoice Template Google Docs

A Google sheets invoice template can be easily accessed and edited by others and it’s free!

You can use the Google sheets file in Excel and the Excel file in Google sheets. It is very simple to upload the Excel version to Google Drive and convert it to a Google Sheets file. Download the Excel file for the template that you have selected. Open your Google Drive and drag and drop the Excel file there. You will see that the file appears in your Google Drive. Click on “Open with Google Sheets”. You can now edit the file.

With the Google Sheets version, you get to calculate totals as you would with Excel but it’s free and accessible via your browser. You can change the text, colors, and fonts. Another advantage of Google Sheets is that you can invite others to work on the spreadsheet with you. This is helpful if you work remotely or have someone else fill in the details or add information. When your invoice is ready, you can download, save, or share it with your clients.

Invoice Template PDF

The free printable invoice template PDF version is editable but you can only type information into the fields. You cannot edit the titles. You also cannot add columns or delete columns. All total sums will need to be calculated and the calculation will not be automatic (as it will be with the Excel version). Not all the templates are available in PDF format.


Whereas you can print some of the invoices as an image this is the least desirable option. You will need to add each item by hand and it doesn’t look professional at all. You can also not add your company’s details or logo. Only some of the templates are available as an image file since this format is not ideal.

Invoice Design

The design of your invoice should suit your business and look like it is part of your cohesive brand. This will make your business look professional and clients will identify your brand from the design. Your brand will set your business apart and differentiate it from your competitors. If your business has a logo then you should add it to your template. If the template has a dummy logo then you can replace it with your own. If it doesn’t, then see how to add your logo below. On this site, you can make free printable invoices that look like they were professionally made just for you! If you choose a colored design then change the colors to match your brand.

Some invoices include charges for hours worked and others include a total service charge. Some list materials and others don’t include materials. Select the template that best suits your business model and the method you use to charge your customers. No matter if you have a small business or a large empire you will find a template that meets your needs. If you don’t, they can also be edited.

There are sample invoice template printables for many kinds of businesses on this page.

You can and should add your logo (if you have one) to any invoice sample on this page.  Go to Insert then select Image. Select the image from your PC or wherever you save it. Right-click on the image and select Wrap Text. Then select Behind Text to drag it to wherever you want it to appear.

How to Send an Invoice

  1. Although you can use Excel or Word to create invoice templates you should not send them in this format because they can be edited or modified and you don’t want that happening. When the invoice is ready, go to the file tab and select “Save As”. Choose the PDF format and save it as a PDF document. You can then send the PDF document by email or WhatsApp or any other method.
  2. You can print any of the formats and post the invoice or hand deliver.
  3. If you use Google Sheets (see above), you can share the invoice with your client.

If you would like us to add any more free printable invoice templates to this page, then please leave a comment below.

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