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Left Right Christmas Game

Download our free printable Left Right Christmas Game stories or use our personalized Left Right Story Maker to create a custom story with your heroes and storyline.

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The Left Right Christmas Game is a popular party game often played during the holiday season to exchange gifts in a fun and interactive manner. The game involves participants forming a circle or sitting around a table, each holding a wrapped gift. The host or a designated reader then reads a story or a poem aloud to the group. This story is specially crafted to include many instances of the words “left” and “right.”

As the story is read, every time the word “left” is mentioned, participants pass the gifts they are holding to the person on their left. Similarly, when “right” is mentioned, gifts are passed to the right. The passing continues as the story is read, creating a dynamic and entertaining way to swap presents.

The game ends when the story or poem concludes. At this point, whatever gift each participant is holding is the gift they keep. The appeal of the Right Left Christmas Game lies in its simplicity, the element of surprise regarding which gift one ends up with, and the laughter and joy shared by participants as they listen and react quickly to the directions in the story. It’s a great way to add fun to holiday gatherings and can be easily adapted to suit any group size or age.

Personalized Left Right Christmas Game Story

Left Right Christmas Game Story
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Printable Left Right Game Stories

This story is about a whimsical journey through a magical winter village to find the perfect Christmas gift.

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This Left Right Christmas story for your game is about an adventure that involves a bit of mystery and holiday spirit.

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Left Right Christmas Game Instructions

These instructions are designed to be flexible and adaptable, making your Left and Right Christmas Game a highlight of the holiday season!

Supplies Needed:

  • One wrapped gift per participant (gifts can be humorous, thoughtful, or themed, depending on your group’s preference).
  • A story or poem containing multiple instances of the words “left” and “right.” (You can use one of the stories provided or create your own!)
  • A comfortable space where participants can sit in a circle or around a table.

Game Setup:

  1. Prepare the Game Area: Arrange seating in a circle or around a table where everyone can hear the story being read. Ensure there’s enough space for people to pass gifts easily.
  2. Distribute Gifts: Have each participant bring a wrapped gift and hold it. If you’re providing the gifts, place them in the center of the circle, and have each person pick one randomly when the game starts.

How to Play:

  1. Start the Story: Begin reading the chosen Left Right Christmas story out loud to the group. Speak clearly and at a pace that allows for the passing of gifts without rushing.
  2. Listen and Pass: Every time the word “LEFT” is read, everyone passes the gift they’re holding to the person on their left. Similarly, when “RIGHT” is read, gifts are passed to the right. Ensure everyone understands the direction of passing before starting.
  3. Continue Until the End: Keep reading and passing until the story concludes. The pace will likely pick up, and the excitement will build as the story progresses.
  4. Receive Your Gift: Once the story ends, each participant keeps the gift they’re holding. This is their gift to open and enjoy!

Tips for Success:

  • Choose the Right Story: The story or poem’s length and complexity can be adjusted based on the age and attention span of your participants. Longer stories result in more passing and laughter!
  • Encourage Participation: Remind everyone to stay attentive and react quickly to the directions in the story. The fun is in the chaos of passing!
  • Customize Your Game: Feel free to modify the rules to suit your group. For example, you could include specific rules for how the gifts are passed, add extra “left” and “right” commands for more passing, or even incorporate a musical element by playing Christmas music in between readings.
  • Prepare for Variations: For larger groups, consider having multiple smaller circles or using multiple stories to keep the game moving smoothly.

Enjoy the game, and have a merry Christmas!

What kind of gifts should you get for the game?

The Left Right Christmas Game is all about spontaneity, laughter, and the joy of giving. It’s not just about the gift you end up with but the fun and memories created along the way.

The types of gifts suitable for the Left Right Christmas Game largely depend on the group’s preferences, the party’s theme, if any, and whether you’re aiming for humor, practicality, or a mix of both. Here are some ideas to consider when selecting gifts:

1. Themed Gifts

  • Holiday-Themed Items: Christmas ornaments, holiday mugs filled with candies or hot cocoa mix, festive socks, or scented candles.
  • Seasonal Specialties: Winter gloves, beanies, scarves, or gourmet tea and coffee blends to enjoy during the colder months.

2. Funny or Gag Gifts

  • Novelty items that elicit laughter, such as funny calendars, humorous books, quirky kitchen gadgets, or silly games. These are great for lightening the mood and adding laughter to the game.

3. DIY or Handmade Gifts

  • Homemade baked goods, crafts, knitted items, or DIY kits. These add a personal touch and can be tailored to the recipients’ interests.

4. Useful and Practical Gifts

  • Everyday items that people can use, like reusable water bottles, tech gadgets (e.g., phone stands, earbud cases), kitchen tools, or stationery sets. These gifts ensure that participants receive something they can enjoy long after the party.

5. Gift Cards

  • When in doubt, a small denomination gift card to popular retailers, coffee shops, or online platforms can be a hit. It offers flexibility, ensuring that recipients can choose what they like.

6. Eco-Friendly Gifts

  • Sustainable options like bamboo cutlery sets, reusable shopping bags, plant kits, or eco-friendly beauty products. These are thoughtful and good for the planet.

7. Book Exchange

  • If your group enjoys reading, you can theme the game around books. Each participant brings a wrapped book they think others might enjoy, fostering a love of reading and sharing favorite titles.

Tips for Choosing Gifts:

  • Set a Price Limit: To keep things fair and ensure no one feels pressured to spend too much, establish a price range for the gifts. A common range is between $10 and $20.
  • Consider the Audience: Tailor the type of gifts to the age and interests of the participants. What works for a family gathering might be different from a work event or a party with friends.
  • Presentation Matters: Even if the gift is simple or humorous, nice wrapping can make it feel special. Creative packaging adds to the excitement and mystery of the game.
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